SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

Are you still thinking too much about the adjustable mattress for home or even overnight guest? Then leave your wrong worries with SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. It comes up with single click internal pump, dual chamber construction and tons of lovable traits like these.

Every single material is the testimonial here of durability, pure comfort and expected restful sleep for sure.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

Find the waterproof flocked top for genuine pleasure and puncture-resistant material what enhances mattress’s lifespan and so on. Here’s a closer look indeed why this bed is only for you!

What Are The Special Traits

  • Extra thick waterproof top for sound sleep and maximum comfort.
  • This is entirely eco-friendly, no leads or formaldehyde available out there.
  • Completely perfect for all styles of sleepers with different platform.
  • Exact firmness for mighty support and pressure relief.
  • Easy inflation and deflation for quicker adjustability within few minutes.

Features Of SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Comfort-Coil Technology

For long lasting and great support, SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is designed with 40 inner air coils. These coils make the mattress more comfortable, after sleeping you will be in a deep sleep. Most importantly, you will find a long lasting mattress because the coils make it durable enough.

Fast Inflation & Deflation

Using the 1-click pump, you will get this air mattress ready with fast inflation and perfect firmness only in 4 minutes and super easy to deflation too. The pump, patented as EZ-pump, produces a little sound during inflation and deflation, which compares to 20% quieter than other pump is available in the market.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Moderate Firmness Levels

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is composed with 15 gauge elements, puncture proof, and multi- layered flocked top what make it excessive full and more comfort to sleep. The upper part is fully water resist, and you will get a soft touch. Therefore, having these materials, the mattress holds its firmness and shape through overnight sleeping.

Puncture-Proof Ability

Its flocked top you will find puncture proof for a long time unless it gets pierced with the needle or rubbed by rock on purpose. For a long period use, you should take good care and always keep clean. The better maintenance will help you to utilize correctly such puncture-proof air bed mattress.

What Are The User Benefits?

We’ve found a lot of user benefits for this bed what other traditional types of mattress are unable by the way. Its adjustability, sustainable materials and stuff like that are completely lovable. Let’s take a sharp eye what the specified advantages you’re going to have!

Power Of Usability

This air mattress with 15-guage materials is easy to use. When you need anytime, just select a place and quickly inflate the air with one-click toggle and you will get ready your mattress as a queen size bed in a few minutes. The device is also useful to deflate the air after sleeping with little sound. You can keep the mattress in a bag through just folding it even during camping or traveling.

Comfort Sleeping

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress consists of ComfortCoil Technology which is water resist, and puncture proof and super soft surface make you sure of deep and comfort sleep. Support from air mattress was rare before because then the surface part of air mattress was rough and uneven so that it felt harsh and uncomforted to sleep.

Ultimate Stability

Everybody wants maximum usage from her buying products that she can utilize it for a long time. As a buyer, you will be glad to know that SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, made of 15-guage materials and has multi- layered flocked top, is most durable air mattress ever in the market because these materials make the bed fully water resist, and puncture proof.

Easy Maintenance

With the help of EZ-pump, you will find the mattress at queen size through inflating air within 4 minutes, which provides 20% fewer sounds compare to others available in the market. The device is also needed for deflation the air after using the mattress. If you love to keep anything neat and clean and maintain properly, in the matter of bed, SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress will win your heart.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology

For Whom SoundSleep Dream Series Air Mattress is Best Option?

​Even though, the bed suits almost to all but we’ve figured out some cool kinds of stuff what brings particular classification. In genuine, you never get to think whether you’re eligible for it or not. Why? Let’s scratch the entire surface!

Who Have Surprised Visitor

Do you undergo surprise visiting of your relatives and friends? Does your family face space shortage for night sleep? Then you need the mattress badly because easily you can fold it to keep in a bag and anytime and anywhere, may be drawing room, you will be able to manage a bed to sleep for your surprised visitors. You will be happy to know that the mattress can hold up to 500lbs.

Travel Lover

if you love to travel or camp all of sudden, you need such a bed that easily you can carry along with you. Hence, this air mattress is for you because it is easy to move by keeping in a bag through only folding and inflate the air with one click toggle anywhere.

Who Loves Durable Product

At the time of price hike, do you seek a durable air mattress at the reasonable price? The SoundAsleep Dream Series is a durable air mattress which has puncture proof feature that anybody can use it for years if she takes good care.

Who Have The Baby

Your child urinates on the bed is a general matter, but it spoils your mattress in short time. So those who have babies should own this air mattress because it is water proof surface.

Who Seeks Restful Sleep

As a sleep lover, you can choose the mattress without thinking too much because its shape and firmness with the soft surface, all these things will take you in a deep sleep. You will hardly find such comfort in other air mattresses available in the market.

What Are The Pros?

  • The manufacturer uses patent technologies which make it best air mattress. Truly, you can’t find any other mattress like this with great usability.
  • You will get a bag which is made of nylon fabric, to keep the mattress through easy folding and be able to carry it with you to go everywhere you want to.
  • The mattress has, as unique design, an integrated cord storage that you need not to take hassle with keeping the electric cord and extensions.
  • Using a pump patented as EZ-Pump helps to inflate and deflate the air to get the mattress ready within 4 minutes through making 20% less sound.
  • Being sure-grip bottom, the mattress stays steady over slippery floor and Easy maintenance and can cover with bed sheet with pillows.

What About Cons?

We tried best to figure out some flaws and hardly found since the manufactures welcome enormous lovable stuffs for you. Whatsoever, here you get the cons what we reckon in fact.

  • The mattress is not to set as permanent bed but for irregular use only
  • This should not be used in camping because it may get leaked by spike or rough stone.

What’s Better About It?

SoundAsleep is a small family-owned company. They designed and launched their first air mattress back in 2013 and named it the Dream Series.

Little did they know the about the profound effect the airbed is going to have on the industry. But it did.

It “woke up” the otherwise dormant companies that haven’t introduced any significant technology advancements in years. It wasn’t long before the reviews of the SoundAsleep Dream Series started getting noticed in the industry. The Dream Series had more reviews and was better-rated than air mattresses that we’re in the market for years, even decades.

In reality, there was nothing revolutionary about the model, they just took the existing concepts (like air coils) and improved on them. Instead of 15-20 coils (which was the industry standard up to that point) they shocked the market by including 43 air coils and a thicker, multi-layer vinyl.

The added coils meant much better weight distribution and isolation and the thicker vinyl meant a more durable airbed that leaks less.

Ever since, the marketplace has shifted and the companies are in a rat-race of who’s going to make a faster pump and more durable material. You can read more in this review of the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress on

Why We Recommend This Air Mattress?

Before, it was difficult to maintain an as usual air mattress because the materials used in manufacture were inflatable and not helpful to clean and protect from puncture. But in the case of SoundAsleep Mattress is spontaneous to maintain for anybody that she can get it ready for 1-switch operation.

The chords connected with the mattress; need to be kept tidy and neat in the attached storage.​

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology Review

This enables you to be safe from the unwanted electrical accident. The bed is made with the sure-grip bottom which prevents the mattress from slipping and sliding during use. Having suction grips, the mattress will be stuck with the hard and flat floor surface.

But new technologies used in the manufacture of this mattress make best option in the market. So if you want an air mattress for sound sleep with maximum comfort, you supposed to choose this mattress without second thinking.

Final Verdict

There you may have many options of the mattress before you to choose your appropriate one. But when you learn that the air mattress contains high materials with comfort Coil technology what ensures super firmness, softness, and waterproof.

Alongside, the puncture proof flocked top what provides sound sleep, easy maintenance, and carry at a time, and you will choose the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress at your affordable price for long lasting use. And the benefits mentioned above and features must overwhelm you to be an owner of the mattress.

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