Top 5 HoodiePillow Reviews 2018 – Get The Best Travel Hacks

Do you need to stay enough time on the go? Or love to travel like a super maverick? You should have a hoodiepillow on that occasion. In truth, the thing is one of the best travel accessories. Use it accordingly when you’re reading, watching, listening to music or even surfing the internet.

Furthermore, it assists you a lot when you feel need napping after launch break. If you‘re typically accustomed to such things, don’t late to go through the hoodiepillow reviews here right away. The items mentioned below will allow you to get the preferred one.

Comparisons of Best HoodiePillows


Product Name

Weight (ounces)

Dimensions (Inches)


HoodiePillow Memory Foam Travel Pillows

HoodiePillow Memory Foam Travel Pillow


11 x 12.5 x 4

HoodiePillow Brand Inflatable Travel Hoodie Pillow

HoodiePillow Brand Inflatable Travel Hoodie Pillow


11.9 x 5.5 x 0.9

Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow with Hoodie

Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow with Hoodie


11.4 x 3.5 x 5.9

HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase


32 x 20 x 1

WK Home Travel Neck Inflatable Pillow with Hoodie

WK Home Travel Neck Inflatable Pillow with Hoodie


7.5 x 6.6 x 2.8

The Top 5 HoodiePillow Reviews in 2018

1. HoodiePillow Memory Foam Travel Pillows

Are seeking for the perfect hoodie travel pillow for easier access to airline travels or even business trip? This memory foam pillow is the best choice for sure.

It comes with luxurious foam with sweatshirt ingredients. There you find enough measures available to be away from light and noisy atmosphere.

HoodiePillow Memory Foam Travel Pillows Review

This travel hooded neck pillow is superbly designed to ensure your protection. Instead, you can quickly pull its drawstrings and cover the eyes from the things around you. No issues how about your head’s size, it comes the two drawstrings that help to adjust.

Apart from that, there’s no particular requirement to use the item, any sorts of sleepers and users may get accustomed to it easily. Regardless, you can use it at home beside the wide variety of uses to the outside. This is a budget-friendly item; you don’t get to spend enough bucks to consume it.

It is entirely environment-friendly pillow; there’s no harmful chemical available here. It ensures you to breathe safely. In fact, the pillow is enough to be you trusted accessory in the journey and home as well.

Key Traits

  • Exclusive fleece for luxurious comfort
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Available with multiple colors
  • Clean it through hand wash
  • Cost effective and popular pillow

The Drawbacks

  • Someone claims that it’s a bit of bulky
  • Even though, it’s super comfortable but can’t compress it

2. HoodiePillow Brand Inflatable Travel HoodiePillow

This is spectacular pillow comes with premium materials. Find here the blend of cotton and polyester. From the home use to the long trips you can use the pillow accordingly.

You can inflate and deflate it when required, and aside from that, there’s a folding option for storage capacity.

HoodiePillow Brand Inflatable Travel Hoodie Pillow Review

You don’t get to think of the sizes and comfort level along with the piece; it features two drawstrings to adjust the head size. You can enjoy the real feel of pillow when on reading, napping or even driving. The product blessed with great sweatshirt materials, unlike the other related items.

The pillow and the partial ingredients are highly supportive. You’ll find the excellent adjustment between the air uses. Furthermore, the nozzle works like the blink of an eye. You don’t need to pay enough bucks to get the travel pillow by the way.

Key Traits

  • Superbly portable and foldable item
  • Comfortable inner pillow with inflating and deflating opportunity
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Cost effective pillow
  • Various colors available

The Drawbacks

  • There’s an issue with air holding capacity
  • Someone claims the poor deflation management

3. Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow with Hoodie

This is high-quality memory foam neck pillow with hoodie designed for aeroplane travelling or staying at bus, car or even home. It provides expected level of comfort and support as well.The viscoelastic foam of the item ensures the right help you need for neck and head. Regardless, its ingredients and quality confirm that it’s the perfect fit for travelling pillow.

Luxury Quality Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow with Hoodie Review

You can efficiently operate the drawstrings to enable the desired sizes. For sure the hoodie will protect your head and ear and helps you to away from getting cold. Furthermore, it covers the eyes and specific area to protect from heat and breezes.

This is the stunning hoodiepillow for the allergy suffers. It prevents bacteria, fungus and dust-mites to assist you being safe and sound. Aside from that, there you find no existence of dumbness and bad odor.

It is highly demandable pillow comes with premium materials and desired supportive issues. It is a health-friendly item that ensures your total safety. Unlike the other traditional things in the stock, it helps you get quality sleep

Key Traits

  • Completely hypoallergenic and breathable pillow
  • Washable zipper cover
  • Waterproof bags for easier carrying
  • Proper support at the neck portion
  • Good to use at the pool of home, on the beach and on plain as well.

The Drawbacks

  • Someone raises the issues of hoodie’s adjustment
  • The sinkage level is not good like the expectations

4. HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

This pillow is just exclusive to meet your demand from a recognized brand. The fabric is stunning, blended with cotton and polyester. People love the item for multiple uses. You can use the thing accordingly when watching TV, reading books or feel the need of sleeping on the aeroplane, bus or somewhere else.

HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase Review

Regardless, this pillow keeps the nice pocket system to put your mobile or essential hacks. There are two drawstrings along with the piece to operate the sizes. No issues about the head’s size, you can create the room accordingly.

The pillow ensures the eco-consciousness. You don’t need to be worried to consume it. You can breathe safely and get healthier sleep with the hooded pillow. This is superbly budget friendly and consumer oriented.

Key Traits

  • The USA made pillow
  • Headphone porthole for music lovers
  • Safe and premium sweatshirts materials
  • This is machine washable
  • Soft and supportive inner surface

The Drawbacks

  • Pocket side isn’t great enough
  • Bullet Point 2

5. WK Home Travel Neck Inflatable Pillow with Hoodie

If you’re seeking for foldable and inflatable neck pillow, then this one is only for you. It has quick air fills and release advantage. You can blow out the entire air within 5 seconds.

Apart from that, it’s super easy to clean up. You can wash the thing through the machine and find the instant result.

WK Home Travel Neck Inflatable Pillow with Hoodie Review

This traveller neck pillow comes with a hat, so avoid the passerby if you wish. You can efficiently regulate the drawstrings to fix the size for you. In fact, from the teen to adults can easily get accustomed to the item.

It takes almost no times to inflate and deflate as well. On top that, you can fold it and carry to a small pillowcase offers this product. It is classy and comfortable enough you need during the outdoor.

This item brings the velvet clothing. Besides, there you have superb comfort and expected neck support. It maintains the correct thickness. Every single ingredient in the pillow is safe and hygienic. The people have the tight budget can avail this item; it is a cost-friendly item.

Key Traits

  • The exclusive velvet
  • Nice and quick pumping system
  • Additional hoodiepillow case along with the item
  • Cost effective pillow with quality design
  • Brings an additional hat for nice coverings

The Drawbacks

  • So many colors are unavailable except the back and grey
  • There’s no clear evidence about the inner pocket

Do You Need HoodiePillow These Days?

The trendy people love to have the spectacular things. Hoddle pillow is something can walk you through the friendly atmosphere. It’s the sweet travel hacks and able to enhance your pleasure. If you often head to aeroplane travel, walk a long way to the bus, train or even car you definitely should have this thing.

This perfect neck pillow can be simply exclusive to the business travelling and your home use as well. Regardless, it’s budget friendly, highly portable and trendy. What else’s!

During The Travelling

This particular pillow is more than something can add to luxury and comfort when you’re are on the move. Notably, it keeps you in please while the long air journey. The item often comes with perfect density foam that relaxes your neck and bestows the optimal support.

While the road trips you can cover your head and eyes entirely and avoid the passersby. Besides, it doesn’t matter where you’re you can comfortably rest your head and have the softer feelings cozy interior.

While At The Home

You don’t necessarily need it for the outdoor activity. Keep this pillow when you sit on the couch for an extended period. It keeps your head and neck safe and secured from the unwanted pain caused by wrong leaning.

The specific level of foam’s thickness allows you to be comfortable. It removes the tension between the head and especially the neck. It is the beautiful item while listening to the music, watching the TV or anything else.

Perfect For Desk Job

Hoodie neck pillow is the smarter item when you are to spend enough time sitting on the desk. If you love to take some nap, it’s is none other the suitable item. Therefore, the thing is perfectly suitable for the reading table.

Protect Your Head From Rough Weather

When you get to pass a long time outside, the pillow is great to protect you from cold breeze. Additionally, it bars the sun heat. In fact, covers the eye and head and allows enough comfort.

Things To Take Care Before Buying HoodiePillows

It’s often seems hard to find the best items if you’re not conscious about its ins and outs. You’ll find some things below that help you to choose the distinguished pillow.

Be Specific About Comfort Level

The comfort should be the first and foremost thing for a hoodiepillow. The people who love to be on the go often preferring such items and that’s because you need to take care of comfort issue sincerely.

The high-quality memory foam should be the priority for that occasion. In fact, memory foam is perfectly alright to generate the soft cloud comfort around your neck.

Safe & Hypoallergenic Materials

Unless you find the safe and breathable materials, you can’t get the clear health benefits. Regardless you get to consider the pillow entirely away from the toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, lead any other heavy elements like this.

Fungus, dust, allergens and other odorous materials cause microorganisms. I urge to get the renowned brand’s pillow that welcomes fresh and health friendly pad. You can prefer Genuine Picks and Hoodiepillow brands to hypoallergenic items.

Is It Supportive To The Neck & Shoulder?

One of the most important things you get to consider is whether your pillow is supportive to the shoulder and around the neck. The experts associated with the pillows say that people should seek the medium firmness to pick the neck or travel pillow.


I urge you to consider this sort of pillow with a specific level of density that eliminates the tension between the neck and other related parts. This backing will help your head and other corners getting safe and protected.

Air Management System

Air manage system is important to look into if you’re passionate about the infallible inner pillow. Consider few things before getting the item.

  • The efficiency of deflation
  • Ability of the Quick release system
  • The fold’s size, needs for storage capacity
  • The time between inflation and deflation

Seek The Adjustable Drawstrings

Regarding neck pillow, drawstrings are crucial to adjust the hood sized. I urge you to look for the adjustable drawstrings. It allows you to operate accordingly and fix the required dimension. In fact, the things keep you in private mood.

If you want to have the eye coverage and leaves the surroundings behind you, then seek this options precisely. Instead, the things manage the level of comfort.

The Velvet Exterior

Unlike the other surface, the velvet exterior is just unique to create the supper pleasure. There you find some brands pillow offer velvet. Aside from the comfort issues, this is just great to provide optimal support.

The Washable & Breathable Cover

You can look for the machine washable cover to clean quickly. Aside from that, the cover must be mold and bacteria free. The cover wraps you all around the time than the inner surface. So you should take more excellent care of the thing.

Additional Facts You Should Count On For HoodiePillow

  • Pocket in Hoodie: Getting picket in hoodie allows you to keep the mobile or small gadgets. Even though it’s not highly necessary, but as a trendy person, you can head here.
  • The Pillowcase: The pillowcase keeps your item safe from the mites and other threats. Plus, after the deflation, you can fold it and prepare for storage easily.
  • Sweatshirt Fleece: The premium materials used to make an excellent and quality fabric. You can get sweatshirt material in some pillow.
  • Certifications: Among all other partial issues, it’s important to consider. The clearance from the concerned authority means you’re perfectly safe and secured to consume that item.

The Verdict

So if you want to add the pleasures to your daily life, then the neck hoodiepillow can be your essentials. The hoodies are also stunning and come with multiple benefits. Apparently, this is the right company for the longs trips and other areas.

You don’t have to cost enough bucks to purchase the things. The reviewed items here assist you to pick the best one.

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Editor's Ratings
  • Materials
  • Budget Friendly
  • Durability
  • Health Friendly


Do you have to travel often? Then you should have such a hoodiepillow to help get comfortable sleep or nap while traveling.

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