7 Genuine Tips To Repair The Air Mattress Right Away

Experiencing leakage in your air mattress? Are you desperately figuring out indeed how to repair an air mattress? Well, it could be frustrating to see your favorite mattress and the only place to get comfy getting deflated. No matter how high-quality air mattress you have bought, it could become rugged with time and show the signs of deflation. This is when the need of having few informative tips under your belt to repair them seems fruitful.

So let us take insight to some of the highly useful and feasible tips which could help making your air mattress repair kit.

Confirming the Leakage

Many times change in the size of the bed is often misunderstood with a leakage. Air mattress getting deflated could be the result of the change in temperature. Cold weather shrinks the mattresses. Other than this, if the cushion is brand new, it could give an illusion of getting deflated. So once you experience deflation, you need to refill the air and watch out for some time to see if the deflation occurs all over again.

At times the valves of the mattress also become lose which in turn leads to a deflated mattress. So make sure that these possibilities are ruled off before proceeding to further steps.

Finding The Hole

It might sound very easy but in a big air mattress how to fix a hole in an air mattress where the air is leaking is quite difficult. There are two most feasible methods to locate it:

  • Listening:- Listen to the sound from where the leakage is happening. The air escaping from a hole can listen after much concentration.
  • Washing:- Take soapy solution and spread it all over the mattress. The place from where the air is leaking would show telltale bubbles and give you know-how of leaking spots.

Now mark the place/places from where leakage is detected with the help of a marker.

Deflate the Mattress Completely

Once you have marked the areas of leakage, now is the time to deflate the bed all over again. Fuse out all the air and clean the spotted areas with the help of alcohol. In case of flocked air mattresses, sandpaper can be used to make the surface even and easy for mending.

Make Temporary Repairs to See the Outcome

Temporary repairing air mattresses are made to see whether they work or not. They are also used in the cases when a permanent fixing material is not available. Take an old cloth and cut a patch to be used as a fixture. Glue it to the areas of leakage and watch out for the deflations.

Use of Duct Tape

Duct tapes are tremendous and endow a prolific result, but they are not a long-lasting solution. If guests are on their way and you need to fix your air mattress quickly to last for around 6 to 7 hours, then duct tapes could be a handy tool to use. They fix the deflation instantly but become lose with time and mattress start shrinking all over again. Therefore duct tapes only bestow temporary result.

duct tape

Glue Gun

Making use of glue gun is yet another useful tip to ponder upon if the tears and holes are relatively small and tiny. But you need to be extra cautious while using it as just a bit of mishandling could eradicate the mattress. Make the glue gun hot and gently place it over the hole without touching the surface of the bed. Fill the holes entirely and let them dry.

Apply a Durable Patch

When temporary air mattress patches, duct tape, and glue gun fails you need to work on some sustainable method to fix the air mattress. This is when a repair kit comes handy. Repair kits come along with a sturdy and long lasting patch and all the materials required for fixing it. If the patch is not present, you can make use of pool liners or any vinyl fabric material to work upon.

Take the rubber cement and apply it all around the patch as well as on the areas of leakage for a proper fixture. If you don’t have rubber cement then super glue, epoxy or contact cement can also be used which work wonderfully as well. Now take the patch and set it firmly over the leaking area. To make the fixture more firm take heavy books and place them on it.

You need to wait for around 10 to 12 hours to get the best and durable fixture. You can also apply duct tape above these patches to get an even better result.

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, you need to inflate the mattress all over again to see the possibility of leakage, if any. Fill the air and listen for the sound of leaking air around the patch you have made. Talcum powder can be used this time where in case of leakages the air will blow off the dust. People who are earnestly seeking out the distinct way to patch an air mattress this guide assist them a lot.

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