What Are The Best Ways To Sleep On Your Back?

Sleeping on the back is a bit tough if you are one of the side sleepers or stomach sleepers. As per studies, only 14% of people are habituated sleepers on their backs, and I was also a part of this number. You may want to know why this sleeping style is so important.

Best Ways To Sleep On Your Back

Well, many physicists recommend back sleeping to those who have back, neck, and even waist pain. Besides, this sleeping mood helps to reduce the acid reflux, skin wrinkles, and even to maintain perky breast.

Though the back sleeping is not right for pregnant women, it is the healthiest sleeping position. However, there is no doubt that any person can get physical and psychic benefits from this sleeping style since it keeps the head, neck, and spine in right alignment and neutral position properly. Therefore, after knowing these benefits of back sleeping, you may eagerly want to follow this style, but can’t mend yourself inherently. So how will you be able?

Head Elevation With Pillow

Using a pillow to sleep on the back is a great idea that many people follow. Here, you can use one or two pillows to keep the head up to four inches which ensures good breathing ability during back sleeping. Many people prefer buying a specially designed pillow, named Orthopedic pillow, to keep the neck muscles align and get more comfortable sleep.

Even you can also use wedge-shaped pillow for few nights to practice the back sleeping position since such pillow helps to take breath properly and support the head for comfortable sleeping. Interestingly sleeping with head elevation is helpful to get rid of sleep apnea or acid reflux problem.

Using Comfortable And Supportive Mattress

If you decided to sleep on your back, you must have a mattress which gives full-body support and alignment. Since different type mattresses come with different firmness, arrangements and number of coils, you should choose a required mattress that can ensure your comfort sleep and proper body support for back sleeping. Many people consider the medium firm mattress as more comfortable to sleep because this type keeps the shoulders and hips sinking in slightly.

On the other hand, a firmer mattress with a padded cover is preferable to those who have lower back pain and want to sleep on their back. So it is time to invest in a mattress for back sleeping habit and healthy life as well.

Keeping Pillows Under Knees

While you are going to start out the back sleeping, strategically you will need the help of using pillows placing under your knees. However, this sleeping position ensures more comfort sleep, to support the lower back, and keep the whole body in alignment, that is why many physicists recommend this to their patients who are suffering from the sleeping problem. Therefore, placing pillows under the knees alleviates the stress from your spine and lower back, and you will get the benefits from sleeping on the back.

Avoiding Heavy Meal Before Sleeping

Having heavy meal and alcohol cause disturbed and restless sleep, we all know that. At that time, you will be unable to keep yourself straight on the bed to sleep on back. Studies say that the alcohol and heavy meal right before bed causes snoring, discomfort sleep, frequent moving and shifting in bed, which bring body ache and stress.

Heavy Meal

So to get stress free sleep and rid of discomfort feeling, you should try to drink alcohol and have a meal a few hours before bedtime. Because this habit will give your body much time to digest food and comfort to sleep on your back without irritation for sure.

Doing Relaxing Activities

Doing some relaxing activities like reading book, discussing with the partner, watching movies, or listening songs will help you to prepare for bed that you can sleep on the back easily. Such activities during sleeping are known as winding down which is great to have ease sleep and helps to sleep on the back without support even using a pillow.

Some Easy And Funny Tricks For Back Sleeping:

  • To sleep on the back, you have to be persistent. How? Need always roll to your back while finding yourself in other position.
  • Malleable type pillow like buckwheat type helps to hold your head in place if you want to sleep on your back. Users of this pillow claim that it gives great support so that their heads can’t roll from side to side.
  • Some people use positioning or extra pillows to keep their bodies in specific position whatever ways they want.

Final Words

Though back sleeping is significantly helpful to get rid of neck and back pain, a bit difficult to commit. Personally, till date, I am struggling to sleep on my back and hope that once I will be able for sure. However, it is recommended that back sleeping is the best sleeping position, beneficial for spine health, and can relieve stress and pressure point by keeping the body in proper alignment.

And if you think your current sleeping position is uncomfortable and effects your sleeping quality badly, then you should change it as soon as possible to get a sound sleep. When you start your back sleeping position, you will face some difficulties like disrupting your circadian rhythms. Don’t worry at all. For a couple of days, you need to suffer, but later you will be used to with your back sleeping position properly.

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