7 Effective Ways To Make Your Mattress Softer

The only place where we find the heaven after a hard day is our bed. The ever desired comfort, coziness, and relaxation can be found at a place none other than your own little space where you can relax and take a good sleep. Isn’t it? And if it is enveloped with a perfect mattress the joy doubles.

It’s not just a warm home that people look forward to after coming back to home but a comfy bed with soft mattress as well. In order to make the mattress you are using even more comfortable and soft here we have enlisted some of the highly effectual methods to ponder upon. If you’re experiencing the stiff and tough mattress then let some DIY indeed how to make a firm mattress softer with the way you desire.

Keep an Eye on the Foundation

While we keep on concentrating upon the mattress only it becomes extremely essential to take a heed to the foundation as well. A mattress would give the desired feel if right foundation is used beneath it. Generally a box spring base gives a comfortable and cozy feeling to the mattress and makes it softer. Since a sturdy wooden frame comprising springs makes a box spring the mattress above it also contributes to give a comfortable feel.

Get a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are the easiest item you could ever find either online or in stores to make the mattress softer. Mattress topper can be understood in a nutshell as a big, soft and cushiony pillow top over the mattress. They are made up of extra soft materials which can make firm and stiff mattress feel soft and comfortable. There are different types of mattress toppers are present in the market like memory foam, latex rubber and much more which can be taken as per the choice.

Flannel Sheets to Get the Warmth

Made up of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers the flannel sheets are loosely knit fabrics that bestow the required warmth and softness to your bed. They are generally used in winters when the temperature is quite low in order to make the bed warm. Apart from providing warmth the coziness that these sheets bequeath is just amazing and astounding. They are light in weight and gives great comfort.

A Quilt Underneath to Add Extra Volume

To make a mattress softer and a lot more comfortable adding a quilt could do wonders. Since quilts are multi-layered and quilted in three layers of different fabrics which include woven cloth top and back with in-between a thick layer a batting or wadding they impart the softness to the user. If they are placed above the mattress you are using, they could help in adding extra volume to it along with a lot of softness and comfort.

A Furry Throw for the Extra Fluffiness

Furs are soft and smooth and furry throws impart the desired coziness to the place where they are placed. Generally faux furs are used to make a great furry throw however it takes a lot to weave them into the finest product. They add to the quality of the mattress and make the bed extra soft and smooth. The most alluring fact associated with furry throw are they not only contribute in making the mattress smooth but also add to the elegance and luxurious look to the room. The inherent softness that a furry throw impart would compel you to get cozy in the bed all the time.

Rotate it, Flip it

Well it might sound little unusual but to add the desired softness to the mattress you should rotate and flip it after every 4 to 5 months. The stiffness and firmness of the mattress needs little air to get eliminated completely. If you turn the mattress around and flip it off it would get the chance to breath and become softer than before. However this is not an instant way to make the mattress softer but gradually can contribute in doing so.

Use it

Yes this is the last but the most effective way to make a hard mattress softer. Some of the mattresses are made in such a way that they become softer only after using them for some time. They are designed to respond to the body weight and body heat to get the required softness. So if initially the mattress is stiff and firm, the pressure you would endow to it while sleeping throughout the night could help a lot in making it much softer.

Ending Thoughts

So try these ways if you desire to have a soft and cozy mattress to get a sound sleep and comfortable feel. However, mattresses always come with a replacement warranty so if the above methods are not working for you, replace it before the warranty period.

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