The Best Helix Mattress Brands for Customized Sleep Therapy

New mattress brands are popping up all over the place promising to give you the best sleep you have ever experienced.

One of the newer kids on the block is Helix. Helix uses high-end materials and allows you to truly customize your sleep by picking a mattress based on comfort level and even how you sleep at night.

Helix offers hybrid mattresses, which use the memory foam concept with innersprings to deliver more support and comfort.

Of course, finding the right Helix isn’t easy, especially with so many choices. To help narrow down those choices, we have implemented our guide for finding the best of the Helix brand and what to look for while you shop.

How We Choose Our Ratings

When comparing the vast selection of mattresses from Helix, we narrowed down the choices and did our ratings based on:

  • Sleeper Base: If you aren’t sleeping alone, then how can you get away with a mattress that only supports a single sleep position. You could be a side sleeper, but your partner is a stomach or back sleeper, which means they have various support needs. When picking the best Helix models, we considered how flexible they are with the sleep positions to ensure everyone gets the support they need.
  • Feel: Is the mattress firm, soft, or somewhere in between? This is important when you are considering a new mattress because not everyone wants a super soft surface and some people even prefer something extra firm.
  • Standard or Luxe: Not all Helix models come in Luxe, which is essentially a thicker mattress with more layers. Therefore, we looked at whether it was available in both models, so you could better decide which suits your tastes.
  • Price: The price of a Helix varies by the comfort and size. We compared all Helix mattresses by their queen-sized pricing.
  • Added Features: Some Helix units have an added cooling layer, so you stay comfortable, others come with zone support built-in. These are all considerations you should know before you pay extra for a Luxe versus a Standard.

What Are the Top Helix Mattresses You Can Buy Today?

Helix has quite the list of models to choose from, including hybrids within hybrids. To help narrow down that list and make it less daunting to shop for a Helix, we have compared the options and picked the best Helix mattresses you can order today.

Helix Dusk

The Helix Dusk works for those who want a balanced feel to their mattress – primarily not too soft, but not too firm.

Even better, the Dusk model works for all body contours, which means it is partner-friendly. All positions are supported in the Dusk model too, which makes it easier to agree on a mattress if you prefer to sleep on your back and your partner likes their side.

With the Dusk Standard, you get a hybrid foam-spring design, and it is matched to your body’s contours. Out of the 6,000 reviews it has received, it maintains a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars with customers. A queen-sized Standard model starts at $895.

For the Luxe model, you get the same features of Standard, but also the added benefit of zoned lumbar support, premium pillow top for added comfort, and an ultra-cool cover so that you never overheat. The queen Luxe starts at $1,595.

Helix Moonlight

If you prefer that plush, cushiony support that makes you feel as though you slept in the clouds, then the Moonlight option is perfect. It features a very soft top with room to sink into the mattress, but the Moonlight still supports all body contours and all sleeping positions.

The features between the Luxe and Standard are the same as they are with the Dusk model. Even better, pricing is the same too, with the queen Standard starting at $895 and the queen Luxe starting at $1,595.

Helix Dual Extra

Enjoy maximum versatility with the Helix Dual Extra.

This model is unique because one side of the mattress is plush, while the other side is firm. It still supports all sleeping positions, but also works for all body contours. The Dual Extra is color-coded, so you can see which side of the mattress is plush and which side is firm.

Also, this works well for couples who cannot agree on the firmness they want and keeps everyone happy on their side of the bed.

It still comes with the breathable two-cover design for more comfort, but it does not come in a Luxe model. Therefore, you can only get Dual Extra in standard, which starts at $1,090.

Helix Dawn

Helix Dawn is another option for all body contours and all positions. It comes from their line of firmer feeling mattresses that have little give, but still provide support.

The Dawn model also comes in Luxe and Standard. The Luxe starts at $1,595 for a queen, while the Standard comes in at $895 at the queen.

Helix Midnight

Helix Midnight is advertised as their most popular model, but the reason it is not ranked first on our list is that it only offers support mainly for the side sleeper. Aside from that, a person sleeping on their back will still be comfortable. 

However, it is more specific to side sleepers. It comes with the same features of the other models regarding foam and spring, and the Luxe comes with the same add-ons.

The benefit to a Midnight variety over the others is that it offers relief from pressure points you would typically experience while you sleep on your side, such as the knees, hips, shoulder, and elbows.

Price-wise, Midnight is the same as Dusk for a queen-size mattress.

Helix Dual Balanced

Helix Dual Balanced works like the Dual Extra, only this time for side sleeper pressure relief and back support. One side of the mattress has that extra plush feel, while the other is fixed with a firm mattress. 

Again, it is color-coded so you know which side is which. If both you and your partner are side sleepers, this mattress could provide you with that added lumbar support you need and relieve the pressure points you commonly experience on your side.

Dual Balanced does not come in Luxe, but the standard for a queen is $1,090.

Helix Nightfall

Helix Nightfall is a unique bed that is specifically designed with those who are big and tall or plus-size. Helix is one of the first brands to consider people of various shapes and sizes, and their unique needs while sleeping at night.

The Nightfall mattress provides maximum support with a medium feel. It contours for all body shapes, but also all sleeping positions. Furthermore, it is a taller, 12-inch mattress as opposed to the usual 10-inch variety from Helix.

It has an added layer of high-density foam for extra support with those who have higher body mass indexes.

Also, the two-cover design keeps the mattress cool at night. There is no Luxe version of this mattress, and the queen comes in at $1,090.

Helix Sunset

Helix Sunset offers a plush pillow top, and it is designed for side sleepers who want added support while still getting that “in the cloud” feeling. It does come in the Luxe and Standard models, and the pricing is the same as the Moonlight version.

A Few Last-Minute Shopper Tips When Considering the Helix Brand

Helix mattresses can be difficult to understand, and while you might assume you cannot buy a side-sleeper mattress if one of you do not sleep on the side, it is essential to know how these mattresses are designed.

To help you do that, here are some tips when shopping for Helix mattresses specifically


Try the Sleep Quiz

If you are unsure which Helix mattress is right for you, you can do the sleep quiz.

Here you go through a series of questions, including the size, number of sleepers, your age, gender, height, and Then, you discuss your preferred sleep position, including your position and your partner’s preferred position. 

The quiz then asks for your preferred comfort level, but also any relief you need – such as chronic backaches or hip pain in the morning. From there, the quiz generates your best match.

Luxe versus Standard 

The standard mattress is 10 inches with a four-layer design, while Luxe comes with the 14 inches and six layers. Both are designed to match your sleep preferences and feature hybrid spring form designs.

Aside from being bigger with more layers, Luxe provides you with the premium quilted pillow top, zoned lumbar support, and cool covers.

Zoned Lumbar Support 

Is zoned lumbar support worth the added cost? These support systems consist of coils designed to cradle your body better, and they are softer under the shoulders, firmer around hips, and help align your body while you sleep.

If you have joint pain, the zoned lumbar support might be the better option for you.


All Helix beds are made in the U.S. and usually reach your door in six to 10 business days. Shipping is free with all purchases.


When you buy a Helix bed, there is a catch. The price is for the mattress only, which means you still need to purchase the base (also known as the foundation).

Foundations are what support the Helix and give you the support guaranteed by the manufacturer. Therefore, you may not have the same results if you forgo the base and use one you already have.

Adjustable Base

If you want to elevate your head or enjoy a zero-gravity sleep, you can buy the adjustable base from Helix. Just note that you cannot use the adjustable base with the Luxe models of mattresses; therefore, it might limit your choices.

Bottom Line: Custom Mattresses by Helix Offer More Support and Better Sleep Quality


When you find a mattress that suits your sleep preferences and positioning, you will get a better night’s sleep than purchasing a stock mattress.

That is one edge Helix has over the competition because they take the time to get to know you and your needs so that you get a mattress indeed built to improve your sleep quality.

Sleep is essential, and when you get a good night’s rest, you might notice you need fewer caffeine jolts in the morning, have energy all day, and your health might even improve.

Naturally, Helix doesn’t work for everyone, but if you are in the market for a customized sleep experience, Helix is a good place to start.

Learn more about the leading luxury and custom mattress brands out there by following the editorials on MattressPicks.

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