KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed Review

Are you looking for a multi-functional unfurnished platform bed for your memory or latex foam mattress? And do you want to decorate your bedroom with the traditionally woody appearance?

I will apprise you with a quality bed platform of a popular brand, and that’s the KD Frames.

KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed Review

You may have probably heard the name of the company which manufactures home décor accessories, futons, and platform beds in Athens, Georgia.

KD frames nomad platform bed is one of the highly valued products of the manufacturer developed with the Tulip Poplar hardwood. This is a Swedish designed minimalist bed frame with simply functional clean lines. Therefore, it doesn’t require any additional box spring to hold the mattress you want to put on.

The brand has upgraded the bed base with slat flush top of the rails with the maximum 600 pounds weight capacity. In addition, it has an extra slat for ensuring a good measurement with the mattress. And to accommodate your memory or latex mattress it has a slat spacing of 4.5-inch. Since 1987, the frame manufacturing company has been marketing chemical free unfinished bed frames. The manufacturers claim that they manage the kiln dried Tulip Poplar hardwood from Virginia forests.

The Fascinating Features of the KD Frames Nomad Platform Bed

KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed

Unlike the conventional frames in the market, the Nomad 2 platform bed is unfurnished, chemical free, and crafted from natural Tulip Poplar hardwood. It ensures enough spaces between slats of 4.5-inches for under 3-inches.

Furthermore, this is the plus version of the platform bed that can easily capacitate latex or memory foam mattress.

The Unfinished Smooth Wood

KD Frames manufacture their bed frames from the unfinished smooth wood to offer them the natural appearance. And they manage the unfurnished Tulip Poplar hardwood from the Virginia forests. It will amaze you with a completely natural sleeping ambiance.

No More Box Spring Required

The plush version of the bed frame doesn’t require anymore box spring to accommodate the mattress. Whatever you have the latex or the memory foam you can easily put it on the bed base without adding additional box spring. It ensures flawless smooth accommodation of any forms of bed.

Chemical Free Manufacturing Component

From managing hardwood to processing bed frames, it doesn’t apply any sorts of chemical components. Therefore, you get a fresh and healthy sleeping environment with the item. It doesn’t contain harmful formaldehyde, ozone depletes, carbon, mercury, and lead.

Easy Adjustable With Mattresses

The height of the bed frame is 15-inches featuring a slat spacing of 4.5” to adjust with any mattress forms. You can accommodate both the latex and the memory foam bed on the platform. And the 12-inches top of the rails ensures non-squeaking smooth setting at all.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The manufacturers have upgraded the platform with extra slats for perfect measuring and adopting a maximum 600 pounds weight capacity. That’s why; you can use the bed base for your family members’ comfortable sleeping together. The simple clean functional lines promote the strength and durability of the bed base.

Simple Clean, Eye-catching Design

The unfurnished natural appearance of the mattress platform looks aristocratic with simple clean design. The chemical-free Tulip Poplar hardwood is the prime specialty of the particular items. Unlike the conventional hardwood, the Tulip Poplar is dried from Virginia forests.

Solid Wood

The manufacturer has developed the item with the unfurnished solid wood. This particular platform is proudly in the USA with all original components. You won’t find here any fabricated elements in the whole manufacturing process of the product. It ensures you the original solid wood made platform bed.

Why Should You Choose The KD Frames?

It should be an important question for you before choosing the mattress platform. It’s true that you can find a lot of bed bases of numerous brands in the market. And of course, it’s a great investment behind purchasing a quality foam base. Therefore, you should be watchful to check the remarkable benefits of purchasing the Nomad 2 plus platform.

Natural Elegant Design

Since inception, this company has been offering their customers all unique designed natural bed bases. The manufacturers don’t apply any artificial components or components to furnish their products. The Nomad 2 platform attracts customers with its eye-catching elegant design.

No More Cost For Box Spring

It’s a common concern for most the people to purchase additional box springs for setting their mattress. Who doesn’t love saving their money? Yes, the particular platform doesn’t require anymore box spring for setting any sorts of beds like the latex or the memory. Therefore, purchasing it you can save your time and money for ensuring a sound sleeping arrangement.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Materials

Like you, now most of the customers are highly conscious about the eco-friendly features of the sleeping products. And it’s also so crucial for a safe and healthy sleeping ambiance. KD Frames has used 100% chemical free natural manufacturing materials to process the base. Regarding eco-friendly features, it can be the best choice for any peaceful sleepers because it doesn’t cause any harm to the surrounding environment of the users.

Good Measures

The manufacturer has recently upgraded the bed base with strong top rails and extra slats for ensuring maximum weight capacity. Now it can hold up to 600 pounds weight that can be a perfect choice for night’s sleeping with partners. It measures perfect dimensions for offering you the more comfortable sleeping experience.

No Squeaking

During manufacturing this brand applies the uttermost caution to make their products flawless in every sphere. And that’s why the particular mattress base doesn’t create any cacophonic disturbing sound in overuse. It offers you cool sound night’s sleep without any troublesome harsh sound.

Who Shouldn’t Consider This Platform Bed?

As a world-renowned brand, KD Frames believes in the versatility of customers’ choice and demand. Therefore, they design and develop their products with multi-functional features and design.

However, we love sharing you the pros and cons of the product so that you can draw a neutral decision while purchasing it.

KD Frames Nomad 2 Platform Bed Review
  • Furnished Frame Lovers: This is a natural wood made unfurnished smooth platform bed. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a perfect choice if you are looking for a highly furnished and polished bed base.
  • Sophisticated Design Seekers: The manufacturer has designed the Nomad 2 mattress base with the simple features and natural design. So, when you love sleeping on a sophisticated multi-designed frame; it shouldn’t be your perfect choice.
  • Feeling Problems With Gaps: Someone has raised question towards the middle gaps of between the extra slats. The manufacturer has upgraded the base with extra slats for ensuring good measures for the mattresses of any dimension. However, if you have apathy to the middle gaps, it wouldn’t be a right choice for you.

The Final Verdict

Like many more products, KD Frames has developed this Platform bed with simple functional features. It ensures you 100% natural solid wood managed from Virginia forests. The unfinished Tulip Poplar hardwood looks natural with no chemical components.

After the recent upgrade, now it appears with much more affordability, capacity, and durability. With all amazing manufacturing features and functions, it can be a perfect choice for anyone for a healthy eco-friendly sleeping arrangement.

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KD Frames is renowned for manufacturing high quality unfurnished bed frames using tulip poplar hardwood. Read their Nomad 2 platform bed details here.

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