5 Premium Tips To Cool Down Your Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is one of the selected ingredients producing best mattress. It is comfortable, durable and supportive as well. But the prime accusation along with this foam mattress is, it emits heat after a certain period.

Have you ever tried to figure out the specific reasons behind the fact and how to resolve the issue? Here I’ll walk through with you and let you understand the specified reasons exactly why it contributes hot sleeping and how to keep cool on a memory foam mattress easily

Why Memory Foam Does Emit Heat?

After the usage of a particular period, foam mattress loses its efficacies to keep you more relaxed. Well, don’t judge all forms of memory foam get heated. The key factor is elements put inside the layer.

The Foam’s Dense Factor

Foam’s density plays a role to keep you cool, for sure. If the foam is not dense enough, then there is a fair chance for a heat emission from the gaps. In truth, it works as an insulator then. The mattress manufacturers use plant’s ingredients and cooling gel for a proper ventilation these days.

Foam’s Elements

As I said earlier memory foam is genuinely comfortable but the trouble is if you seek the ultra-soft foam for a comfort reasons then the foam probably can’t contact with body what exactly needs. It causes the sleeping hot too. The concerned people urge to have the medium firmness for right ventilation, and it helps you getting cooler at night with the memory foam by the way.

Cool Your Memory Foam With Simple Techniques

I always urge people to scrutinize before purchasing the item. You get to aware of the brands, ingredients and lots of associated things. However, if you already are victimizing with existing foam then applying some techniques might easily help you to learn indeed how to cool down your memory foam.

Get A Gel Topper

This is the proven and probably the best option to reduce the heat of memory foam. Just keep your gel topper over the top of the existing mattress. The cotton is a good choice here as it is heat retentive, moisture absorbing and water resistant too.

Cotton helps to enhance the breathability and topper with cotton is good to create a ventilated layer between the sheets and your foam’s top layer. Instead, it works well for the allergy suffers, this extra cushion assists to keep away the dust and allergens.

Change Your Bed Sheets

You probably didn’t think about that little thing, but this upper cushion can eradicate hot sleeping experience. If you’re using the standard sheets and hardly resist heat, the people familiar with mattress urge to get the cotton sheets.

Change Bed Sheet

It works well to circulate the air and mold your body shape correctly. Apart from that bed sheets with cooling plush develop restful sleep avoiding the heat.

Place A Pad Over The Cushion

A lot of people walk into this more natural solution, place a pad on the mattress. Adding a pad not only takes care of your cooing aspect, but it also does a lot to enhance the lifespan of the bed.

Furthermore, the pad is excellent contributor to solve foam’s density issues. This topper cushion flows air well and enables desired contouring.

Utilize The Mattress Cover

Do you know that? Wrapping a mattress with cover is the ancient and smartest way to reduce the hot sleeping. Cross-examine the cover before using whether it is breathable, hypoallergenic or even waterproof.

You need cover to protect mattress for an extended period. Besides, it keeps the lousy odor away, and another good advantage is it removes stains too.

I urge you to purchase covers made mainly for the memory foam mattresses. That special covers come with built-in cooling gel and advanced technology to increase the airflow. The people familiar with the issue recommend having machine washable and allergy resistant cover by the way.

Find A Cooling Head Pillow

Typically when the entire bed is hot then systematically you can’t be cool anymore. Getting a gel infused or water filled pillow both are the two proven ways to reduce the heat.

Even though, this thing can’t stop emitting inner heat but help you to be fresh while sleeping. Pillow with cooling gel helps to regulate the normal temperature, and water packed one does the same thing often.


This is the myth, and the people often claim that memory foam mattress gets heated and emit extra heat after the particular gap. This complaint is somewhat equally valid for the other foam mattress, the memory foam instead.

You don’t have to face such troubles if you grab memory foam identifying the best qualities. Keep close eyes on the manufactures, elements and more affiliated with foam. Seek the dense matter and other technical aspects.

Although most memory foam mattresses come with cooling gel technology these days, you have to be careful about other stuff like warranty, cooling particles and consumers reaction as well.

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