5 Best Mattress For Heavy People 2018

Even if, a good number of mattresses exist out there, but how could they provide even support to the maximum sleepers? It’s infeasible, and that’s because you’d feel like to choose the adjustable bed. To figure out the best mattress for heavy people, you need to follow through some basic things about that, and here we’d execute the stuff.

Hope to provide the factual data about what you specifically need to know and the things, you to avoid also. But we differentiate the category in agreement with the expert verdict. If you are above 200 pounds, then we consider as the overweight. And, bellow that pounds you are never an obese person, the mattress we are going to present here, must be supported with the above 350 pounds with less sinkage level and great edging support as well.

Top Rated Mattress for Obese People - Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12" Memory Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12" Memory Mattress


80 x 60 x 12

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic 10" Gel Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic 10" Gel Mattress


65 x 13.2 x 12

Perfect Cloud 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 54 x 12

LUCID 12" Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 12" Memory Foam Mattress


80 x 60 x 12

Classic Brands Mercer 12" Memory Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer 12" Memory Mattress


80 x 60 x 12

The 5 Best Mattress for Overweight People Review

 1.  Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12" Memory Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12" Memory Mattress

Sleep innovations is highly preferable mattress brand among the sleepers. And, this Shiloh 12” is the great innovation. The bed is ideal for any sleep position. Meet the top layer of memory foam and bottom layer to get active support base. This is good for overweight people as it holds any lbs.

Reducing the toss and turns is good. The bed is proven to the sleepers to alleviate the pressure relief.​ 

It ensures the ideal sleep surface and relaxation atmosphere though the dual layer.

The bed provides full body support from head to toe. Apart from that, it contours the body superbly and aligned every organ. Here you have the high-density support foam what generates excellent support and comfort as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Exact firmness and optimal comfort
  • Good to average and overweight people
  • Made in the USA
  • Relives pressure and organ disorder.

 2.  Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic 10" Gel Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding is recognized to produce the best mattress for heavy people. This 10” cool bed comes up with innovative features. Find the medium comfort level and superior comfort. It introduces multiple foam layers to offer various stuff. Get the Energex gel foam that’s completely breathable.

Meet the high-density polyurethane foam along with infusing gel that’s unlike other tradition foam. This gel mattress escapes the heat and provides superb plush for a sound sleep. Rather it offers great pressure relieving support.

Get the supportive and responsive construction through the bed. This is totally health friendly mattress where you find no existence of formaldehyde, mercury or lead and heavy materials. This certified bed and each layer ensure particular benefits for the users.

Highlighted Features

  • Medium firmness level; nice to Heavy people
  • Made in the USA
  • Completely toxic elements free
  • Breathable polyurethane and Energex foam in different layer.

 3.  Perfect Cloud 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud 12 Inch Visco Gel-Pro Double Layer Full Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect cloud is the real brand what produces luxurious memory foam mattress average to overweight people. It is air infused gel foam to regulate the temperature. Find the 2” of special memory foam for relaxation and sound sleep.

No matter how much weight you hold? Meet the extra thick layer to tackle that.​ Furthermore, the bed comes up with the 7.5” high-density base foam that takes care of the pressure relief.

You’d discover here all the materials are responsive and cooperative to the body.

The mattress is easily settable to any frame or foundation. Apart from that, get the soft and breathable cover that is completely washable. This is centipur certified mattress where you find only pure and healthful components instead of toxic materials.

Highlighted Features

  • Air infused gel memory foam to control the heat
  • Extra high density layer for obese people
  • Removable and breathable stretch knit cover
  • Gigantic period of warranty and trial period

 4.  LUCID 12" Memory Foam Mattress - Dual Layer

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID is the nice brand to provide the best mattress for obese people. This 12” mattress would meet your demand. It is Dual-layered mattress with superb memory foam at the top layer what generates comfort and high-density foam at the bottom to provide the ultimate support and medium firmness.

To provide the comfortable sleeping surface, it infuses cooling gel that regulates the temperature and ensures fresh atmosphere.​

The cover is highly soft and breathable. Apart from that, there you find the quick shipment process through the bed.

This is certified mattress; there you find no toxic chemical. It’s completely formaldehyde free. The bed doesn’t hold any synthetic or harmful component. You may not have to think of the set up since it’s easy to perform that.

Highlighted Features

  • Triple-layered for support and comfort individually
  • Ultra soft and breathable fabric cover
  • Infusing gel to control the temperature
  • Easily settable and nice shipping process

 5.  Classic Brands Mercer 12" Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Foam and Innerspring 12-Inch Mattress

Do you still figure out the best mattress for the heavy person? Then classical brands should be your first choice. And, in sequence, this 12” both memory and innerspring mattress is just stunning. Meet the cool gel layer what keeps the heat away. The bed offers to combine support and comfort with innerspring coil and cooling gel memory foam.

Find the 8” high-density layer built with the pocketed springs that ensure superior support and pressure relief. You may not have to worry of the motion separation with this bed. Apart from that it contours the body nicely and maintains proper balance for couples.

Get the quilted cover that is completely breathable and flexible. The individual warped coil support from the bed provides sleepers optimal comfort and support. Find the USA centipur certified since it is entirely free from any toxic element instead of health friendly pure materials. And, it is adjustable for any platform and any sizes of sleepers.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces the motion separation from partner.
  • Great support and comfort from wrapped coils and gel memory foam
  • Multiple effective foam layers for individual support
  • Ultimate comfort, pressure relief and pure components

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Mattress for Obese People

There are a lot of mattress brands available in the market, and they push the consumers that they are best to offer an adjustable bed. But, in truth, it’s not easy to figure out the suitable bed according to the user requirement.

In fact, if you are a heavy person then impossible to get the comfort within the mattress what’s made for back the sleepers.

man thinking

Here we’d brief you something about the factual data for best mattress for overweight people. From the enough experience and experts claim that that’s for sure if you don’t know the three scores of required bed then never find the way of relaxation and sound sleep when lying on the bed. Let’s explore what to know.

The Firmness

Firmness level is the most important indicator to define what sorts of mattress you do need and what kinds of sleepers you are in genuine. If you are an overweight person then it’s never adjustable to get the ultra-soft bed since here you’d not find some proper element to find the ultimate comfort and support as well.

Experts judges that most overweight people tends to grab the medium firm level mattress wherein they get the proper comfort with the multiple foam layer. But at the same time, they need to watch out the sinkage level. If you are the overweight guy then needs to the exact firmness level of 4-7 on the scale of 1-10.

You get to notice some issues for such sorts of bed. That’s too common rules that the heavier person you’re, the more sinkage you need to face, and it happens 1-2” if you are more than 250lbs. And, at the same time, you to care about the components as if it don’t spoil early with the course of time. Take a closer look at the following details too.

Thickness Fact

Mattress thickness is one of the crucial indicators to buy the best mattress for the large person. If you are overweight, then seek the depth level first to go for the final stage of grabbing that.10” mattress is enough if someone is under 200 lbs. But the person who holds more than those lbs., experts recommends having the mattress with 12’ in general.

Large people need the multi-layered mattress to find the proper support and comfort. In general, the thick density foam works for providing super support. It also makes the pressure relief and reduces toss and turns too. The producers make the base layer through the high-density foam, and that layer maintain the balance indeed.

Some mattress brands offer extra thick foam to ensure less sinkage level and real support. Aside from that, if the mattress is innerspring mattress then take great care about is that separated with pocketed coils or not? Since your complete support or firmness depends on it. We recommend having the 12” bed with thick density foam layer for large people.

Ventilation System

This is such a common problem for the overweight people; mattress produces extra heat after the particular period. Yes, it can’t be denied that some foam bed provides that and be the reason for the disturbance.

If you don’t get any proper mattress with air flow foam and good ventilation system, then it’s sure to put the nuisance up. That’s because it’s great indicator go for the deal and it becomes more when for the large people.

Sound Sleep

In addition to, people tend to have the traditional foam mattress rather than advanced and upgraded gel memory foam. Experts recommend having the infusing gel and ventilated air flow so that they get the real flavor of fresh and comfort. You should avoid the underlying memory foam or the cheap foam instead of advanced foam mattress.

If you are highly disturbed with any foams, then what to do? In that case, experts suggest having the innerspring mattress with the separated coil springs what provides the enough support as well as great comfort. The hybrid bed is also the great relief for the issue what’s the nice combination of the foam and springs. In fact, you may not always have to think of the foam mattress; the other significant component might offer the ultimate pleasure as well.

What About Edge Support?

Be cent percent sure about the edge support before buying the best bed for the heavy person. This is one of the important factors for getting that as if overweight people don’t face any barriers. That’s for sure mattress is not only for the sex and sleep. You usually get to be there for relaxation or to sit on the edge. Now how could the condition of that bed if there is not enough edge support?

Certainly, if you spend sufficient time to sit on the mattress then seek to the vendors that whether the bed is perfectly edge supported or not? Apart from that, for amorous activities edging support is heavily important by the way. It’s not only to sit on the brink when it gets older then it collapses and saged, so that’s because it’s crucial to take care of edge support.

In case of overweight people, it is more important to take care about that. It’s our deep research that innerspring mattress, hybrid mattress (foam + springs) and thick density foam layer tend to provide the best edge support than other common forms of bed available in the stock. But it’s for sure that, tradition foam layers struggle with the backing. So you need to keep the eye closer regarding the entire components.

The Best Mattress Brand For Heavy People

People tend to have the common forms of the mattress without evaluating that whether the item would be perfect or not. Though a good number of brands produce adjustable and user-friendly bed some other are spectacular to provide that. And, we’ve have researched on some criteria like equipment, certification and layer types too. We’d certainly try to put you in the right zone to choose the perfect brand for best mattress for fat people.

Perfect Cloud

Perfect cloud is the original mattress brand for all sorts of sleepers. Moreover, it provides the best mattress for overweight couples. The brand is promised to offer you additional comfort. Infused gel foam is the excellent annexation for the bed wherein customers finds the most favorable zone when on the bed.

Here you get the multiple layers of foam for a specified stuff. In general, the bed comes up with the high-density support base at the bottom tier. You may not have to think of the assistance through the bed. It manages pressure relief, proper spinal alignment, and a lot. Let’s have a short look why this is perfect brand for you.

  • Centipur certified; no harmful elements
  • Soft and breathable exclusive knit cover
  • Premium and supportive components
  • Ultimate support and better comfort with less sinkage.

Classic Brands

Classic brands is renowned for offering the memory foam mattress from average people to heavy person. There you find some additional features what make you surprised. It makes an enormous density of memory foam, and often it gathers infused gel to get you fresh and relaxed. Aside from that, it contours the entire body nicely.

The bed is great to reduce some disorders like toss and turns and motion separation too; in fact, you don’t have to think of the pressure relief and other supports. There is no particular need of the foundation or any frame. The brand promotes highly supportive foam and precious element. Eventually, you’d not have any problem with shipping process since it is super easy.

  • Great to relive pressure and back support
  • Most item infused gel that regulates temperature
  • Multiple layer with support and comfort
  • Highly adjustable and good to obese people indeed.

Sleep Innovations

There are a surprising number of cool and exclusive features are available with this sleep innovation mattress brand. It offers medium firmness support so that obese people find the ultimate benefits from here. This is beautifully shaped design what reduces the toss and turns and other organ disorder too.

You don’t have to be worried about the pressure relief since its thick density layer performs the task nicely. To contour the whole body nicely, it aligns the spine and provides even support. It is certified mattress where you find no harmful chemicals. Plus, the cover of this bed is truly flexible and breathable. You might have no problem to breathe entirely with the bed.

  • Provide medium firmness and quality support.
  • Several layers for particular stuffs.
  • Thick density foam for a greater base
  • Nice supports along with alignments


Don’t to want to have the deep down support and optimal comfort then LUCID should be your priority. This is the medium firm bed that provides greater support to all forms of sleepers and especially fat person.

It provides the great support to the hips, back, stomach and even shoulders evenly. It takes the tension for your entire pressure reliefs indeed.

It’s ventilated design that creates a beautiful sleeping surface and enhances the breathability. Apart from that, the cover from this brand always is flexible and soft what makes comfort and relaxed. There are no harmful components you’d find in the bed since it gains the certifications. There is quick shipping method available with the mattress.

  • Ventilated design and air flow for breathability
  • Supports natural curves of organ and proper spinal alignment
  • No toxic and poor quality elements, the quality instead.
  • Nice compression for shipment process

Dreamfoam Bedding

From the variety of mattress brands out there, Dreamfoam Bedding is the dominating one. It produces consumer’s friendly bed what ensure ultimate support and pure comfort.

This is good for obese people as they find here exact firmness level. Here you discover the multi-layers what confirms the particular work along with the highest form of pressure relieving support.

In most of the mattress from the brand, you’d have the upgraded version of memory foam what enhances the comfort. The cover is highly hygienic and breathes where you may take a deep breath with no problem. This is completely eco-friendly mattress; there you find no formaldehyde or harmful chemicals like this. Don’t even think of quality since each and every component from this brand maintain that.

  • Completely pure element and durable components
  • Multiple layer with updated foam version
  • Thick density layer to relieve the pressure
  • Gigantic warranty and nice shipment process included.

The Foam Facts

Some overweight people tend to have only the foam mattress just because of their fascination over that. Indeed, sometimes the get deceived to choose that. So the sleepers need to make sure what types of foam they need to have the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Here we would discuss the nuts and bolts about the perfect foam for the obese people.

Gel Memory Foam

Traditional or basic memory foam might be the reason for disturbing heat. That’s why you need to choose the gel memory foam what’s considered the best ingredients for the fat person. The vendors infuse cooling gel in the bed, and it reduces the extra heat and leads to pure comfort for sound sleep.

Moreover, you’d find the open cell techno with some mattress. So don’t get the conventional memory foam instead of the advanced cooling gel.


The severe problem with memory foam is, it absorbs the heat. But, the latex is made with the natural flavor where you won’t have any hassles to deal with that. For the heavier people, latex is the best options indeed since it provides great cool and comfortable layout.

It offers you the exact sinkage instead of 2-4” bounce. Experts claim, heavier people should tend to have such types of foam but the memory foam mattress.


Avena is the great foam what’s considered as the alternative to the latex. Overweight people should use this foam just because of its immense potentiality. This is superbly durable along with completely health friendly. Most vendors use the foam as support base with thick density layer so that fat person may seek the optimal support through it. We must say, as a good ingredient you can choose this certified and recognized foam.

The Verdict

We hope, right now you never try to figure out the traditional item instead of the classified mattress. If you’re overweight person, then get it knows that, there are enormous real mattress’ brands are out there to assist you seeking superior comfort and great support, what we already have discussed. We assure that you’d never be deceived to follow our dos and don’ts about grabbing the best mattress for heavy person.