Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Who doesn’t want to have a sound sleeping experience while in his lovely bed? The real answer is that almost everyone. Lucid is a renowned and famous brand that has brought such a unique mattress to make your sleeping more enjoyable and comfortable than ever.

Meet introduce the Lucid 5-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress among thousands of brands in the market. Hence, this mattress may be the first choice for the gel memory foam lovers.

Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The dual-layered foam mattress is uniquely designed and developed with all supportive features that offer heavenly sleeping experience. It’s more than that of a foam mattress. Moreover, it’s built with 100% eco-friendly elements to cause no harm to the environment and the users.

The Key Traits of Lucid 5" Gel Memory Mattress


The dual-layered formation has made the mattress more durable and sustainable. And it is easy to set with the bed. It has 1-inch soft and cooling ventilated layer with the 4-inch supportive layer to ensure maximum comfort. Rather the gel memory foam paves the way cooling and comfortable sleeping.

Relieving Pressure Points

This particular trait assures the natural sleeping position of the human body that confirms to heal pressure points.

Easy to Move

The flexibility of rolling and compressing features let users to move easily here and there. Instead, you don’t have to face any difficulties to set up this bed.

Available in Size

the bed is available in multiple sizes as the twin, twin XL, full and queen. You can pick the best desired one.


There is no bad smell with the item. The odor-free mattress is the best sleeping friends for children. And no dust and mites you can find here


This bed comes with eco-friendly manufacturing materials to ascertain the maximum safety of the environment. And it is importantly certified by the USA.

Why Should You Purchase This Mattress?

For Good Night’s Sleeping Experience

No confusion that you desire to have a night with the best sleeping experience. This lucid bed will color your dream with the soundest sleeping. It’s soft and comfortable with clinically proven manufactured materials.

Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

For Natural Sleeping

Experts opine that more than 70% are siding sleepers. And it’s also proven that side sleeping is fit for health. This foam mattress encourages sleepers to take the side sleeping position which is almost natural.

For Soft and Comforting Top Layer

This particular gel foam mattress is an ideal one for those who love sleeping on soft and soothing top layer. Its high-density memory foam helps one to lose oneself in the kingdom of sound sleeping.

For An Excellent Combination of Firmness and Plush

The bed is unique for its great combination of firmness and plush. It’s firm enough to be supportive and to maintain the right sleeping position for sleepers.

For Maximum Durability

This foam mattress brings the premium element that ensures maximum durability. It reaches to the customers directly from the manufacturers having no compromise with quality.

For Super Ventilation with Enough Breathability

The mattress brings super ventilation technology that wipes out dust and mites. And its breathability is enough to make it harm free for the environment and the users.

For Convenient Shifting and Setting Up

It is easy compressing and rolling up technology that has made it possible to shift from one place to another without any hassle. No need for extra labor for shipping and setting the mattress up.

The Great Health Benefits Of Lucid Mattress

Health friendliness is much needed for the mattress. As you get to touch with the item for a long time, seek the trait sincerely before getting decided.

In truth, the proper mattress is perfectly able to reduce the risk of chronic spinal dysfunction and other bone disorders.

Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam

Assuaging Pressure Points

Can you imagine that your bed will help you to alleviate your pressure points? Yes, it’s true that the gel foam mattress will significantly contribute to relieving the pressure points of your body day by day.

Alleviating Pain of Backbones

The regular sleeping on the mattress eradicates spinal disorder. And pain-free vertebrae will offer a new life full of joys and happiness.

Ensuring Right Growth for Kids

It helps to maintain the best sleeping position for the extended period that guarantees proper physical growth for kids.

Eradicating Anguish with the Jovial Mind

Sound sleep is congenial to both health and mind. The mattress will do the job properly to offer you anguish free jolly life.

For Whom The Bed Suits Best?

Lucid has designed and manufactured this particular gel memory foam mattress for the people those who are so much weak to the cool sleeping at night. Let’s see who should care about the night mattress:

Cute Kids

This Lucid is an ideal choice for the newly born cute kids. It will offer your lovely baby the deep and uninterruptible sleeping feelings.

Adult One

As an adult one when you have no much time for wasting to have a sound sleeping Lucid gel foam mattress will touch you with heavenly sleeping sense. You will enjoy the experience of the natural sleeping whole night.

Newly Married Couple

It’s very common that newly married couple seeks for good looking, comfortable and obviously durable foam mattress to decorate their lovely room. With this particular mattress, married couples can augment the beauty of their living room and obviously with sound sleeping experience.

Aging People

A study shows that the aging people suffer more from anxiety during sleeping because of their physical anguish. They pass their nights without sound sleeping that spoils the next day at all. As an aging people, you can rely upon gel memory foam mattress to have a quick relieve of your torment during sleeping. Make it your sleeping friend at night and have a new day with full happiness.


  • Highly comfortable for the people of all ages
  • Durable with quality-test elements
  • No dust and mites
  • Good looking for sizes and colors
  • Convenient to shift
  • Easily adjustable at everywhere
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not available for shipping in every country
  • Authorized sellers have limitation for international shipping. Last but not the least

Closing Thoughts

Lucid 5-inch gel memory foam mattress comes with fantastic features and functions that have made it different from other brands in the market. Thousands of customers are putting their trust upon the multi-featured and the best quality mattress for getting the real experience of sound sleeping. Like others tune your bedroom or rest house with the bed and change your life with the sunshine of a different morning.

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Editors' Ratings
  • Materials
  • Budget Friendly
  • Durability
  • Health Friendly


This is excellent memory foam mattress comes with cooling gel. It is dual-layered, and chemicals are entirely breathable. It is suitable for all and placable to any sorts of structures.

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