5 Best Perfect Cloud Mattress Reviews 2018

There are wide arrays of mattress brands exist, but perfect cloud Mattress Company claims it is the best to ensure the high-class luxurious comfort. This company moves forward to ensure the quality sleep and optimal body support during sleep. It offers premium materials to enhance the mattress’s lifespan.

Reasonable cost, a comfortable foam layer, pressure relieving system and air cooling plush are particular traits for this mattress.

The brand introduces the US Certified mattress that means no harmful chemicals are available there. Thereby, its multiple distinct layer and innovative technology let you feel the real taste of relaxation when on the mattress. Let’s figure out what are the top 5 perfect cloud bed.

Comparisons of Top Rated Perfect Cloud Mattress


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Perfect Cloud Made in The USA UltraPlush Charcoal-Infused 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress - Pressure Relieving - Bed-in-a-Box (Twin)

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Mattress


80 x 60 x 10

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Perfect Cloud Atlas 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)

Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 39 x 10

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Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro Memory Mattress

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro Memory Mattress


80 x 60 x 12

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Perfect Cloud Supreme 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

Perfect Cloud Supreme Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 38 x 8

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Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Mattress

Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Mattress


80 x 60 x 10

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5 Best Perfect Cloud Mattress On The Market

 1.  Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Made in The USA UltraPlush Charcoal-Infused 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress - Pressure Relieving - Bed-in-a-Box (Twin)

This mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers. It is just like the hotel bed what offers five superior star comfort as well as proper body support. Find the distinct 1.5-inch layer of memory foam, and it is air infused to give you ultra-cooling plush when on the bed.

Therefore, 2 inch of gel max foam is available for the second layer that helps to regulate the perfect temperature what needed; ​it ensures the correct body support too.​

Additionally, to introduce you weightless sleep experience, it brings the 6.5 inches of super base foam.

Stretch Knit Cover is the great blessing of this bed what is considered as the premium textile material. It’s entirely breathable and removable too. Meet the air transfer techno to keep your bed fresh and cool. It’s certified; no harmful ingredients are available there by the way.

Key Features

  • Multiple comfortable foam layer for sound sleep & pressure relief
  • Soft and breathable knit cover, totally eco-friendly mattress
  • Air-infused memory foam to let you float over the comfort
  • Highly premium and responsive safe materials
  • Recognized, massive warranty procedures and affordable expense

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 2.  Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Atlas 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)

It is one of the best-selling mattresses. It’s like the hotel bed and suits almost all types of sleepers with any position. Get the Double Air Flow at the second layer. This is 3 inches of comfort foam what ensure the temperature control and helps to provide ultimate comfort.

To relieve the pressure, it provides great support to pressure points; the bed introduces 4 inches of particular base foam. It climates the risk of getting several organ disorder including back, neck or hip pain.

Meet the soft and ultra-breathable cover. It uses premium and flexible knit material here. The bed is eco-friendly and certified. The high-density air-infused foam let you feel fresh and evergreen when on this cooling surface.

Key Features

  • Similar to hotel bed, it’s for all kinds of sleepers
  • Premium soft, breathable cover, real touch of pleasure
  • Several useful foam layer for comfort and pressure release
  • CertiPUR Certified, no cumbersome and harmful materials exist there
  • Unique and exclusive materials holds extra tons

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 3.  Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Gel-Pro memory foam mattress ensures optimal comfort and sturdy support along with the durable layers of foam. Meet the particular 1 inch HD air-infused foam and 1.5 inches of air infused memory for the expected pleasure.

It is often compared with hotel mattress since the bed generates offers luxurious comfort, and it suits almost all people. Gel-Pro memory foam is available to the third layer, it mitigates the temperature and creates super sleep surface.​

The mattress brings HD Base Support Foam what is enough to ensure the pressure relief support. Moreover, its innovative technology increases the longevity of mattress. A full number of users have thrown positive reviews for the bed.

Key Features

  • One of the best-selling memory foam mattresses
  • Air-infused foam to regulate the temperature
  • Great weight holding capacity
  • Perfect for all instead of any clarified people
  • Budget friendly, great shipment and gigantic warranty level

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 4.  Perfect Cloud Supreme Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Supreme Memory Foam Mattress

This is exclusive mattress covered with multiple sufficient layers to provide the luxurious comfort and strong backing. The particular 2.5-inch layer of Air Flow Memory Foam generates high-class pleasure, similar to the hotel bed by the way.

Meet the thick density base foam layer at the bottom; it’s enough to provide the pressure-relieving support. The thick 5.5 inches of foam is also able to reduce the risk of back, neck or shoulder pain.

Find the beautifully designed cover that is highly breathable. Rather, it matches perfectly to any bed foundations. This mattress comes up with the super class ingredients. It’s healthy and environment conscious bed.

Key Features

  • Exclusive materials, US made mattress
  • Up to 400 pounds of weight holding capacity
  • High-density base foam for ultimate body support
  • Air-infused memory foam for beautiful cooling plush
  • Suitable for any person with different sleeping position

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 5.  Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Do you want to fall to sleep faster? Then try this lavender mattress. It introduces 3 inches of specific foam for ultimate comfort. And, 6 inches of super density foam. Apart from that, the particular 2.5 inches of ventilated gel infused memory foam for greater sleeping atmosphere.

The ventilated plus ensures the quality sleep and HD foam helps to secure the pressure points. ​In fact, the active layers of the vast combination of pleasure and backing what make feeling you floating on the cloud.

The breathable knit cover is flexible what adds extra comfort. No reduced chemical is available at perfect cloud memory foam mattress since it is recognized bed from the concerned authority. It does have many healing benefits, and it helps to rejuvenate when waking up from sleep at morning.

Key Features

  • Superior comfort with the efficient foam’s layer
  • Essential Oil, highly crucial for the mattress longevity
  • Particular gel infused layer for cooling plush
  • Eco and health friendly bed, reduces the risk of various disorders
  • Excellent consumers feedback and great warranty level

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Why Should You Buy Perfect Cloud Mattress?

There are tons of cools pieces of stuff we love of this mattress where other common forms of bed are unable to show them. In truth, perfect cloud Mattress Company introduces sleepers to luxurious comfort. In fact, the brands consider its mattress similar to the hotel bed it’s entirely accurate because of multiple thick layers, pumping atmosphere and related things.

We’ve done a depth research over this brand’s mattress. Here we let you know the nitty-gritty of some beds so that you may not have to suffer to find the perfect bed. Let’s figure out why you should purchase this bed.

Premium & Responsive Materials

Perfect cloud is always recognized to introduce the premium materials. Almost all the equipment here are unique, and no cheap material is available along with the mattress. Indeed, these ultra-responsive materials would let you feel fresh and comfy.

Moreover, such things clarify the great weight holding capacity by the way. Do you know? Almost all the mattress from this brand can retain 400lbs. In fact, users don’t need to be worried of its element.

Soft & Flexible Knit Cover

Well, a soft and flexible cover is desperately needed to get healthy sleeping.

The brands offer breathable and premium cover what is removable too. In fact, you would find the real touch of soft stuff that is essential for quality sleep.

flexible cover

The textile Stretch Knit Cover introduces the best air transfer technology what is entirely innovative. It works as the ventilation process. The unique mesh process let the air flow to the mattress surface and let you stay cool for ultimate comfort. Therefore, it’s adjustable to any mattress foundation.

Environment Conscious Features

For your kind information from the perfect cloud is, its mattresses are 100% ecofriendly. Here you won’t find any heavy duty materials. In fact, it is free from mercury, lead, and formaldehyde too. That means, there is no problem for health hazard.

To offer you the better air quality, it comes with innovative technology for sure. Meet the Volatile Organic Compound to enhance such supports. On the flip side, a good number of beds don’t feature such environment conscious traits in truth.

Fresh & Cooling Seep Surface

In most cases, the company brings air infused memory foam. And, this particular layer helps to offer beautiful cooling plush. Additionally, the gelling mixed memory foam ventilates the air superbly to deliver great ambiance.

Unlike other, you would get the specified air infused layer here. The first mesh and air transfer process helps to get the sleepers comfortable during bedtime, therefore, no need to think of the heat emission.

Health Benefits Of Perfect Cloud Mattress

That’s pretty sure, and then a mattress could be curse but source of light sleep, experts familiar with the matter believe. But the ray of hope, perfect cloud bed brings great features regarding health.

  • Weight Distribution: The multiple foam layer and HD layer confirms the equal weight distribution for the users. That’s why; you don’t need to be tense of physical hazard along with the bed. Rather it shows greater care for the even support.
  • Hypoallergenic: Find here hypoallergenic material in the cover and other corners. This kind of stuff protects the allergy sufferers getting further attacked. Thereby, it ensures the superb breathability what greatly needed for all and specifically particular people.
  • Pressure Relief: The thick density layer can reduce the risk of several organ disorders. Apart from that, it works well for the pressure points. If you are still feeling some pains out there and want to heal then such mattress are great, I must reckon.
  • Even Support: Perfect cloud is renowned for introducing great mattress which provide great support to the spine, veritable and other related organs. All these things would let you feel fresh and vigorous. Not to worry about the odd support through such beds.

Besides these mentioned appearances, you will find tons of health benefits in fact. People associated with the fact claim, all the whole element used in the bed, able to make that happen.

Why Do We Recommend Perfect Cloud Mattress Company?

Indeed, there are no scarcities of the mattress brands, but the core fact is quality. Probably, the buck is not matter for you, but the performance is always a point for sound sleep. We’ve figured out something better at this bed, and that because recommends people grabbing it. Get to know what the specific points we love much for this mattress company are?

Certified Mattress

Only a few bed gains the certification of the concerned authority. To get that access, the mattress brands need to show some appearances such as it has not used any harmful ingredients, all the materials are responsive and so on.

We’re pleased to let you know that, this brand has passed on that test and that’s because it’s quite safe with you.

certified mattress

Suitable To All

The mattress you would get here are quite able to suit all. In fact, someone doesn’t need to think of the adjustability. No matter what type of sleepers you are, just accommodate to it correctly. Rather, its mattress is well placed to any sorts of platform, whether it is steel, wooden or metal.

Goldilocks Approval

It manages some stuff nicely to provide you the comfort of the hotel bed. In most cases, its memory foam mattress gains few special privileges by the way.

The coveted Goldilocks standard is the complete annexation to distribute even comfort to the sleepers, and almost everyone loves this trait.

Air Ventilation

Meet the air ventilation process to the textile knit cover and other parts of the bed. It allows the air to flow inside the sheets. And eventually, it creates excellent cooling atmosphere through the process.

Unlike it, you get to work hard to find this trait in fact. To retain this stuff eternal, the bed manages the distinct foam layer.

Weight Capacity

There you find the excellent management for weight capacity. Its premium material and responsive features hold extra tons. Up to 400lbs is just excellent for the family. No need to worry about the body support with the bed.

Just enjoy the bed accordingly except the worrying of you are big guy or needs the special bed to adjust, it offers massive support.

Moreover, we like its tons of fantastic features like air transfer techno or excellent shipment process. There is the large period of warranty is waiting for you too along with the bed. The users never have to worry of the toss and turns or motion separation for this bed. In fact, it’s the great combination of innovative features.

Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

Let’s figure out what other people are thinking about perfect cloud mattress.

We’d present before you some factual data so that you don’t have face any difficulties to choose the right time. There you are!


Q: What Type Of Frame Is Best For It?

A: Well, the people don’t need any special mattress foundation to adjust with it. But if you’re eager with some specified class then we recommend using the platform bed. Whatever that it, the brand doesn’t suggest any individual class instead of a general frame.

Even its cover is suited to any frame superbly. That’s pretty sure that you never need to get irritated with its suitability over foundation.

Q: Is It Suitable For Side Sleepers?

A: It doesn’t matter what kind of sleeper you are! The bed directly welcomes all. The brands’ mattress’s multi-stages of foam and exclusive material creates ideal sleep surface equally to everyone.

So that’s why it is never a matter whether you’re side or back or even stomach sleepers. Get the bed and enjoy the real feeling of quality sleep.

Final Words

With the depth research, we’ve tried hard to present the nuts and bolts of complete cloud mattress reviews. From the enough experience over the mattress, this is our judgment that, if someone truly seeks the comfort along with proper support then choose these sorts of bed what is often compared to the hotel mattress.

In fact, it is budget friendly, advanced technology supported and overall user-friendly. Thereby, it gains the immense satisfaction of a significant number of customers.

Editors' Ratings
  • Materials
  • Budget Friendly
  • Durability
  • Health Friendly


Perfect cloud offers safe, breathable and premium materials to make a mattress. The brand is renowned for supporting sleepers correctly to alleviate back, neck or bone disorders. Furthermore, almost all the items gain certifications.

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