How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable – The 6 Easy Steps

Having a Sofa Bed at home? Not finding it comfortable enough? Well, this is one of the most common issues people face who have it in their home. Although the companies selling sofa beds claim that their products are highly comfortable and endow maximum coziness while sleeping, they can’t be compared to the comfort provided by a bed.

Sofa Bed

Generally, this thing is used for guests, but they are also one of the most preferred home essentialities if you are a student, change apartments frequently or have limited space. It although seem very feasible option to ponder; they have a lousy rapport for not being as comfortable as they should be. But here the good news is one can easily modify and bring few changes in the sofa bed and make it highly comfortable and relaxing.

So, here we have come up with some of the most useful tips for people having this item in their home. Using them, you can easily convert it into space which is not only comfortable but also provides plush feeling to the user.

In order to make the sofa bed mattress a comfortable zone, you need to stuff yourself with the following items:

  • A plywood board​​
  • Mattress topper preferably of memory foam
  • Sheets with high thread counts
  • High quality down comforter
  • A lot of fluffy feather pillows

Once you have gathered the required items, it’s time to put some efforts and make the sofa bed highly comfy and cozy. The following steps will help:

1. Flip the Mattress

First of all, take out the mattress of the sofa bed and flip it properly. It might sound tiresome, but flipping and turning endow proper surfacing to the mattress. The holes or craters created in the mattress after using gets eliminated after flipping to some extent.

2. Add the Plywood

Once you have removed the mattress out of sofa bed for flipping; lay down the plywood board you have gathered. Plywood board provides excellent stability to the bed and also bestows firmness. When the mattress gets old, sunken spots become prominent. This is when a plywood board will help to even out and add extra rigidity to them.

Note: If you prefer suppleness over firmness- simply ignore this step. Adding plywood will elevate the firmness of the mattress, and if sleeping on a soft and mushy mattress is your choice, plywood is of no use.

3. Get the Mattress Topper

A mattress topper preferably made up of memory foam adds that extra cushiony feel to the sofa bed. Getting a mattress topper is not a massive investment, but a significant share goes to it for making the bed comfortable. A mattress topper with proper thickness maximizes the comfort while using and helps in getting a sound sleep.

4. It’s Time for the Sheets

Now it’s the time for sheets to do the magic and make the bed comfy. Sheets which comprise higher thread counts bequeath more luxurious feel to the user. Therefore always try to splurge on the bed sheets with higher thread count for more plush feeling and dozing in the dreamland more frequently.

5. Down Comforter to Enhance the Comfort

Down comforter as their name says add to the comfort of the bed. Made with down feathers they provide the fluffy and spongy feel to the bed which in turn makes it softer and springy.

Note: If down comforter is not what you prefer due to their heat retention feature and feathers, you may use blankets that match the coziness and fluffiness down comforters provide.

6. Pillows for Cozy Feel

Fluffy and supple pillows add to the comfort manifolds. Pillows fill in the gaps and make the bed perfect to get that plush feeling. Do not use those old and flat pillows while making your sofa bed more comfortable.

Cozy pillow

Instead, prefer getting down feather pillows for extra softness or memory foam pillow to get little firmness to make the bed a lot cozier.


Lastly, it is advisable to always use clean and fresh bedding for a more relaxed and sound sleep. Crawling in the bed which smells nice and freshly made makes the sleeping time a blissful moment. Since a sofa bed is used as sofa most of the times and bed rarely, the chances of it being weary with crumbs, spills, dirt, and dust are always high. These falls reach deep down the mechanics of bed and lead the mattress creating an unpleasant odor. Therefore, a regular clean-up helps.

You can also compliment the room with additional accessories like essential oils inside a diffuser and soothing lightings. It will add to the level of comfort to the whole room and make it one of the best places to get that relaxed and comforting sleep.

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