Top 3 Sierra Sleep Mattress Reviews In 2018 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Unlock the real science of relaxing sleep with comfortable mattresses. Having a good night sleep means getting ready for the next day with total enthusiasm and concentration. However, have you ever thought that which thing plays the most crucial role in offering you the heavenly touch of true night sleep? Nothing else, this is the mattress that you are using. But only a suitable bed can color your dream with sweet sleep.

Now the question is that how to understand whether a pad is comfortable or not? And how can you find the best quality mattress that you are looking for? To say honestly it’s merely an easy task to fix the well-featured top quality mattress from thousands of brands in the market. To ease this job, today I will introduce you to the Sierra Sleep mattress by Ashley.

Sierra Sleep has already opened a new horizon in the home Tex industries by manufacturing all modern and luxurious mattresses like super gel, hybrid, and signature design. With all fantastic features and functions, within the meantime, these cushion items have reached thousands of customers. Among many more, the 9-inch memory gel foam, 1100 hybrid mattress, and signature design firm bed have added an incredible value in the users’ sleeping satisfaction.

Comparisons of Top Rated Sierra Sleep Mattresses


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Sierra Sleep by Ashley 9" Memory Foam and Gel Mattress Review

Sierra Sleep by Ashley 9" Memory Foam and Gel Mattress


80 x 60 x 10

Sierra Sleep Mygel Hybrid & Traditional Inner Spring Mattress Review

Sierra Sleep Mygel Hybrid & Traditional Inner Spring Mattress


79 x 60 x 11

Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Firm Mattress With Traditional Inner Spring Review

Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Firm Mattress With Traditional Inner Spring


79 x 75 x 13

The Best 3 Sierra Sleep Mattress on the Market

 1.  Sierra Sleep by Ashley 9" Memory Foam and Gel Mattress

Sierra Sleep by Ashley 9" Memory Foam and Gel Mattress

The MyGel infused 9-inch Ashley memory foam offers the real contouring sleeping support. It ensures cool feel to enter into the empire of uninterrupted night sleep. This mattress confirms head to toe support to relieve pressure points of neck, head, shoulders, chest, thighs, and legs.

This foam keeps the bed free from odor with the active fresh charcoal and green tea extracts. Therefore, you enjoy a joyful feeling on the bed whole night.

Ashley 9-inch memory foam is categorized into 5.5-inch fresh air-infused deep foam, 2.5- inch cool MyGel foam, and 1-inch plexus comfortable foam. The air-circulated part of the bed allows the free movement of air into the insight layers. And the 2.5-inch of MyGel foam culminates a cool ambiance for offering undisturbed sleeping experience. Finally, the 1-inch of reticulated high-density foam filtrate dust, mites and anymore filths to keep the overall condition of the cushion safe and healthy.

This mattress believes in sleeping well and shining on the whole day. That’s why they have customized this particular bed with the four-way stretch luxurious knit cover to absorb motion transfer from one partner to another. It confirms a pleasant sleeping with two more members on the same pad. This is a bio-foam with all evergreen ingredients and active-fresh formulae. Furthermore, the CertiPUR-US certification authenticates its chemical less natural manufacturing materials as environment and health-friendly.

Five Focusing Features:

  • Classic contouring support: the 9-inch MyGel foam offers you the classic contouring support from your head to toe. It incredibly releases pressure points to make sure pain-free rising in the morning.
  • Multi-layers deep foam: Unlike traditional bed, this particular one has multi-layers foam with distinguished features and functions. There is a perfect combination of 2.5-inch gel-infused foam, 1-inch filtering foam, and 5.5-inch high-density memory foam.
  • Customized knit cover: One of the key considering features is four-way stretch knit cover to absorb motion transfer. With the motion transfer technology, you will get an unbroken sleeping whole night.
  • Active fresh ever-green bio-foam: The manufacturer has developed it with the active fresh ever-green formula to resist the growth of unwelcoming odor insight. At the same time, the charcoal natural tea extracts keep the bed fresh and fine.
  • CertiPUR-US certification: The world-class authentication standard agency CertiPUR-US has certified the item as eco-friendly with no existence of harmful chemicals and particles in the manufacturing materials.

Two Negligible Notes:

  • Not too soft too firm: This particular memory foam bed isn’t too soft or firm. It will offer you a light, soft and little firm feeling.
  • Liquid sensitive: The multi-layers foam is liquid sensitive like water, milk, and sweat. Therefore, keep them away from your bed.

 2.  Sierra Sleep Mygel Hybrid & Traditional Inner Spring Mattress

Sierra Sleep Mygel Hybrid & Traditional Inner Spring Mattress

This is sierra sleep plush mattress what’s with gel-infused high-density foam and dazzling furniture signature design.

It offers the maximum contouring upholding and pressure-point relieving superb comfort with its 3-inch high-density foam and 6-inch pocketed coil system. 

A glaring and inviting soft sleep surface makes sure pleasant feeling with the removable and washable luxurious knit top cover. It doesn’t matter what types of sleepers you are because it allows you to sleep at your any favorable postures such as right or left side, chest or back, and combo.

Sierra Sleep bedding has developed this cushion item with the furniture signature design. With the perfect combination of cool gel-infused memory foam and high-density base layer you will enjoy the luxurious feel and superior comfort whole night. Furthermore, it awards you a full night’s rest with the base wrapped coil. This is an amazing innovation that adds incredible value to your ultimate night’s sleep. Unlike conventional bed in the market, it ensures unyielding edge support with the layers of high-quality fabrics and quilt foam.

This cushion meets the certification for its eco-friendly manufacturing materials and built-in technologies. It confirms that this bed causes no harm to the surrounding environment and the users. By applying the active fresh charcoal and ever-green tea extract technology, the manufacturer has made the mattress odor and bad feeling free. The bed always remains fresh to receive you for offering a healthy sleeping experience.

Five Focusing Features:

  • Classic contouring support: This bed is famous for offering classic contouring support with the layers of individually wrapped coils. It ensures your full night’s rest with deep sound sleep indeed.
  • Super cool comfort: This is gel-infused luxurious memory foam with a high-density base layer. The super cool gel-technology confirms maximum comfortable night’ sleep.
  • Adjustable size: The queen size mattress measures the perfect dimension that adjusts very well on a full-size frame. And you can set it easily on your foundation.
  • Active fresh with no odor: With the perfect combination of active fresh charcoal and natural ever-green tea extracts this bed remains free from odor, dust, and mite.
  • CertiPUR-US standard passed: The expert technicians of the US laboratories have closely tested the content, emission, and components of the cushion item to certify it as eco-adjustable and user-friendly.

Two Negligible Notes:

  • Traditional innerspring: Although many people look for modern box spring nowadays, this particular bed is built-in traditional innerspring. Therefore, it arrives with no box spring.
  • Medium firm: This is a medium firm bed and not too soft as you desire. It fits better with the heavyweight man.

 3.  Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Firm Mattress With Traditional Inner Spring

Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Firm Mattress With Traditional Inner Spring

This firm mattress is super supportive premium one with all beautiful modern designs. The manufacturer has improved the product with divine cover, embroidered borders, high-density deep foam, super cool lumbar gel, refurbished signature design, sumptuous cotton and polyester fiber, wrapped coils, core edge support, and many more.

This is a limited firm bed that offers dynamic support from the sleeper’s head to toe. It’s a tiny matter what postures you do love for sleeping. This limited firm bed will offer you a smiling face while awakening in the morning.

The bed ensures peaceful sleeping experience releasing the pressure of your everyday life. With its firm feel support you will forget the painful pressure points of your body.

Unlike conventional bed, this particular one is upgraded with the lumbar gel and high-density memory foam to confirm comfortable night’s rest. Yes, this gel-infused memory foam eliminates your all exhausting feelings and encourages you to sink into the sea of cool sleep. And at the same time, you can easily move on the bed and lay down at your preferred sleeping positions whatever you love.

This bed looks divine with the four-way stretch white color knit cover. It fits well with any king size bed frame. With the help of 1.5-inch firm support quilt foam this bed releases pressure points of neck, shoulders, chest, back, and thighs. The 2-inch firm support foam along with the 5-inch high-density foam ensures restful night’s sleep. Besides, the 3-inch high-density foam encasement with the 680 power-packed wrapped coils minimizes motion transfer to offer you an uninterrupted sleeping experience. And the .75-inch density support foam lets you feel the comfort of the mattress all the way you like.

Five Focusing Features:

  • Firm comfort: The manufacturer has developed this particular cushion with the comfortably firm feeling. The luxurious supportive layers of the bed provide full support to the body parts to ensure flawless deep night’s sleep.
  • Power packed wrapped coils: This particular bed is exclusively wrapped with the power packed coils to hinder motion transfer between sleepers. And it supports your lower back, neck, and stomach enough to avoid unwelcoming excessive pressure.
  • Gel-infused memory foam: The limited firm mattress provides cool sleeping experience with the lumbar gel-infused memory foam. It increases the level of comfortable feeling.
  • Divine knit cover: The most eye-catching beauty of the bed is the four-way stretch divine knit cover. It offers a cool soft feel to color all the moment on the bed. Furthermore, this polyester fabric cover filters dust and mites to keep the pad fresh and hygienic.
  • Compatible with the environment: All of the manufacturing contents, technologies, and techniques are certified by the authenticated as friendly to the surrounding environment and healthy for the users. The active fresh and ever-green formula resists all sorts of unwelcoming odor and keeps the bed fresh always for you.

Two Negligible Notes:

  • Not too soft: As a limited firm mattress it’s not quite soft which you are looking for. It’s a medium soft bed that will offer you firm sleeping feel.
  • Traditional innerspring: You won’t find any spring box with the bed. It’s designed with the traditional innerspring.

The Great Health Benefits of Sierra Sleep Mattresses

As a world-class home décor brand Sierra Sleep is highly conscious to the health benefits of their products. The manufacturer has designed all of their sleeping mattresses with the users’ health-friendly features and functions. From the manufacturing materials to the built-in technologies of these cushion items all are tested and certified as beneficial to consumers’ health.

Releasing Pressure Point

These beds are good to relieve pressure points of your sensitive body parts like chest, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, thighs, legs, and toes. This brand takes care of your joyful awakening in the mornings.

Saying Goodbye To Ashes And Pain

For someone back pain and joint-stiffness are common experiences while awakening in the morning and that sustains whole the day. It’s really a matter of agony that lessens the state of enthusiasm and vigor. The designers of the Ashley cushions have addressed these issues to let you say goodbye ashes and pain forever.


Removing Allergens

This is one of the most common sleeping sufferings for thousands of people caused by lower quality beds. The four-way naturally filtering cover of these sacks shields the penetration of dust, mites, and allergens inside the layers. Therefore, you get an enjoyable life with no allergens.

Preventing Skin Itches

The active fresh and ever-green natural tea extracts of these bio-foams prevent the bacterial growth on the knit cover to resist irritating skin-itches. It helps you sleeping sound and living fresh.

Avoiding Drowsiness And Hallucination

These sleeping disorders cause serious impact on the human mind-body dualism. And the lack of smooth night sleep creates this particular situation. The MyGel soft super contouring couches offer you cool night’s rest to avoid day drowsiness and hallucination.

Guarding Mental Health

The hybrid gel-infused limited firm memory foam mattresses keep your mental health fit and vigorous. It helps you paying close concentration on your daily task and thinking creatively. Therefore, you live in a state of jovial mind whole the day.You feel no depression and hesitation having cool restful night’s sleep.

Relieving Stress

These brand new cushion items relieve all of your day stresses that you experience in your workplace. When you lie on your bed, the gel-infused cool thrills your mind with the comfortable feeling. And in the morning, you find yourself an animated one with no stress.

No More Apnea

If you are struggling with apnea, you should change your old bed and use a comfortable one to have full sleeping satisfaction. The gel-infused memory mattresses let you forget the horrific experience of sleeping apnea.

Are Sierra Sleep Mattresses by Ashley Eco-friendly?

This should be a vital question for every purchaser to the manufacturers whether their products are eco+ or not.

You should keep your trust in the brands and their products those take care not only of the consumers’ health but also their surrounding environment.

Eco Friendly

Sierra Sleep is a tested and trusted name in the arena of home décor industries for producing and marketing 100% eco-efficient cushion items for their customers. With the following facts and standards, this brand items are reliably adjustable with the natural ambiance.

CertiPUR-US Eco-Friendly Certification

From the responsibility of ensuring good health of the consumers; CertiPUR-US conducts the chemical test of the foam of the registered manufacturers. And all genres of foams of the manufacturer are certified as free from health-alarming chemicals, particles, and emissions like ozone deplete, flame retardants, TCEPs, mercury, lead, heavy metals, volatile organic compound, phthalates, and PBDEs.

Active Fresh Formula

With the active fresh formula these mattresses always fight against odor, dust, and chemical particles. It ensures moisture absorption and bad smell control to offer you an all about comfortable sleeping experience.

Ever Green Natural Extracts

Unlike the conventional company, Ashley sierra sleep mattress has used natural tea extracts to fight against bacterial growth inside the bed layers. No chemical contents have been applied to shield the dust and mites.


This is a great approach to the manufacturing environment-friendly mattresses with bio-foam. This cushion has achieved tremendous success in developing bed layers with the bio-foam formula. It keeps the mattress entirely environment-efficient and consumer-friendly. You will feel fresh breathe sleeping on the naturally developed bio-foams.

Why Should You Go for These Mattresses?

There are thousands of brand of home décor products in the market. But regarding quality, validity and durability all aren’t equal. However, you have to pick the best one for enjoying the most comfortable night sleep. I hope in the meantime, you have got a transparent idea about such beds and their qualities. Now I will present you more meaningful matters for those you can go for the brand finally.

After a busy working day, when you go for sleeping, you desire the maximum comfort and soft feeling from your bed. But have you ever examined that your bed is worthy enough for offering you the highest level of comfort? Yes, you should never compromise on the quality of the bed for enjoying a happy rising in the morning. Now, it’s entirely up to you to fix what will be your next choice among thousands in the market.

The Cover

You know the appearance of a bed is mostly connected to the cover of the surface. And of course, the cool comfortable feeling comes from the cover. The heavy weight luxury quilted four-way stretch kit covers of these mattresses look divine and demonstrating. And the most importantly these are removable and easily washable.

The Foam Layers

The manufacturer has designed these beds with the multi-level foam layers. The different layers are set to serve the different functions such as quilt foam layer for firm support, gel-infused layer for a cool feel, and high-density foam layer for maximum comfort. With the perfect combination of these distinguished layers, the bed offers you the most enjoyable sleeping experience.

The Level Of Firmness

This particular brand understands your comfort and pleasure very well. Therefore, they have designed the level of firmness with the plush, ultra-plush, firm, and medium firm categories. According to the level of your comfort, you can choose any of them.

Available In Multiple Sizes

All of the items of the brand are available in multiple sizes such as king, queen, twin, and full. Based on the size of your bed frame and demand you can fix the most appropriate size.

Elegant Design

These products look beautiful with elegant designs and aristocratic colors. It will dazzle your eyes and conquer your mind with all the amazing features. The Ashley furniture signature design has added a new dimension to the overall beauty of the beds.

Super Soft & Support Foam

If you love sleeping on a softly supportive doss, then this brand can be your first choice with super soft support foam. It touches you with a thrilling feeling that enchants your mind.

MyGel-Infused Foam

The MyGel infused foam from offers you the maximum level of contouring support and cool fresh feeling for pressure released sound sleep. It keeps your bed away from dust, odor, and mite.

High-Density Memory Foam

With the high-density memory foam you get superior support to your whole body for pain-less restful sleeping. It helps you releasing excessive pressure on your neck, chest, shoulders, and thighs.

Power Packed Wrapped Coil System

When you need having additional support for restful night’s sleep; the power wrapped coils of the bed ensures sufficient support for offering uninterrupted rest whole night.

Compatible With The Adjustable Bed

Don’t be worried about the compatibility of the foam to the base you have. All of these items are highly adjustable with the base frame. And you can purchase an adjustable frame separately. Furthermore, it is easy to set up without having any hassle. You can easily store and ship it anywhere you want.

Who Shouldn’t Consider These Mattresses?

Despite, all useful features and amazing functions this brand cannot be an ideal one for some particular consumers. Home Tex experts say that one should fix one’s product based on demand, affordability, and choice. And the dimension and nature of taste may vary from one person to another. Therefore, I wouldn’t like recommending these mattresses for some particular one as below:

Ultra-Soft Seekers

It wouldn’t be an ideal choice for the guys those who are looking for the ultra-soft foam bed. It offers naturally soft feeling for comfortable night sleep.

Too Firm Finders

Sierra Sleep has designed their bed foams in the limited firm mood. It won’t offer you an extreme firm feels whatever you are looking for. These beds are developed with the medium firm foam for comfortable night rest.

Lower Quality Hunters

If you have a passion to purchase a lower quality mattress, then this particular brand isn’t for you. You shall have to pay the maximum to purchase these pads.

Modern Inner Spring Lovers

Such cushions are built-in traditional inner spring without box spring. Therefore, it wouldn’t be the perfect choice for the customers those love lying on a modern box spring bed.

Final Verdict

A sound sleep comes from the heaven that makes you happy with mental cheer and charm. And your mattress let you enjoy the cool comfortable and restful sleep.

The sierra sleep is an exclusive brand features beds are highly user oriented in terms of hygiene, health benefits, pricing and so forth. Unlike common beddings available in the market, you don’t have to worry of its sustainability.

Therefore, the listed cushions aren’t determined to any special class of people, you can avail it whatever your sleeping posture is. Instead, you must find here desired firmness perfect for restful sleeping.

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We just reviewed top 3 Sierra Sleep mattresses with all their pros and cons as well. This guide will help you make your purchase decision more precisely.

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