Tuft & Needle Premium Pillow Review In 2018 – Safe & Hypoallergenic

Who doesn’t love having a soft and comfortable pillow on his bed? The answer is straightforward ‘everyone’. Without a cozy pillow, we can never think a complete comfortable bed for sound sleeping. It’s an inseparable part of the cushion items that we use in our daily life. And, it is almost tough to find someone who wishes to sleep without a pillow.

Obviously, a pillow isn’t something only to support our heads on the bed. Rather, it’s an essential item to maintain the right sleeping position of our entire body whole night. There are different types of pillow-brand in the market. Therefore, which is the perfect one for you?

Yes, today I will introduce you to Tuft & Needle, a renowned bed-items manufacturing and marketing brand which is famous for a quality mattress and comfortable pillow. The award-winning globally recognized company has brought a high-quality premium pillow with T&N adaptive foam for the pillow lovers. Tuft and Needle pillow is super supportive with comfortable foam and health-oriented with hypoallergenic cover.

This pillow is 100% environment and user-friendly through the CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex certification. The designers have designed and developed the pad with all fantastic modern features.

Features We Like Most

  • Particular foam with supportive feelings
  • Will never go flat after repeatedly using
  • Safe, certified and hypoallergenic materials
  • Completely verified and user oriented
  • Pillow construction is just sturdy and comfortable

Super Supportive Feel With Adaptive Foam

Unlike traditional brand, Tuft & Needle has developed this particular pillow with T&N adaptive foam. It confirms super support to your head, and neck for enjoying heavenly night sleeping feeling. The manufacturing-foam of the pillow is more quality controlled than the memory foam.

Cooling Gel Sleeping Pillow

T&N pillow ensures the exciting sleeping experience with cooling gel and infused graphite. It offers you restful night sleep without feeling any pain in your neck, head, and shoulder. Furthermore, it supports the whole body to take easy rest.

Too Comfortable With Soft Cover

T&F has constructed the cover with Tencel fibers to make it extra breathable. It’s both hypoallergenic and breathable to wipe out any unwelcoming attacks of bacteria, allergens, mites, and specks of dust. Besides, it adds a necessary amount of oxygen to the foam layers to keep them germ-free.

Free From Fluffing Mode

Whereas the conventional pillows get fluffed within few months, T&F code remains fluffing-free years after years. It’ high-quality adaptive foam is unyielding to gradual degradation. And this is the best choice for each side sleepers.

Never Goes To Flat

It’s an irritating problem for conventional holding going to flat for regular use. On the contrary, T&F premium pillow never goes to flat in over-use. It’s highly responsive with high-quality deep adaptive foam.

Certified And Trusted To Rest Easy

This cod meets high-standard with CertiPU-US certification and Oeko-Tex recognition for quality performance. It ensures no harmful chemicals in the manufacturing and marketing steps of the cushioning item. T&F has confirmed the highest physical performance and maximum environmental stewardship for better service over the traditional pillows.

The USA Made The Global Product

Unlike any other overseas pillows, T&F is made in the USA maintain top-quality. In the meantime, this particular cushion item has achieved the world’s best recognition in the Entrepreneur magazine. This is an ideal company in the sleeping industry for the premium pillow.

Tremendous Health Benefits of Tuft & Needle Pillow

According to medical journals, the want of sound sleep causes most of the sleeping disorders (e.g., insomnia, back pain, neck soreness, muscle pain, and spine distortion). Like a quality mattress, a comfortable pillow is crucial for having sound night’s sleep. T&F premium pillow offers many sleep-related health benefits.

Enough Support To Head

T&F provides maximum support to sleepers’ head for ensuring refreshing night sleep. It maintains the right position of the head for any side sleepers. You can enjoy headache-free deep rest with the cushion code.

No Pain In The Neck

People those who sleep on the lower-quality traditional pillows, they often face an intense pain in their neck. The soft, comfortable and adaptive foam of the T&F cushion keeps our neck free from unwanted pain.

No Pressure On Shoulders

T&N premium pillow maintains weight-balance between neck and shoulders. Therefore, it releases an extra pressure on our shoulders. This particular cushion keeps blood circulation smooth and regular in our muscle cells.

Eradicate Insomnia

This is one of the vicious sleeping disorders caused by the lax of sound sleeping. T&F gel-infused premium pillow offers you cool night sleep to wipe out insomnia from your life forever.

Resist Allergens

This pillow cover is hypoallergenic to resist the attack of allergens. It offers you an allergy-free happy life. Furthermore, it naturally removes dust and mites from the inner foam layers to keep your health fit for always.

Why This Pillow Is Unique Among Others?

In the sleeping industry, you will find thousands of pillow manufacturing brands, but it’s crucial to fix the appropriate one for you. You can undoubtedly put your trust on this pillow for the following reasons.

Comfortable Adaptive Foam

T&N adaptive foam is more comfortable than any other traditional foam in the market.

It offers you maximum comfort and softness to experience a relaxed night sleep. This foam is durable enough to avoid gradual degradation.

More Supportive Cooler Sleep

When you don’t love compromising with great sleeping, this special pillow will pay you the real experience of sound sleep. It provides enough support to body parts for maintaining proper sleeping position.

Hypoallergenic Cover

When traditional cover cannot resist the fatal attack of allergens, the hypoallergenic cover protects the pillow from allergy, bacteria, and mites. Furthermore, it prevents unhealthy absorption of sweat.


T&F premium pillow doesn’t contain any harmful manufacturing components. CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex have tested and certified the pad as eco-friendly. It saves the self of surrounding nature and users.

No Risk Of Getting Fluffed

Where the lower quality foam of conventional pillow goes to fluff within few weeks, this particular one remains as like as new pillow years after years. And it’s never susceptible to be flat.

Health-Supportive Outcomes

This pillow isn’t merely a cushion item instead it’s a health-oriented product to keep you fit for the whole day. It removes the bitter experience of head, neck, and shoulder pain. And its cooling sleeping system extrudes insomnia.

The USA Made Product

In the international sleeping market, there are enormous brands of mattress and pillow but all of them aren’t dependable for you. The T&F pillow is made in the USA and certified by the CertiPUR-US as a globally standard product.


It’s needless to say the importance of a comfortable pillow in having a fresh sleeping experience. Considering the fact, this brand has introduced this premium quality cushion code in the market. This pillow is attractive and standard with all upgraded features and functions. When its adaptive foam ensures maximum comfort, the hypoallergenic cover resists allergens and any other harmful particles.

Unlike conventional code, this particular cushion item is compatible with both nature and users. When a pillow is a fact of sleeping disorders, T&F offers you a brisk feeling without any pain in neck and shoulders.

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Suffering from neck & shoulder pain for your old pillow. Try this Tuft & Needle premium pillow as it ensures super comfortable sleep maintaining proper balance between neck & shoulder.

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