Olee Sleep Mattress Reviews In 2018 – Our Top 7 Picks

Are you planning to get a new mattress for your home? Is your old mattress is no more providing the desired comfort? Well, in that case taking an insight to some of the brands which manufacture high-grade sleeping mattresses becomes essential. Olee sleep mattress is one of the most trusted and authentic names in the field which is popular among the people for making the best sleeping mattresses.

Today there are innumerable companies that claim to manufacture high-grade sleeping mattresses. But do you wonder why only a few have been able to make a remarkable place in the market? The primary reason behind is the level of comfort their products provide to the users. Since people need their sleeping mattresses to be highly comfortable, it becomes the primary criterion to judge it. Getting a thorough review in prior helps in procuring the best product and making the purchase worthwhile.

Therefore, I have come up with some of the most reliable the sleeping mattresses from this brand those are loved by the users so far. Check them out and find the one which meets your preferences the most.

Top Rated Olee Sleep Mattresses Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10" Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 54 x 10

Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 9" I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress


80 x 60 x 9

Olee Sleep 13" Box Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Olee Sleep 13" Box Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress


75 x 54 x 13

Olee Sleep 8" Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 8" Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 54 x 8

Olee Sleep 10 in Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 in Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress


80 x 54 x 10

Olee Sleep 10 inch Gel Infused Tight Top Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

Olee Sleep 10" Omega  Hybrid Gel Infused Pocket Spring Mattress


75 x 54 x 10

Olee Sleep 12" I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 12" I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 54 x 12

The 7 Best Rated Olee Sleep Mattresses on the Market

 1.  Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is an amazing sleep mattress which supports the vertebrae and provides the desired comfort while sleeping. It takes the shape of the body and thereby helps in maintaining the correct posture.

Sleeping over this mattress ensures you get relieved from significant pains and aches of back and neck.

Since the gel is infused in the mattress, the quality of it cannot be questioned. It provides a cooling essence to the body and is thereby perfect for those who get sweaty easily. The gel is layered one inch thick so that a constant temperature retains and a comfortable sleep can be attained.

Key Features

  • It comprises 1 Inch 25 ILD HD foam.
  • There is 1 inch I gel layering for cooling effect and weight alleviation.
  • Due to 1 inch, 8 ILD soft memory foam plush feeling is obtained.
  • It is not sensitive to the changing temperature.
  • Comes with jacquard cover for elevating the durability.

Coming with 10-inch thickness, this mattress can be obtained in different sizes to get a comfortable sleep in your bed. The gel layering in the most alluring aspect of this mattress which elevates its worth manifolds. Being CeriPUR-US certified for durability and quality and tested for the presence of harmful substances, this mattress makes a remarkable place.


  • The jacquard cover coming along with the mattress prolongs its life.
  • The memory foam infused with gel makes it perfect to use in the summers.
  • High-density foam ensures that the mattress will last for a more extended period.
  • Proper ventilation provides excellent breathability and resilience to the mattress.
  • The presence of pressure relief materials ensures eradicating the pains and aches.


  • Too soft and gets lumpy.
  • It is not for those looking for a firm bed.

 2.  Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is another amazing sleep mattress which comes in white color and comprises elegant look. Apart from the outlook, the features of the mattress are also very enthralling which make it one of the best to splurge. From the use of high-grade foam to the high-quality fabric, all contributes to making it one of the most lucrative mattresses.

While the infused gel endows desired cooling effect to the mattress, the memory foam takes the body shape and support the lumbar perfectly. People who are suffering from unbearable back or neck pain can splurge on this sleep mattress to get rid of them altogether. It provides proper alignment to the body while sleeping-from head to feet.

Key Features

  • It comprises a convoluted 3.5-inch layer of High-Density Foam
  • The 2.5 Inch ILD 28 Density 29 Pound Foam ensures suppleness of the mattress.
  • There is 1 Inch Dura-Cool I Gel ILD which retains the temperature.
  • 1 inch Memory foam supports the vertebrae perfectly.
  • Due to 1 inch, HD foam the added support is provided.

Whether you are looking for a sleeping mattress for a king size bed or a queen size, this product is available in all dimensions. The white color of it makes it graceful and perfect to use even in the kid’s bed. Since the mattress supports the body weight perfectly, sound sleep is attained.


  • Due to the convoluted layer of foam, proper ventilation is maintained.
  • It minimizes the pressure on the body and makes it free from back pains.
  • It also eliminates the motion disturbances thereby sound sleep.
  • Mattress is durable due to the presence of dense memory foam.


  • The mattress is too firm.
  • It is little odorous, but the awful smell goes away after a few days.

 3.  Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress Review

If getting a thick and perfectly layered sleep mattress is your primary priority, splurging on this product will fetch the best result. This 13-inch thick mattress is designed in such a way that it is neither too firm nor too supple.

This way it becomes one of those mattresses which are manufactured to eliminate the back and neck pains of people.

From the jacquard cover to the gel infused memory foam all contribute to elevating the worth of the mattress and making it highly usable for everyone in the family. Since it is CertiPUR-US Certified, the mattress itself becomes valuable and worth to trust for features like durability and longevity. It is tested for the presence of any toxic substances as well.

Key Features

  • There is 7.5-inch Heat Treated Coil which maintains the firmness of the mattress continually.
  • The 1-inch Eco-Friendly Gel Cool I Gel ensures that a cooling effect will remain constant as well.
  • Due to 1.5 inch, Soft memory foam maximum level of comfort is achieved.
  • 2-inch High-density foam absorbs the weight for maximizing the comfort.
  • For making the mattress adequately ventilated there is Hollow Conjugated Fiber mingled with 2-inch Poly Jacquard Fabric.

These multiple layers of foam make this mattress extraordinarily comfy and suitable for all. From adults to kids, everyone enjoys this mattress and takes a long comfortable sleep. The mattress is being tested for the presence of any harmful and toxic chemicals.


  • There are Dura pocket spring wrapped coils for extra support.
  • Mattress remains cool in the hot summers.
  • There are good breathability and ventilation in the mattress.
  • Multiple layers of HD foam ensure comfort and ease while sleeping.


  • Too stiff but with a topper it becomes soft.
  • It comes with an unpleasant odor that goes away after few days.

 4.  Olee Sleep 8 Inch Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 8 Inch Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Mattress Review

This 8 inches thick sleep mattress from is another wonderful piece which is considered as a lucrative option. The multiple layers of high-quality foam make the mattress highly comfortable and perfect to use by all.

Whether you are suffering from back or neck pain or finding difficulty in getting sound sleep, this mattress would come to rescue.

The mattress is certified for content, emission, and durability by CertiPUR-US which is another reason why it becomes reliable. Providing the right alignment to the body while sleeping this product is neither too firm, nor too supple therefore user gets rid of many aches and pains of the body.

Key Features

  • It comprises 3.5-inch convoluted layer structure which enhances the ventilation and breathability.
  • The softness of the mattress is due to 1 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam.
  • 2.5 inch 25 ILD HD foam adds to the quality of mattress even more.
  • There is 1-inch dura flex foam to take the weight and provide excellent support to the body.
  • The infused gel leads to weight alleviation and cooling.

Coming in full/standard size, this mattress weighs around 45 pounds and has the dimensions of 75 x 54 x 8 inches. It is tested for the presence of any harmful chemicals or toxins which might cause allergies to some people. The use of conventional palm oil instead of customary oil make it unique and one of its kind.


  • It is made in such a way that it eliminates the motion disturbances.
  • It relieves the pressure on the specific points of the body and makes it free form pains.
  • The mattress has proper ventilation due to better breathability.
  • Due to the dense foam, the mattress remains durable with prolonged life.


  • The mattress is found to be too soft with no firmness.
  • There comes an odd chemical smell in the initial few days of using.

 5.  Olee Sleep 10 in Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Grey I Gel Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

This bed is designed to be 10 inches thick so that maximum comfort can be endowed to the users. Perfect body shape is retained while sleeping on it so that you get a sound sleep in one stretch. The use of high-grade foam and superb quality of fabric-all contributes to making this mattress one of its kinds.

Being CertiPUR Certified is another alluring feature of the product due to which it has become authentic and reliable. The infused gel doesn’t let heat to retain on the mattress and maintain the coolness and freshness. This is the reason why the mattress becomes an excellent choice to splurge during summers.

Key Features

  • It comprises 1 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam which takes the body weight and provides utmost comfort.
  • The 1 Inch 25 ILD HD foam enhances the level of support.
  • Due to 1 inch, I Gel the temperature of the mattress is retained which in turn doesn’t let sweat to develop while sleeping.
  • It is an eco-friendly mattress which is equipped with bio green foam.
  • It is appropriately ventilated for maximum breathability.

With the weight of 45 pounds, this mattress measures 54 x 75 x 10 inches which fit perfectly in a full-size bed. Utmost comfort and coziness are delivered by this mattress which in turn helps in getting a sound sleep. The pressure relief materials help in getting rid of any pain or ache in the body and act as a medication.


  • Multiple layers of high-quality foam add to its coziness.
  • It is not a temperature sensitive mattress due to the infused gel.
  • The mattress comprises excellent breathability, ventilation, and resilience.
  • It helps in getting a sound sleep and eliminating back and neck pains.


  • The odor didn’t fade for a longer period of time
  • It is not for those who are looking for a highly firm mattress.

 6.  Olee Sleep 10" Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Pocket Spring Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 inch Gel Infused Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress Review

This is a twin sized mattress which is made in such a way that users get significant relief and desired comfort while sleeping.

The different layers of high-quality foam make the mattress highly feasible and lucrative option to consider. The softness of the mattress is never a question, and the breathability is always at par.

To add to its worth, the mattress is equipped with a poly jacquard cover. Being washable it becomes easy to maintain the cleanliness of this sleep mattress. The poly jacquard cover also helps in prolonging the life of the mattress and makes it durable and long-lasting.

Key Features

  • There are three layers of patented Dura pocket spring.
  • The -gel infused memory foam ensures the mattress will remain cool even in the hot summers.
  • It also helps in weight alleviation.
  • It comprises a poly jacquard cover which is washable and durable.
  • The soft dura foam adds to the quality manifolds.

Coming in full size cushion weighs around 67.4 pounds and has the dimensions of 75 x 54 x 10 inches. Being a tight top and hybrid pocket spring mattress the level of comfort it endows to the users it impeccable. The users are assured to get a luxurious feeling with this mattress.


  • The back and neck pain gets eliminated as it provides excellent support to the lumbar.
  • Due to the tempered steel independently-encased coils, the pressure points get relived in the neck, back, hips and legs.
  • The mattress is durable and long-lasting.
  • There is no motion disturbance while using this sleep mattress.


  • The mattress is too soft not for those who want firm one to sleep.
  • It will be little odorous when arrive.

 7.  Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is one of the best sleep mattresses from the reliable and authentic brand Olee. People who are using this mattress are impressed by the layered design which endows high comfort to them.

Being 12 inches thick this mattress is one lucrative option to consider for getting a sound sleep in a cozy bed.

The gel infused in the mattress ensures that the user will never sweat while sleeping. This makes it perfect to use in the summers. The temperature remains constant no matter how much body heat is passed. The use of high-grade memory foam ensures excellent breathability and thereby ventilation. All this leads to getting very comfortable and cozy mattress.

Key Features

  • It comprises 3.5-inch convoluted layer for better ventilation and more breathability.
  • Due to 1 inch 25 ILD HD foam, the level of comfort enhances.
  • There is tencel mix fabric that makes the mattress softer and more comfortable.
  • The infused gel ensures a constant temperature of the product.
  • It is a durable and long-lasting item

Coming in full/standard size, this sleep mattress weighs around 71 pounds and has the dimensions of 75 x 54 x 12 inches. Being multi-layered and 12 inches thick this mattress makes a profoundly comforting abode after a tiring day. From the memory foam to the soft fabric, all contributes to bestowing a plush feeling to the user.


  • The mattress works on the pressure points and provides instant relief from back pains.
  • Due to proper ventilation and infused gel, the chances of heat retention seize completely.
  • High elastic materials in the mattress elevate its worth even more.
  • The high-density convoluted layer builds up the desired level of comfort in the mattress.


  • Some people have experienced that the mattress sunk after few months
  • There is a chemical smell however it goes away after few weeks.

Why Should You Buy Olee Sleep Mattress?

Premium Materials

When comfort and quality is the priority, nothing can beat such mattresses. Every mattress from this company is made under the technical supervision so that they get equipped with all the essential features. From the use of high-grade materials to the presence of quality foam, almost everything is superlative, and this is the primary reason why you can happily splurge upon them.

Certified Mattress

Another reason why these beds are best is that they are CertiPur-US Certified. They are tested against all the odds for content, emissions, and durability. If the mattress passes these tests positively, the worth of it enhances naturally. Almost every mattress is certified under this criterion which makes them highly trustworthy.

Structurally Designed

The multi-layered design of from Olee sleep is enough to bequeath sound sleep to the users. When the body gets stressed a sound sleep comes to rescue and this is when the need of a comfortable mattress becomes vital. The listed mattresses here score full marks from being extraordinarily cozy and comfy.

Who Should Consider Such Mattresses?

There are a large number of people who are very considerate about getting a high-quality mattress due to various reasons. You should seek the beddings those can bring the optimal comfort. Therefore, the mattresses must need to be health amiable. You should chose this brands’ mattress if you’re

  • Struggling with sleep because of proper comfort
  • Having decency of perfect body support
  • Suffering from different ache and pains
  • Prone to allergens
  • Can’t withstand chemicals

Therefore the need for mattresses which could help them in eradicating these problems becomes necessary. All the items made with exclusive materials and quality passed.

Olee Sleep Beds Come With Alluring Health Benefits

Contours Body Properly

They are made up of high-grade materials which provide the desired firmness without compromising the softness. Therefore the chances of riding off the pains and aches become easy. The mattress takes the body shape so that utmost comfort can be provided.

Breathable & Hypoallergenic

Most of the mattresses are made up of environment friendly materials. It eliminates the chances of encountering the allergens. People whose immunity is low get infected with allergens easily therefore look for the mattresses which are free from them. The environment friendly material utilized in the manufacturing of these mattresses makes them non-allergic and perfect for all.

Safe & Hypoallergenic

The mattresses available here are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Formaldehyde and mercury which are generally present in the mattresses are absent in those coming from Olee. If you encounter with these chemicals the chances of getting dreadful diseases like cancer enhances. Therefore these mattresses are safe in this aspect as well and make a healthy option to consider.

Why This Brand Is User Friendly?

This brand’s mattress is perfectly equipped for the sleepers’ side. Almost all the features will make you stunning. To be precise, you’ll find here something unavailable to the other common brand

  • Ventilated Air System: The memory foam from this brand’s is ergonomic and specially made. Rather, it keep air cooling system so that you don’t have to feel bother at midnight. You’ll always find a cooing plush when sleeping on its surface.
  • Dura Pocket Spring: It offers spring mattresses as well. You’ll discover the Dura pocketed features here that ensure the long lasting durability for the beddings. Plus, it confirms the desired body support.
  • Jacquard Cover: Jacquard cover is great to adjust the sleepers. It is flexible, soft and machine washable. Therefore, completely breathable and hygiene. It’s ideal for allegory suffers and can use the thing for health consciousness.
  • Budget Friendly: You don’t have to spend many bucks to purchase those mattresses. Apart from that, it’s cost effective. The ingredients you’ll get with those beddings are perfect to generate nice plush level.
  • Rapid & Advanced Shipping System: You never have to be bothered to get this item after purchasing. The company uses easy and smart and compressed shipment with the perfect mattress’s box.


Out of many brands that work in manufacturing sleeping mattresses, Olee sleep has gained wide popularity. Not only because they are comfortable but also due to their durability and protracted nature. Adjusting as per your body and providing an excellent comfort to the vertebrae these beds are enough to endow a sound sleep. Moreover, when the body gets a sound sleep, it gets de-stressed, and the person feels rejuvenated and fully charged for the next day.

So, now that you have already undergone thoroughly with the seven most alluring mattresses, it’s time to splurge on the one which you find most suitable and feasible to use. Spending on these mattresses will help you fetch the most productive results and highly comfortable sleep throughout the night. So, shop smartly and choose wisely to get the most comforting nights for the rest of your life.

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Olee Sleep is very much renowned for producing high-grade sleeping mattresses. If you are looking for a perfect sleeping material to get rid of aches & pain, you shouldn’t miss checking it!

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