Best Foam Mattresses – Top 5 Revealed

There are only a few reasons you start looking for a new mattress. You’re either in need of a new one because your old one isn’t as comfortable as it used to be or you’re looking to upgrade to something bigger.

Then you have to decide what kind of mattress you’d like between coils, foam, latex, or some combination of the different types of construction. Foam mattresses have become one of the more popular choices and are available online at much more affordable costs than they used to be.

Even with that, though, you start to wonder how to select the best foam mattress. With so many options on the market, choices get overwhelming and picking the right one begins to feel like a chore. That’s where we come in.

How We Chose Our Ratings

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We understand that picking the best foam mattress or any mattress is quite the investment, which is why we want to help you make an educated decision about the mattress that you’re considering purchasing.

The ratings we present are based on consumer feedback and product research. That research includes the types of materials used, support, as well as sleeping experience. We want you to feel good about whatever mattress you choose knowing that it will hold up for a long time to come.

5 Best Foam Mattresses

Only the best foam mattresses we can find are listed here. We did make an effort to only include foam mattresses that were true foam mattresses and not hybrids.

1. Nectar

Nectar Queen Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam Mattress - CertiPUR-US Certified Foams - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever Warranty
  • #1 FASTEST GROWING BRAND IN THE U.S. - Recognized as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer by Internet Retailer, Nectar is a memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress designed for every kind of sleeper. Nectar is part of the Resident House of Brands.
  • TWO FREE PREMIUM PILLOWS INCLUDED - And with every mattress purchase, you also receive two free Nectar Premium Pillows. They will be found within the mattress packaging. ($150 value)
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 180 NIGHT TRIAL- You can try Nectar risk-free for 180 night and return it if you are not 100% happy (180 night trial is for orders on Amazon only). This is nearly 3 months longer than the industry standard.
  • NECTAR FOREVER WARRANTY - We guarantee Nectar for as long as you own the mattress. Longest warranty in the business (we checked).
  • IDEAL SUPPORT FOR ANY POSITION - Optimal level of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort. Nectar molds to your body, relieving all your aches and pains. It is firm enough to support you, but soft enough to be gentle where you're sensitive. Even on those 90° nights, Nectar sleeps cool, gently regulating heat for an ideal temperature all night long.

Nectar mattresses offer value not seen anywhere else for what you get. Not only does it give you the pressure relief that you need for a good night’s sleep, but it also keeps you cool thanks to its design. The layers that keep you cool include the quilted gel foam layer as well as the gel memory foam that give you that classic memory foam feel.

When they first got started, they had some rough patches, but over time, they have stepped up their game and gotten better with the customer experience. The mattress itself is also certified as being eco-friendly, which makes plenty of people feel good about sleeping on it on a regular basis.

2. Layla

Layla 10” Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Flippable One Side Soft - Other Side Medium Firm, 2 Free Memory Foam Pillows (Full)
  • Why a Copper Infused Mattress? The short answer - you WILL notice a difference in your sleeping temperature. It has been proven that Copper has thermal benefits. The high thermal conductivity of copper will disperse your body heat, thus cooling the mattress giving you a more restful night's sleep at a comfortable temperature. Pair with the Layla Mattress Cover to increase the lifetime of your mattress.
  • With a Flippable Mattress the Choice is Yours: With our flippable mattress the freedom to choose between a firm mattress and a medium-soft mattress is yours. Get two mattresses in one with the Layla Sleep mattress to provide the best comfort and restful sleep with either firmness level. Our mattress is for every kind of sleeper - the side, back and stomach sleepers can all find comfort in this mattress by choosing the amount of support you want simply with flipping the mattress.
  • Cooling Technology: Our Copper Infused Mattress works to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night long with its natural cooling technology. The Copper Infused Mattress technology reacts to body temperature to keep you cool by dispersing your body heat to provide a heathier sleeping experience to keep you sleeping soundly all night long.
  • Compatible with your Foundation: Use what you already have - save money by not having to buy a new foundation just to fit your new Layla Sleep Mattress. Whether you have a Solid Platform, Adjustable Base, Box Spring, or Slatted frame your new mattress will fit right in with your lifestyle and furniture. Layla Sleep Mattress is 10" of pure comfort and restfulness no matter what your foundation is.
  • Made in the USA: We feel indebted to our community for all that it provides, so we’ve partnered with a homeless shelter in San Francisco to give something back. When you buy a Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress, we provide the opportunity for someone in need to sleep on a bed that night.

The only thing keeping Layla’s foam mattress from reaching a full five stars is the fact that it only comes in two firmness choices. Of course, on the other hand, it can be flipped with one side being softer than the other. That means you can adjust the mattress to fit your preference between the two.

Something else that makes Layla unique is the way copper is infused into the mattress. Copper makes for a more cooling mattress while you’re sleeping at night, and most agree that the mattress is extremely comfortable to sleep on.

3. Casper

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen, 2018 Edition
  • 4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce
  • Breathable open-cell foams have tiny pores to let hot air escape, keeping you cool at night
  • Combination of softer foam for shoulder region and supportive firm foam for core and hip area
  • Please note: Any new product will expand within minutes and can have a mild scent upon unboxing that will dissipate in a few hours in a well-ventilated room
  • 100 night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment on products sold by Casper

The Casper mattresses range from around $600 up through $1200 depending on the size that you get. They are comprised of several different layers depending on which one you select. The base model has four layers that include a high-density foam, a comfort layer, as well as a supportive layer that works well for just about all sleeping styles.

With their patented Zoned Support, there is a softer foam where your shoulders would be to provide you with excellent pressure relief. When you move towards the area of the bed where your hips would be, it’s a little firmer to maintain spinal support and alignment.

This mattress was also designed to keep you cool at night due to its open-cell technology that encourages efficient airflow. The support is also quick to respond so you don’t sink like you would in a traditional memory foam mattress. Instead, the mattress feels like it automatically hugs you when you lie down.

4. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle are easily some of the best foam mattresses on the market. They have almost identical specifications to Tempur-Pedic mattresses. However, you pay much less for these than you would for their top competitors.

The materials used are outstanding in quality, and the mattresses are thicker than just about any other foam mattresses that run around the same price. That means you’re getting a deal on a quality mattress without paying for the brand name behind it.

Additionally, the foam that is used is bio-based which gives them a foothold in the “green” market. You can feel good about sleeping in a bed that is better for the environment and not spending a fortune to rest well at night.

5. Amerisleep

No products found.

Amerisleep has been around for many years, so company longevity is definitely on their side. They have a complete line of foam mattresses that work for people with all different sleep styles. While they’re not exactly cheap, they are quality pieces.

There are also different foams for you to choose from to select a mattress that is better at cooling than some of its counterparts. Something else about the foam that makes Amerisleep stand out above the rest is that it is environmentally friendly to put your mind at ease about the impact you’re having on the world around you.

Buyer’s Guide

Foam mattress

Image by sensopur from Pixabay

Not all-foam mattresses are truly made of just foam depending on how the manufacturer plays it off. Some will claim that they carry foam mattresses, but the reality is that they sometimes incorporate latex or pocketed coils into the design. If multiple types of layers aren’t all foam, then they’re not true foam mattresses. They’re hybrids.

Hybrids are fine if that’s what you’re looking for, but if you want to avoid latex or coils, then you’re going to want to get to know a few things about the mattress you’re looking for.

Getting to Know Your Mattress Build

Certain mattresses, like the DreamCloud for example, contain several layers of memory foam, gel-infused foam and ultimately coils. A coil mattress can still have bounce, and if you’re sensitive to that, then you’re going to want to avoid that type of construction.

Now, the Casper mattress, as mentioned earlier, is solid foam. Four layers of foam make up this mattress. The composition of each layer gives it the shape and support you would expect from a quality foam mattress.

In another example of a different build, the Heavenly Plush from Plushbeds has a layer of latex for support. That may or may not be a deal-breaker for you, but the reality is that if there is latex, then it’s another hybrid model and not a foam mattress.

Looking for Quality

Prices don’t necessarily reflect quality, but for a good mattress, you need to be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars for a queen mattress and more for a king. In the world of mattresses, there is a fine line when it comes to where the price reflects quality, and then it doesn’t.

Consider, for example, IKEA mattresses. They’re highly affordable as far as foam and latex mattresses go but are prepared to replace your mattress every few years if you’re an average-size or heavier adult. They’re just not built to last like most of the higher-quality mattresses.

On the other end of the spectrum, consider Tempur-Pedic mattresses. They are crazy expensive with some of the king-size mattresses costing nearly $9000 all by themselves without a base or anything extra. Yes, it’s definitely a quality piece, but you can spend much less than that and still have an excellent place to sleep at night.

When it comes to looking for and identifying quality foam mattresses, you want to take the time to read reviews to see customer feedback for yourself. It’s important because this is an investment that has an impact on your health and well-being, not just your pocketbook.

Checking Out Special Features

You’ll also come to see those different mattresses have different features. Some brands like Layla focus on building an excellent product, but they cater to those that want a firmer mattress. Because they specialize in those types of mattresses, all of their attention is on the intricate details of creating the best foam mattress which is why they can guarantee the quality of their product.

Other special features might include things like temperature control that is built-in – meaning that certain blends are designed to keep you cooler at night. There might also be a quilted foam layer like the one in Nectar mattresses that encourage airflow at night to keep you from overheating while you sleep.

For some, it may also matter where your mattress is built, so you might want to check out where they are made. As an example, Plushbeds makes their mattresses in the U.S. while some of their competitors have their mattresses made overseas.

Don’t Forget About Warranties and Return Policies

Warranties and return policies are going to be what give you the warm fuzzies when it comes to selecting the best foam mattress for your needs. A good warranty means the company stands behind their product. Return policies can indicate the same thing.

With that said, there are so many foam mattress companies out there that didn’t exist even a few years ago. They are generally smaller companies that could just as easily disappear in the next 10 or 20 years, so you need to decide if that’s important to you. Certain companies have been around for years which means their staying power is a good indicator if they’ll be around should you ever need to take advantage of warranty coverage.

In discussing return policies, these are also important to understand. As an example, Casper will deliver your new mattress and remove your old one as part of their services. Should you decide that you don’t like the mattress, they will remove it and give you a full refund as long as you contact them within their trial period. Do keep in mind that if you need to give it back, you’re going to be out a bed until you can get something else.

Choosing the Best Foam Mattress

Choosing the best foam mattress is going to be just like choosing any mattress. First, you need to know your sleeping style because of firmness matters. Some are firmer than others while some are incredibly plush thanks to memory foam toppers.

Back and stomach sleepers do well with firm mattresses while side sleepers tend to prefer mattresses on the softer side. If you share a mattress with someone that sleeps differently than you do, you’re probably going to want to find a mattress that is sitting at a firmness of 6 or maybe 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Once you narrow down your mattress choices, do your homework, read reviews, and conduct research until you feel good about the choice that you’re making. After all, your hard-earned cash should buy you a refreshing and recuperative night’s sleep.

Featured Image: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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