Top Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress Reviews In 2018

Who doesn’t love sleeping on a perfect mattress? And again is there anyone who doesn’t want to have a sound sleep? The answer is very simple that almost everyone. Alright, when you are looking for the best quality bedding? I will introduce you with the top five comfortable and health friendly mattress in the market.

Almost all the mattresses from Swiss Ortho come with cooling technology. They are body conforming and blessed with high pressure reliving traits. It manages the best cooling gel technology for comfortable night’s sleep.

The materials you find here are quite safe and hygienic so that you can breathe safely. Instead, it has organized particular layer to eliminate tossing and turnings, motion isolations and so on. Along with the things, you’ll find enormous lovable traits in Swiss Ortho sleep mattress.

Best Rated Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress Comparisons


Product Name

Shipping Weight (lbs)


Swiss Ortho Sleep 13" Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 13" Memory Foam Mattress


Swiss Ortho Sleep 12" Pocket Spring Contour Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 12" Pocket Spring Contour Mattress


Swiss Ortho Sleep 12" Latex And Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 12" Latex And Memory Foam Mattress


Swiss Ortho Sleep 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Swiss Ortho Sleep 8" Memory Foam Mattress With Bamboo Cover

Swiss Ortho Sleep 8" Memory Foam Mattress With Bamboo Cover


The Top 5 Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattresses On the Market 

 1.  Swiss Ortho Sleep 13 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 13" Memory Foam Mattress Review

With the 2 inches layer of the best cooling technology gel Swiss Ortho 13 inches high density memory foam mattress is an incredible solution to an excellent night sleeping. In order to ensuring ultimate relaxation and super comfort the designer has designed the bed with 2 inches of cooling memory gel, 2 inches of heavy & high density foam and 9 inches of comfort foam.

The high density foam of the cushion is manufactured with quality controlled materials those are environment-friendly. With the incredible combination of all certified features and functions the bed has appeared as more comfortable.

An ultra-combination of the selected layers of the item eliminates pressure points and releases back pain. It maintains right sleeping position whole night. The cooling gel technology offers undisturbed sleeping experience. The bamboo made cover of the bed is highly breathable and compatible to add much needed oxygen. Let’s check the key traits of the mattress:

Key Features:

  • 13 inches heavy high density foam
  • Multi-layered functions
  • The best cooling gel technology
  • Highly breathable bamboo made cover
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing materials and technology

The Drawbacks:

  • Limited in the overseas shipping
  • Pro-sensitive to temperature

 2.  Swiss Ortho Sleep 12 Inch Pocket Spring Contour Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 12 Inch Pocket Spring Contour Mattress Review

This brand has brought pocket encased and coil spring long lasting mattress in the market which is certified for undisturbed night sleeping. This bed is body forming and super durable that eliminates pressure points and tossing of backbones.

The motion absorbing technology ensures sound sleeping absorbing motion and movement of partner. With the pocket encased coil spring the cushion has been highly breathable and dependable for the users of all ages.

This 12 inch certified high quality foam mattress is susceptible to individual wrapping without facing any hassle. The support system of the bed is uniquely modified by contouring that fits each person’s body precisely at night.

The mattress is exclusively covered with the bamboo made cover that adds much needed oxygen and wipes out dusts. This item is highly efficient to heal back pain of the aging people. Furthermore, let’s find the key features of the mattress.

Key Features:

  • Pocket encased 12 inches high density foam
  • Body forming and super durable coil spring
  • Motion absorbing technology
  • Pressure releasing and pain healing technology
  • Environment-aware manufacturing materials

The Drawbacks:

  • Not available everywhere
  • Highly temperature sensitive

 3.  Swiss Ortho Sleep 12 Inch Latex And Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 12 Inch Latex And Memory Foam Mattress Review

The 12” and 3X layered reversible latex memory foam mattress is one of the best one in the market. This item is functionally unique with all latest features and quality materials. The brand has designed and developed the bed with the therapeutic value for releasing pressure points and tossing of the body.

With the reversible latex technology you will enjoy an incredible sleeping experience at night. For ensuring ultimate relaxation the layers of the cushion include 4 inches of memory foam, 4 inches of latex foam and 4 inches of high density comfort foam.

Its reversible feature allows using it as one prefers most. The latex memory foam supports the whole body properly and prevents sleeping disorders at night. This super comfortable mattress is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The company has made it highly breathable and eco-friendly using bamboo made cover. Let’s see what are the main features of the bed?

Key Features:

  • 12 inches of high density foam
  • 3X layered reversible latex memory gel
  • Super comfort with therapeutic technology
  • The best cooling technology for excellent sleeping experience
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing materials

The Drawbacks:

  • Not available on all online shopping center
  • Temperature sensitive

 4.  Swiss Ortho Sleep 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is a super high density body forming mattress with a 2” layer of super cooling technology for an exclusive night sleeping experience. The layers of the foam include 2 inches of heavy density foam, 2 inches of super memory gel and 6 inches of extra comfort foam for superb relaxation.

The super cooling featured unique bed is available in four popular sizes twin, full, queen and king.​

The incredible combination of all quality materials has made the cushion distinguished among many other brands in the market. Furthermore, the ever-lasting cooling gel technology has added a new dimension with the bed.

This 10 inch mattress is compatible to the environment. No harmful materials have been used in the manufacturing system of the bed. The super heavy and high density foam is covered with the bamboo tuned cover for removing dust and germ. The slow recovering technology of the foam cushion supports the body properly whole night. The multi-layer foam eliminates pressure points and offers a sensational sleeping experience at night. Let’s find what are the key features of the memory gel foam mattress?

Key Features:

  • Top quality 10” 3X multi-layered memory gel foam
  • The best cooling technology gel
  • Long lasting and high density foam for extra comfort
  • Incredible combination of all quality materials
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing technology

The Drawbacks:

  • Limited in international shipping
  • Temperature sensitive

 5.  Swiss Ortho Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress With Bamboo Cover

Swiss Ortho Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress With Bamboo Cover Review

This 8” 3X layered is a high density memory foam mattress available in four sizes twin, full, queen and king. This mattress is made from top quality and extra long lasting memory foam. Its 3X layers include 2” of comfort foam, 2’’ of memory foam and 6” of high density foam.

The layers of the mattress are developed with the high density and heavy foam for the best sleeping experience. It ensures the actual sleeping position to avoid sleeping disorders at night.

The slow recovery technology of the mattress offers super relaxation and incredible comfort.It’s featured with multi-layered and temperature sensitive foam for ensuring maximum cooling sleeping experience. The bed releases pressure points and tossing by maintaining firmness of the body. It’s proven that the bed is right fit for the people of all ages and weights.

The high density cushion is made from all quality controlled and genuine materials in the market for ensuring maximum longevity and comfort. This memory foam mattress has exclusively covered the bed with breathable and soft knitted bamboo cover to make it eco-friendly. Let’s find for what key features you should choose the mattress:

Key Features:

  • Multi-layered high density mattress for cooling sleeping experience
  • Slow recovery technology for maximum comfort
  • Made from quality controlled materials
  • Releases pressure points and prevents sleeping disorders
  • Not harmful for the environment and the users

The Drawbacks:

  • Not available in all countries
  • Temperature sensitive

Exclusive Health Benefits Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress:

This mattress’s manufacturing brand has been overwhelmingly popular among thousands of customers across the world due to its health benefits-oriented features and functions. It’s clinically proven that the sound sleeping is inseparably liked to the good health. The designers and developers of the brand always keep in their mind the health benefits of their products. Let’s find what health benefits you can get from these beds.

Magical Release of Pressure Points

Doctors say that our pressure points originate most of the sleeping disorders that we face in our daily lives. The pressure relieving technology of this brand magically releases the pressure points of our body and keeps us safe from sleeping disorders.

Quick Remove of Back Pain

It’s really a common case that most of the people particularly the aging groups face chronic back pain due to the haphazard sleeping position. The high density memory foam mattress keeps our body at the right sleeping position whole night which is highly helpful to prevent back pain.

Perfect For Allergy Suffers

According to the medical survey it’s found that our sleeping mattress is remarkably responsible for causing allergy. All of the cushion items of the bedding company are manufactured by anti-allergic properties. It prevents any types of dust-oriented allergy.


Removes Toss & Turns

This is the very common sleeping disorder that we frequently face. The super cooling technology of the mattress will help us to avoid insomnia offering sound sleeping experience at night. Regardless, the mattresses remove toss and turns and conform with body perfectly.

Ultimate Therapeutic Value

Its super gel memory foam bed is built in ultimate therapeutic value that naturally heals joint and back pains. Using foam of the bed one can easily lessen the dependency on facing a therapist regularly.

Is Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress Perfect for You?

This is a big question that why should you rely on the brand to choose your sleeping partner? The answer is quite simple that the brand is US-certified for high density smooth foam and super cooling gel technology. Furthermore, for the following traits you can undoubtedly choose the brand.

Heavy and High Density Foam

This company has manufactured its bed with heavy high density foam for ensuring maximum comfort. The density of the cushion is ideally formed to maintain the equal balance of all segments of body.

Multi-layered Foam

The upper and lower parts of the items are divided into different layers for providing exclusive sleeping experience. The layer of latex and memory foam adds extra cooling comfort at night sleeping.

The Ever Best Cooling Technology

This Swiss bedding has added unique cooling technology with all of its cushion items. This technology offers cooling sleeping experience at night. It creates heavenly sleeping environment whole night.

Motion Absorbing Technology

It’s really disturbing to almost everyone the sleeping movement of partner on the bed. With the motion absorbing system its bed uninterruptible cooling night sleeping.

Highly Breathable

It has made its cushion items super breathable to add required amount of oxygen. It helps to wipe out dust and germ from the deep layers of the bed. And it prevents the risk of attacking the dust allergy.


Eco-friendly Manufacturing Materials

All of the manufacturing segments of the Ortho Sleep beds are quality controlled and extremely environment-oriented. No elements are used in the mattress those are harmful for surrounding environment.

Bamboo Made Cover

It’s really unique that the cover of the bed is made from bamboo which is totally natural and chemical free. It causes no harm for the users and the environment. The cover is highly efficient to prevent any unwanted germs.

Easy to Set Up and Shift Anywhere: Ortho sleeping mattress is convenient to shift and set up anywhere. The spring encased pockets of the items easy to wrap individually. One can easily set it up in one’s bed room or guest’s living room.

Super Durable: The cushion items of the brand are super durable due to its quality controlled manufacturing materials. Besides, these are efficient enough to be used years after years.

What Should You Remember Before Choosing This Mattress Brand?

When you are going to the market to purchase a memory gel foam bed for you or your family members and when you have decided to pick the right one up; you should never forget the following factors before choosing the mattress.

  • Popularity of the Brand: It’s simply true that a good quality brand possess massive popularity in the market. So, you should think about the popularity of the brand that you are going to choose.
  • Manufacturing Materials: The quality of a cushion item significantly depends on the type of manufacturing materials. In this regard, the forming materials must have to be quality controlled and lab tested.
  • Layer Depth of Foam: Never forget to check the layer depth of the foam because it justifies the comfort of the bed. And it would be better to choose the multi-layered mattress for having much responsiveness and maximum comfort.
  • Breathability: This particular trait fixes the health benefits of the foam cover. The breathable bed cover automatically removes germ and dust from the foam layers. And it also helps to add much needed oxygen.
  • Eco-friendliness: This is very much crucial whether your bed is eco-friendly or not. Manufacturers may use different types of harmful chemical to make it gorgeous and attractive. You should avoid such types of bed brands. Choose the mattress which is made up of 100% environment-friendly properties.
  • US-Certification: There are many lower-quality products in the market without authorized certification. You should avoid these brands. And choose the right brand which is US certified with huge reputation.

Last But Not The Least

When you don’t love compromising with sound sleeping and at the same time when you are looking for the best memory gel foam mattress; you can simply pay your trust upon all of these newly arrived bed items of this brand. Purchasing any of the sleeping bed you can enjoy the heavenly touch at night. Have the ever best cooling sleeping experience with Mattress giant.

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Everybody loves to sleep on a super get enhanced mattress but finding a right one can be a tough job. These 5 Swiss Ortho mattresses can easily help you get restful sleep.

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