5 Best Zinus Mattress Reviews 2018

The popularity of Zinus brand is repeatedly growing. It offers consumers oriented beds and introduces excellent features. This brands’ mattress suits to all category people. Here you get the natural touch and weak chemicals free element. Multiple particular foam layers for greater night’s sleep. Find the quick shipping system with advanced technology.

In truth, you’d have the best qualities from Zinus mattress reviews. Almost all the items come up at an affordable expense. Let’s figure out why is this spectacular instead of other brands?


Best Zinus Mattresses - Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress


80 x 60 x 8

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea


80 x 60 x 12

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Spring

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Spring


80 x 60 x 12

Night Therapy Spring 13 Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

Night Therapy Spring Euro Box Top Spring


80 x 60 x 13

Zinus Sleep Master Euro Box Top Classic Spring 12 Inch Mattress

Sleep Master Euro Box Top Spring Mattress


75 x 54 x 12

The 5 Best Zinus Mattresses - In-Depth Reviews

 1.  Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress

Get proper memory foam support and ultimate comfort through Zinus sleep master mattress. Find multiple layers along with 2"memory foam, 4"high-density support base and 2" of pressure relieving foam. For sure, the foams’ base ensures greater night’s sleep.

The foam is made from natural plant what keeps the mattress fresh and vivid.​​ 

This is the latest version of memory foam what’s entirely chemicals free. The foam is the US certified that confirms durability highly as well as quality.

The natural foam and its layers help to mold the body exactly. The pressure relieving foam reduces joint pain, neck pain and more. The brand used patented technology to wrap and rolled the mattress nicely for a smartly shipped.

Highlighted Features

  • Natural Plant oil instead of petroleum
  • Highly durable and US certified
  • High density support base and patented technology

 2.  Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

This green tea mattress ensures pressure relief for a quality sleep. Find the natural green tea extract for ultimate freshness. The bed is highly durable and anti-oxidant. Get the superb comfort through thick layer and support base.

This is 12" bed what includes comfort foam, airflow high-density foam and excellent support base too.

The 2" comfort layer provides the ease and pleasure for a greater night’s sleep. There is a good number of customers review and ratings over this Zinus memory foam mattress reviews.

Having the pressure relieving comfort, you’d get some remedy. It is good to reduce the hazard of getting back pain or vertebrae disorder. This Zinus mattress is the US certified, and features patented technology to reaches the item safely and beautifully.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple layers along with 2" comfort layer
  • Helps to relive health disorder and mold body perfectly.
  • US Certified and Extract from natural green tea

 3.  Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

The mattress introduces icoil technology to diminish the motion transfer and ensures sound sleep. Get the Euro box top cover what’s nicely built in fiber quilted. Find the high-quality, durable foam what’s the US certified.

Here you find a huge number of independent coils to secure the proper spinal alignment.​

Here you find a huge number of independent coils to secure the proper spinal alignment. Moreover, the independent coils reduce the motion transfer. Find the 2’ specified comfort layer and 7.5" of pocketed springs for the support base.

Discover enormous customers review, ratings, and authentication for the beds. The brand uses patented technology to reach the item smartly. The euro top is superbly comfortable what’s not adjusted, but you get that separately with the mattress.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Ensures proper spinal alignment
  • icoil pocketed springs confirm quality sleep

 4.  Night Therapy Spring Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

Night Therapy Spring Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

This is the best mattress to reduce the motion transfer for a tight sleep. Gets the pressure relieving comfort and high-density base foam to reduce some disorders. Find the proper spinal alignment through the mattress.

The pocketed springs ensure ultimate comfort and pleasure. The foam is the US certified and renowned for superb durability. 

Find the quilted cover and 13" euro box top. There you have a broad range of customer review and their authentic ratings too.

Here you’d have great shipping system. It welcomes the patented technology what wraps and rolled up the beds nicely to reach you. The bed provides even support for the spine and helps alleviating back and neck pain.

Highlighted Features

  • Thick density support layer
  • Reduces the motion separation for quality sleep
  • Patented techno along with US certified foam

 5.  Zinus Sleep Master Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

The mattress is best to offer proper spinal support. Reducing the motion separation is great. Find the specified 1.5" comfort layer for having the ultimate pleasure when on the bed. Get the highly durable and comfortable US certified foam.

It doesn’t matter how much your partner moves. The 8.5"of independent coils mainly reduces motion transfer.

Find the proper firmness level and ensure the absolute health safety.

Get the 2" of the high-density support base. So you don’t have to worry for pressure relief with the beds. Find the high shipping process through the developed technology. Get the fiber quilted cover and the beautiful box top.

Highlighted Features

  • Effective support base to relieve pressure
  • Fiber quilted cover and improved technology.
  • Removes health spinal disorder.

Why Should You Buy Zinus Mattress?

There are a lot of stuff available out there for what we are fascinated with Zinus mattress. This is rising mattress brand that already gained the consumers satisfaction. It’s a bit of different rather than other available beds. It offers the suitable beds to all forms of sleepers.

There you find the ultimate comfort along with super density foam support. The great brand promotes several stages of the active layer, and they work for specified task. That for sure; you’re close to having the best mattress if you catch the inner qualities up to this brand. Here we’d brief you the truth about the beds. Let’s go!

Multiple Layers

Multiples layers of foam are the beauty of this mattress brand. Here you find the different multilayers what work for different stuff. The comfort layers usually ensure the pleasure and ease. Following that there is a layer for pressure relief what helps the users to be away from unwanted problems and diseases.

Besides that, in some mattress of the brands offer airflow foams what helps the users getting relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, you’d also have the high-density foam to rejuvenate the sleepers. It’s not our assumption but experience that you wouldn’t find this several layers of specified foam for the other mattress’s brands.

Ultimate Comfort

You’d have superb support with these mattresses. It usually introduces different foam layer. That’s because you’d discover the specified support layer. The unique foam and particular portion let you feel spectacular when on the bed.


Besides the comfort layer, in spring mattress you’d have the pocketed springs what exactly works for the ease and pleasure. It doesn’t matter whether you buy memory foam mattress or the spring mattress, but you got to the high class of comfort. You’d sink into the soft and durable pads.

Support Base

Most of the Zinus mattresses provide pressure relieving comfort, and that’s because they offer support base. The brand doesn’t throw only such benefits you could discover some more instead of traditional supporting layer. Find the thick memory foam or the pocketed sophisticated springs for the item.

Experts recommend having such types of the support base to reduce the risk of some disorders. The Zinus is just cool to provide ultimate support for the back, neck and the joint pain too. This brand’ beds are renowned to diminish such risks and health disorders. You’d have the particular high-density support base layer.


Eco Friendly

Zinus is the totally eco-friendly mattress. You would not find here any harmful chemicals what hampers the sleep and leads to some diseases. This brand offers the natural touch for the consumers. The green tea mattress is the best annexation for the brand what introduces natural green tea extract.

In addition to, this is enough anti-oxidant. You may not have to think of the freshness and vigor.​

Furthermore, this memory foam is not the traditional one like the others. Experts claim that eco-friendly beds can offer the real touch of pressure relief and hygiene. As a matter of fact, it’s tough to find that quality to other equal cost range and features of the mattress.

Health Friendly

We’ve mentioned earlier that Zinus is eco-friendly mattress brand. Furthermore, it offers enough amiable health bed. The wrong posture of the bed leads to diseases. Indeed, if you don’t find the solid surface, then there is a good chance to get attacked with joint pain or some other hassles. You don’t find such problems with this brand.

The brands’ mattress is right to offer proper spine alignment. It helps to circulate the blood evenly and ensure the spinal safety. Unlike some poor name, those mattresses don’t have such features that are because they get attacked. Plus, it watches out the whole health and ensures the quality sleep.

Advanced Stuff

Here you find the superior technology for the shipping. Indeed, it introduces the best techno to reach the item. The improved patented technology compresses the product, and then it helps to roll and later you’d have got the item with a smart box. In fact, it’s cool system to send any product. You don’t have to worry about the damages.

Only a few numbers of mattresses hold the certification. These mattresses use sophisticated memory foam what’s made from the green tea extract. This brands’ foam is the US certified, and honestly, you’d discover the affair for all item. Following that, a lot of cool, unique features are available for the renowned brand.

Why People Love Zinus Mattress

Even though there are enormous mattresses brands out there, but it’s a bit of hardy to figure out the genuine one. People are loveable with the Zinus mattress. Here you find some spectacular stuff what are unavailable to other brands. You’d discover a good number of customer reviews for this brands’ mattress. Let’s scratch the surface indeed why people affectionate for the Zinus?

Firmness Level

Zinus is suitable for all sizes of a sleeper. It doesn’t matter whether you’re thick or heavy guy. There are multiple stages of foam layers. Here you find the base foam, and usually, it becomes thick so that you got to find the firmer support.

In truth, it’s not so firm or soft; you’d discover the medium stronger support through the mattress. There is no chance of getting spoilt so early. You’d sink into the foam since it’s ultra-comfortable.

Motion Separation

Motion transfer is heavily disturbing fact for the partners. But, it becomes allegedly, and you don’t have anything to do in that time. Zinus is highly recognized to the consumers’ just because of motion separation free activities.

That’s for sure; every mattress is free from this problem. It doesn't matter how much shakes or move is going on beside you but don’t even feel the movement. The multiple layers and specified pocketed springs or memory foam let you get tight sleep during partner’s motion.

Individual Cover

There you find the particular cover for the brands mattresses. It concentrates especially on making that whereas other traditional brands don't. In fact, people love the mesh portion of the cover. It wrapped the mattress beautifully and covered up tightly so that the users don’t have to face the compressed portion.

Apart from that, there is the quilted cover for you. It’s the beautiful combination of sophisticated fiber. Most of the mattress from this brand, offer euro box top what’s the surprised from quilted cover. In fact, the traditional and so-called mattress brands are unable to offer such qualities.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping  Position

It’s badly needed to buy any bed according to someone's sleeping area. In fact, adjustability depends on it. If you are a stomach sleeper then certainly ultra-firmer mattress is not for you. But, Zinus has come up with adjustable to all forms of sleepers.

You don’t have to worry about the sleeping style. Whether you are back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, it suits gently.​

As you know, this medium firming mattress what introduces several foam layers. The top layer and base stage confirm proper firming. Since this is not superb soft and firm, then it’s not the reason for problems of any sleepers. People become fed up to buy the suitable mattress that’s because they are genuinely happy to have the Zinus brand.

The Budget

Zinus is the premium mattress brand. It’s for all but the high-cost affordable people. People tend to think that expensive bed is better and comfortable than cheaper one. But, this brand has ruled out that introspection.

You never have to pay the high price for these beds. That’s pretty confident that you could have the best quality within the affordable expenses. Moreover, the brand follows through the best ingredients what might be unavailable to others.

Additional Matters

You’d get a good number of appearances and qualities through the Zinus brand. Aside from that, we’ve gathered some tiny info for you to easily understand the glory of the brand. There you are!

  • You’d have the warranty time for the certain period and duration for trail also.
  • There is nice shipping process with a nice box and the euro box top for certain beds.
  • Totally different flavor of memory foam with natural extract of a green tea
  • Highly durable foam what’s certificated from USA and well performing foam.
  • Uses advanced technology and holds authentic customers reviews.
  • Reduces the organ pain, align the spines properly and ensure good night’s sleep.

What We Think About Zinus?

We’re acquainted with lots of mattress brands what offer beautiful beds to the consumers. It’s tough to meet the criteria for every requirement. But the leading term is adjustability. It’s a hard task to figure out the suitable bed from the side variety of choices. Just think about the sleeping position since different people need the particular bed to get quality sleep.

There are a few brands out there who offer mattress, meeting the criteria for all forms of sleeping position. Yes, we got something special with the Zinus mattress. Here you find the desired qualities and appearances. It suits all and ensures the optimal comfort for all sorts of users. So you don’t have to think of that since its ingredients confirm suitability.

man thinking

The most significant thing, we care about the brands is, it’s dangerous chemical free. You hardly find here any biochemical or common types of element. The brand is highly praiseworthy to make the beds with natural extract. In no mattress, you get the wrong infused ingredients. Furthermore, the memory foam or pocketed springs are highly durable, and the US certified. That’s because you never have to worry about damages.

It’s our message to you, even though are large mattress brand, and they also do have plenty of consumers, but you often notice that the users don’t feel happy to be pushed with them. We’ve found something unique from the beautiful Zinus brand. If you are someone who’s desperate to trying to get the suitable bed then never delay to grab this brands’ mattress.

The F.A.Q. For Zinus Mattress Brand

People are interested and satisfied with its mattress. You’d have the fact when figuring out their reviews and rating ratio. We’re surprised to go through the customers’ reaction. The authentic users often raise some queries to know better. Now we’d discuss the most common question from them and try to respond honestly.

Q: What about the firmness of the mattress?

A: Well, the brand introduces world best memory foam, and it’s improved. People of any sizes use the bed since it usually offers medium-firm mattress. Though the vendor always speaks for superb comfort but doesn’t mean it only for thin people. The heavy people can take the bed just because of great firmness level and support.

The high-density supportive layer and base layer are completely enough to provide the even support to the periods of sleep. You’d get the better support from topper options also. It’s our judgment that the Zinus mattresses are not so soft or hard, the medium firm level instead. The different layers ensure that level.

Q: Are there any dangerous chemicals in the mattress?

A: We’ve thrown the message that the mattress is the US certified and only a few numbers of beds get that recognition. You should be 100% confirm that there is not even little chance to have harmful chemicals out there.

Just get to know that Certi-PUR certification is widely recognized. They only certify to those brand that is completely free from formaldehyde, mercury and some sorts of the indicator. Furthermore, it genuinely looks for the performance. Zinus focuses on anti-oxidant features too.

Q: What's the benefit of multiple layers?​

A: There are plenty of advantages of multi-layers foam. It can take care of every particular fact. The topper or base stage each layer provides the support to ensure good night’s sleep and comfortable sleeping.

Apart from that, the several layers make the pads durable and user-friendly. Think about the pressure relief layer; then it’s super easy to reduce the risk of some unwanted problems like organ disorder or spinal misalignment.


We’ve shared the authentic and factual info over the best Zinus mattress review based on the practical experience. Indeed, if you get those ideas then never run for other brands. In fact, the brand proves that budget is never a significant indicator to buy the adjustable mattress. It’s out recommendation grabbing the beds to ensure sound and quality sleep over the whole night.

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