Narcolepsy A Neurological Disorder; Is It Really Untreated?

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that leads to long term effects to the patients. The people affected with this disorders face excessive daytime sleepiness. In fact, such types of patients lose their control over the nerve, regulate the sleep and wakefulness.

The disease may initiate at any period of life and usually attacks between 15 to 30 age. In truth, there is no solid evidence regarding curing the disorders. So the people face this problem rare to be diagnosed or treated.


Let’s have a clear conception over narcolepsy, the reason behind it, symptoms or treatment process.

What Is Narcolepsy?

In brief, narcolepsy is a neurological disorder in which people don't have any control oversleep, and they face excessive sleep in anytime. Someone can fall asleep during working or any activity, having this disorder.

What Causes Narcolepsy?

Even though there are no solid pieces of evidence indeed why someone gets it but the experts familiar with the matter believe, people can face this problem just because of some particular reason and also unknown to them.

  • Lack Of Hypocretin: It is essential brain’s chemical. The chemical regulates the wakefulness, and the deficiency of it occur mismanagement to the immune system.
  • Massive Psychological Trauma: A big psychological stress may lead to this problem by affecting the nervous system, scientists believe.
  • Hormonal Facts: The researchers claim, from the changing life’s stage link to this disorder. Thereby, it can initiate at puberty or in adolescence.

The Symptom Behind This Disorders

The initial symptom of this disease is exceedingly sleeping during daytime. Apart from that, cataplexy or psychological fact is associated with the problem.

  • Excessive Sleepiness During Activity: It doesn’t matter you got a sound sleep at night but feel sleepiness highly at daytime or other having other activity. The people suffer from this issue faces dizziness, previous memory lapses and extreme level of exhaustion.
  • Sleep Paralysis: Sleep paralysis is the name of other sleep related diseases, and surprisingly it is indirectly linking to the narcolepsy. Probably, you may know about it, but the people already have it in danger to excessive sleepiness in daytime.
  • Cataplexy: Due to strong emotion or other stress, the sudden loss of muscle control is cataplexy among the other symptoms; it is considered as the most linkage to the narcolepsy.
  • Sudden Illusion: If someone faces any delusional fact or mental stress then even though the primary content is temporal but in the long term it can be the reason for a frightening matter. There is the term, named hypnopompic hallucination what occurs due to that particular issue.

How To Be Treated Narcolepsy?

We’d not request you to do something yourself instead of visiting GP. Initially, they would ask you some queries, and after going through the process, you might become conscious about it.

In truth, there are no particular treatments over there what cure the diseases, but you may control it following some guidance.


Try To Be Relaxed

Leave your bad worries to the other people’s bag. Just get to remember the old saying, the fact you’re in tense as always; at the end of the day, it’s nothing a matter at all. Since experts claim that it has linkage to the psychological affairs then soothing the nerve cell may activate the Hypocretin what enables resisting excessive sleepiness.

Get Proper Sleep Equipment

Even though, directly you may seem that it is never an influential matter, but in other words, the sleeping equipment is a fact to regulate it. Don’t use the torn or heavily old mattress. Get a proper or right mattress. Thereby, it may offer the great appurtenance and create super sleep surface.

Change Lifestyle

It is many times better to adopt the healthy lifestyle to protect the disorder as prevention. Avoid nicotine, alcohol or any other poor habit. Don’t take medicine in vain without the approval of the doctor. Taking exercise regularly helps to boost the immune power and also habitats the body.

Final Thought

As the sleep scientists claim that there are no particular treatments for this neurological disease, and then you have to conscious for the prevention. There are some drugs available what may heal for a temporary period. We suggest getting experts opinion before trying to heal it because until find the proper reason of affect, it tough to prescribe.

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