Tuft and Needle Bed Frame Review In 2018

Are you looking for a solid metal strong bed base for your newly purchased box spring or mattress? And do you want to fix a base with a simple frame for a hassle-free setup?

Then, today I will introduce you to a popular name in the industry of home décor and sleep products and that is the Tuft & Needle.

With immense mattress shopping experience the founders of the brand have brought positive changes in the sleeping arrangements.

Beyond mattresses and box springs, tuft and needle bed frame is an amazing innovation for an affordable and comfortable sleep. It’s a perfect partner for almost box springs and mattresses. With a simple and traditional set up it fits well for wood and steel made any box springs and beds.

This foundation is comfortable with untying top and headboard attachment. The power-coated sturdy steel of the foundation looks strong enigmatic. This bed base doesn’t require any heavy tools to assemble. Without feeling any frustration you can set the base up within few minutes. The designers have designed the sleep item as a part of your family that takes care of your comfort and happiness.

What Are The Key Functional Features Of Tuft and Needle Foundation?

This bed frame is a reliable name to the thousands of customers because of its user-friendly features and functions. Obviously, you don’t want to fall into frustration for setting up your foundation. Besides, you will never be happy with coming top and headboard together. Yes, the manufacturers have outstandingly addressed these issues to develop the foundation with all desired features and functions.

The Best Fit For Maximum Comfort

Unlike conventional foundations, it comes with side panels to retain the top and headboard attachment at the right position. It keeps the overall sleeping arrangement fit for offering you a comfortable deep night sleep. Furthermore, it protects you from sudden hurt with the side bars.

Power-Coated Sturdy Steel

The manufacturer has developed the bed frame with the power-coated sturdy black steel to ensure maximum strength and durability.

It may hold the maximum weight of any box springs and mattresses that you want to lay on it. The coated sturdy black steel is rust free. It remains in fair condition years after years.

Simple Too Less Assembly

Spending few minutes you can easily put together all parts of the bed frame. All parts of the item are super simple to assemble that doesn’t require anymore tools and equipment. No yelling and frustration for fixing the set up.

Perfect For Box Spring With Full Size

This is a perfect product of T&F home décor for box springs and foam mattresses. The full size bed base suits well with any box springs even the traditional one that you have. It doesn’t matter what size of box spring or mattress you want to put on it. It’s a perfect choice for any size, height, and weight.

Why Should You Purchase This Metal Base Bed Frame?

There are thousands of home décor brands in the market. Undoubtedly, you want to grab the best one among them. Since its inception in 2012, the Tuft and Needle has been offering the consumers versatile home and sleep items. Like mattresses and box springs the metal base bed foundation of the particular brand has already gained ample attraction of the thousands customers across the world. Before getting the item, the following factors can come into your close consideration.

For Maximum Comfort

The frame perfectly entitled to all genres of box spring and bed. It doesn’t cause any harsh sound and ruffling of the headboard. Therefore, you enjoy uninterrupted comfortable night’s sleep.

For Easy Assembly

It causes concern for many users to assemble the parts of the foundation. This particular bed base is easy to assemble. You can set up the frame without applying additional tools. In the any suitable corner of your bedroom or guestroom, you can place this bed base by yourself.

For Maximum Durability

This brand improves the foundation with the power-coated sturdy black steel for ensuring maximum strength and durability. It can hold heavyweight of the box spring, mattress, and your family members without causing any trouble.

For Health Benefits

When a sound sleep is the best medication for the mind-body dualism, a good bed base plays vital role to keep you sound in health. The metal bed base ensures the exact attachment of the top and headboard of the box spring that protects you from muscle soreness, neck, back, and shoulder pain. It helps enough to maintain your proper spinal position on the bed.

For Non-Toxic Elements

The brand, Tuft and Needle is highly concerned to the toxic texture in their products. Therefore, they receive the certification before marketing their manufactured items. The metal bed base is such an item with no toxic and chemical particles like volatile organic compound, ozone deplete mercury, lead, flame retardants, phthalates, and TCEPs. It causes no harm for the users and surrounding sleeping ambiance. Furthermore, this particular bed foundation is certified by the GREENGUARD Gold for the lower chemical emission.

What Things I Didn’t Like For This Bed Frame?

Like different qualities of product, there are different categories of customers in the market those may have distinguished choices.

Therefore, a particular product cannot be equally perfect for everyone. Based upon the features and functions,bed frame for tuft and needle may not be the desired item for someone.

  • Built-In Box Spring Finders: If you are looking for the box spring built-in bed base, then T&F metal frame isn’t an ideal one for you. This is a simple frame with no box spring. You have to purchase an additional box spring to put your mattress on the foundation.
  • Multi-Color Frame Choosers: This is a power-coated black sturdy steel bed frame available only in black color. Therefore, if you have different choice of color, this item wouldn’t be an ideal choice for you.
  • Lightweight Frame Seekers: This structure is heavyweight with its structural design. The users those who are looking for the lightweight metal foundation, they shouldn’t fix this particular one.


How much comfortable your bed will be? It entirely depends on the quality of the bed base where you place your mattress. Furthermore, a bed frame assigns the longevity and fair condition of the overall sleeping arrangement. Therefore, it’s quite crucial paying close attention while purchasing a bed foundation. In a word, never compromise with the quality of the item which you want to purchase.

Editor's Ratings
  • Materials
  • Budget Friendly
  • Durability
  • Health Friendly


If you already have a good quality mattress or box springs, you now should grab a solid metal bed frame. Luckily Tuft and Needle have bed frames to support your back and mattress as well.

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