Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Review In 2018 – Orthopedic Supported Bedding

Are you looking for the foam mattress that’s enough breathable to culminate a cooling sleeping ambiance? And when the hot foam is a great problem for you, the Snuggle Pedic mattress has brought an appropriate solution to the problem. 

The patented airflow transfer system allows a substantial amount of air inside the foam layers through the thousands of airflow channels. It makes the mattress 100 times more breathable by reducing the body-heat of sleepers.

Unlike conventional mattress, Snuggle-Pedic is highly supportive to release pressure points with its flex support technology. It permits one to move around the bed without having an extra pressure to the sensitive body parts. This unique extra buoyant memory foam offers uninterrupted night’s sleep absorbing motion transfer between partners.

This mattress is super soft and extra comfortable with micro-vented cover. The natural ivory bamboo made cover is thicker, ultra-luxurious comfortable and maximum breathable. It’s a perfect choice for the side, back, and stomach sleepers. The CertiPUR-US has certified this American product as eco-friendly with natural manufacturing materials and technology.

Extra Breathable Materials

This is a unique bed item of Snuggle-Pedic upgraded with ventilated airflow transforming technology. The modern foam-forming technology emits body heat and allows cool airflow in the thick foam layers. It keeps the mattress free from excessive heat in any weather. The patented airflow system makes it more breathable than any other traditional beds by adding a necessary amount of air.

Kool-Flow Luxurious Comfortable Mattress

This bed is a luxuriously comfortable with kool-flow micro-vented natural cover. The super soft and great breathable cover is made with the combination of natural ivory bamboo, polyester, and Lycra that keep it always cool. It offers you uninterrupted night-long cool sleep.

Highly Supportive

The modern flex support technology has turned the mattress into a super supportive one for faster moving. It works as an ideal pressure relieving bed to release pressure points of our sensitive body parts (e.g., neck, shoulder, hips, backbones, chest, and feet). Unlike traditional mattress it allows the sleepers to go around the whole bed without having any trouble.

Perfect Choice For All Form Of Sleepers

It doesn’t matter whether you are a side, back or a stomach sleeper. The bed allows you to sleep in any position whatever you do prefer. While the softer and medium-density foam surface of the mattress permits side sleeping lovers, the firmer and relatively high-density memory foam layer provides enough support to the back and stomach-sleeping position choosers.

Easily Adjustable To Any Temperature Settings

Either it is winter or summer, this mattress suits easily with all seasons. The bamboo made micro-vented cover stabilizes the surface temperature of the bed. It maintains the balance of temperature between bed surface and body heat. Therefore, it remains cool enough in hot weather and at the same time warm enough in cold temperature.

Incessant Sleeping With No Motion Transfer

Unlike conventional memory foam, this cushion halts movement isolation between sleeping partners. It confirms unbroken cool night’s sleep by absorbing sleeping motions. Furthermore, it protects pregnant sleepers and their babies from disturbing sleeping motions.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients

This cushion is an American product certified by CertiPUR-US for its natural producing components and developing technology. It has approved the particular item as free from harmful PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, lead, and any other heavy materials. The modern features and functions those have been added to the mattress don’t cause any harm to the sleepers and the surrounding environment.

The Proven Health Benefits Of Snuggle-Pedic Mattress

This mattress is widely recognized for healthy friendly features. Unlike the tradition cushion, it comes with the enormous body conforming benefits.

Additionally, you’ll find here perfect orthopedic support.

Releasing Pressure Points

The ultra-reactive extra buoyant memory foam releases pressure points immediately. It supports enough to move around the bed as you prefer without feeling any painful pressure on your hips, neck, shoulders, spines, and feet etc.

Reducing Spinal Pain

When traditional foam causes back pain, the soft and comfortable foam reduces spinal-pain. It gives you the freedom to sleep in any position whatever you do like (back, stomach, and side) without having any painful feeling. Besides, this bed helps to repair damaged cells of backbones.

Eliminating Insomnia Forever

A sound night sleep keeps our mind and body fit for the whole day. On the other hand, night sleeping disorders can cause insomnia that may harm our body and mind extremely. This mattress can make you free from this fatal insomnia forever.

Relieving Body Aches And Soreness

The pressure reducing surface with extra supportive foam layer maintains proper body-balance for the side, back, and stomach sleepers. It poses no threats to muscles and tissues of our body. Therefore, we remain free from painful body aches and soreness.

Preventing Attacks Of Allergens

The highly breathable micro-vented bamboo cover prevents the unwelcoming attack of dust, mites, and allergens to the foam layers. The foam and cover of the mattress is naturally hypoallergenic and dust resistant. Furthermore, the water resistant bed cover halts the growth of bacteria inside the foam.

Why Should Purchase This Mattress?

This mattress is packed of innovative features that make it exceptional than other common beddings available in the stock.

Easy To Carry Anywhere

The foam mattress is easy to move somewhere with removable zipper cover. It allows you to carry without anyone’s help wherever you want. The delivery and the un-boxing system of the mattress are so simple.

Hassle-Free Set Up

This quality mattress is convenient to set up at anywhere you want. It fits with almost bed foundation. You don’t need of many hands to set the memory foam mattress. You can easily put it on an adjustable bed.

Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Formula

Get this mattress with the low volatile organic compound (VOC) to promote the indoor air quality. The consumer product safety commission has approved the formula to maintain healthy airflow in the sleeping room.

Air Inflow Channels

Numerous air inflow channels are covering sides of the mattress to make it more breathable than any other traditional bed. These channels emit body-emitted hot air and absorb fresh air to maintain adjustable temperature.

Universal Comfort With Maximum Durability

This foam mattress is comfortable enough with super soft foam and durable enough with the firm lower layer. It’s a unique foam bed with all quality-controlled manufacturing materials and customized technologies.

Who Should Consider This Mattress?

  • The people those who love sleeping in any position such as back, side, chest, and stomach; they can consider the bed. It allows having a sound night sleep at any sleeping position.
  • Pregnant women require the auto-adjustable sleeping bed to be free from tossing and turning of pressure points for themselves and their up-coming babies. Therefore, this bed may be an ideal one for them.
  • If you never like compromising with refreshing night sleep, this mattress is the perfect one for you. It will offer the heavenly touch of the sound sleeping whole night.
  • If you have space crisis in your flat, you can turn any corners into an ideal sleeping site for your family members and guests.
  • When you are looking for soft, comfortable, and durable sleeping bed; you can undoubtedly consider the particular mattress.

Why This Mattress Is Exceptional Than Market’s Common Cushion?

It’s true that you will find thousands of memory foam mattresses of the hundreds of brands in the market. But the factor is that which one is the right one for you? Regarding quality, upgraded technology, manufacturing materials, and using efficiency the mattress has already conquered the mind of thousands of customers.

For Chilly Night’s Sleep

This mattress is the best choice for anyone to have a peaceful sleeping experience. Snuggle-Pedic has promoted the item with all amazing features and functions to ensure maximum comfort and relaxed.

The panted airflow system of the mattress adds required amount of fresh air into the foam layers to ensure refreshing night’s sleep. Its motion absorbing technology reduces sleeping motions of the partners.

For Health Amiable Features

Unlike traditional mattress, this particular one provides its users many health benefits. If you are suffering from different sleeping disorders like insomnia, back pain, spinal distortion, muscle tossing, muscle soreness, and aches, etc; you can get the remarkably positive result using this mattress.

It’s Environmentally Conscious

When environment-adaptability is your prime concern, you can undoubtedly consider this mattress. The consumer product safety commission and CertiPUR-US have certified this particular item as environment-friendly.

For A Longer Investment

If a mattress is your investment where you lay down for refreshment, you can prefer this particular item. This foam bed is highly durable with all quality manufacturing materials and advanced technologies.

The Things We Didn’t Like

  • Sweat is the main enemy of the mattress. It can hamper the soft cover and foam layers. Therefore, to keep the bed safe from body sweat you can use an extra protection sheet.
  • This is a white colored mattress; so never put any liquid color on the mattress that can mar the overall beauty of the bed.
  • During un-boxing pay close heed to avoid any scratches to the mattress.


Eventually, I must say this mattress is an ideal one with the combination of modern features and functions. It’s a 100 times more breathable than the traditional mattress with the panted airflow transfer system. And the bamboo built micro-vented cover has made the foam more comfortable and softer.

This mattress has passed the CertiPUR-US certification for natural manufacturing components and safe customizing technology.

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