Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review

Layla sleep is one of the recognized mattress brands offer comfortable and supportive mattress. It introduces copper infused memory foam that generates superior comfort. Therefore, this bed is equally supportive for all types of sleepers.

It uses advanced thermo gel, infused cover what removes heat and creates a perfect sleeping surface.

Layla mattress offers exact firmness instead of too hardness or softness. This is the USA made mattress and CERTIPUR-US certified, it denotes no toxic chemicals available here.

Special Traits Of Layla Sleep Mattress

  • Copper-infused cooling plush over memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable and thermo gel infused cover
  • Dual firmness level; hard and soft in both sides
  • Perfect for all including to overweight people
  • Pressure relieving, well supportive and cost-effective

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Comfort is the most desirable thing for a mattress, people seek. The experts familiar with the matter claim; softness doesn’t bring the comfort but the proper level of firmness. And, Layla welcomes exact stability level and ensures an expected level of support. This mattress uses elite ingredients what enhances the comfort and equally backing for the body.

Chopper Cells Technology

This brand uses chopper cell to reduce the memory foam’s heat. This is indeed the supreme quality of memory foam. Typically only a few brands bring this techno. In truth, chopper cells work variedly.

Indeed, the cooling techno confirms the ease and heat dispersions as it infuses chopper pipe under the desired portion. Unlike the other memory foam bed, there is no chance here to raise the heat and be the reason for discomfort.

  • Regulate the blood circulation
  • Helps to alleviate the joint and neck pain
  • Creates cooling plush over the surface

The Dual Firmness

Layla is superbly designed. This is a flappable mattress. You can feel soft on one side and on the other side, it is moderately firmed. It testifies that you can meet the both requirement.

  • Soft Portion: The soft side builds 3” of gel infused memory foam. It takes care about the comfort and equally supports. Most of the people tend to use it as the front side. Rather, you don’t need to think of the heat since the foam infused with cooling cells.
  • Middle Layer: To blow the excellent airflow for cooling night sleep,the bed manages everything to ensure that. Find the convoluted base foam in the middle layer.
  • Firm Side: This side comprises of 1" of premium gel infused memory foam. People suffer from lower back, and the spinal problem should prefer this portion.

The Thermo Gel Cover

In fact, the cover is one of the most sensitive parts of the mattress since you get to connect with it more than the original bed. The Thermo gel in the cover wipes out the extra heat rises in the foam.

On the other hand, controlling the temperature, it ensures a restful sleep. You never have to think of the cover’s efficacy as it is standard food grated. No toxic chemicals you could trace on the cover by the way.

Is Layla Health Friendly Mattress?

Well, all the beds available in the stock are not health friendly If the mattress is not environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, then there are possible chances to get attacked with several disorders. Layla is completely supportive and health amiable mattress.

Good For Back Pain Suffers

It is medium firmed mattress instead of too rigid or ultra-soft. Such types of bed are always perfect for the heavy people. Therefore, it works best for spinal dysfunction.

If you are facing with back or lower back pain, then use the bed as a firm side but the softer portion. In fact, it holds enough tons.

Improves Blood Circulation

For sure, its superior element, ergonomic design, and advanced technology are the exclusive traits. The bed introduces copper pipes what is always cold.

Under the layer, it enhances cooling plush and improves the blood circulation. Rather, the infused gel helps to get enough sleep and secure the good health.

Secures Bone Health

This is indeed concerning issue for anyone. And, if the cushion is not supportive then you might get attacked with various joint problems.

The infused chopper secures the joint. So if you’re stressed with joint pain and bone disorder, then this bed may help a lot.

The Drawback

From the depth research, I’ve got to know that, and it’s highly consumer-friendly, cost-effective and advanced design. What I didn’t notice in Layla mattress reviews.

  • Didn’t find any clear speech of motion separation.
  • Flipping is a bit of hassle for a single person

Why Should You Purchase Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress?

Among the mazes of selections, it’s tough to figure the great mattress. But I’m promised to give you proper information.

Layla is indeed the best bed for all sorts of sleepers with any position. Apart from this, there are tons of friendly features furnishing the mattress what is enough to confirm support and desired comfort.

The US Made Mattress: Layla mattress is 100% the US made and passes all forms of quality. Many skilled American workers make this bed carefully. The fabric and all other elements are entirely safe. In truth, you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing procedures, purchasing this item.

Eco-Friendly: This is completely eco-friendly mattress and gains the certifications. The people associated with the matter believe, only a few beds achieve this authentication. So have a tension free from any harmful ingredients.

Suitable To All: This mattress is compatible to all. So it doesn’t matter what sorts of sleeper you are. It works equally to all.

Odor Free: You may don’t need to feel any odor along with the material. The cooling cells and environmentally conscious materials remove the rising heat and odor too. In fact, the brand takes right measures to keep you fresh and vivid.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is it suitable to all foundations?

A: This mattress is suitable for all sorts of platforms and apart from this; it’s highly easy to set up. No need to worry about the assembling process.

You can place it over the traditional box spring, any types of slates or platform bed. The company makes the equal sides correctly to accommodate different situations.

Q: Why is copper, is it beneficial?

Well, too many people do have this query too. First of all, the copper is exclusive to bring the cooling atmosphere when on the bed.

Later, it is the best element probably to reduce the joint pain and simultaneously improve the blood circulation. So gets sure that, it favors you instead of making any ill.

Final Words

The people who already experienced with this item certify, you’d have proper comfy and mighty body support getting this mattress. And, never have to think of the firmness, support, and pressure relieving activities.

Layla bed is recognized from concerning authority, no toxic chemicals here. There are numerous consumers reveal their potential reaction for this item along with good level of ratings. From the research and experience, I urge you to go for this memory foam mattress because of versatile qualities and user benefits.

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Editors' Ratings
  • Materials
  • Budget Friendly
  • Durability
  • Health Friendly


If you’re a memory from lover, may get this US made Layla sleep. Its materials are entirely safe and health supportive. Preferably, the bed confirms proper body contouring, secures correct spine alignment and so on.

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