Best Bunkie Board Reviews In 2018 – Our Top 5 Picks

Bunkie board is an essential mattress’s accessory need to support. The thing ensures healthier and wobbles free support. It’s generally placed under the mattress with box spring or any sorts of structure. Typically such boards design to support the foam mattress since these items are denser and heavier rather than innerspring or air mattress.

I’ve made the short list of items for you. These are budget friendly, entirely health amiable and designed to provide the perfect mattress’s support. You don’t need to be worried about the materials, find here plywood, solid wooden and steels slat’s, padded tape and other essential things for cooling performance.

Here you’d find the best Bunkie boards, adjustable to almost all foam mattress and structures. These are highly sleepers oriented. Check the detailed guideline regarding one the most useful bedding hacks.

Top Rated Bunkie Boards’ Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board with Premium Metal Frame Design

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board


39 x 75 x 1.5

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Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Bunkie Board Review

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Bunkie Board


74 x 53 x 1.6

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Spring Coil Fully Assembled 2 Inch Foundation Bunkie Board

Spring Coil 2 Inch Foundation Bunkie Board


74 x 38 x 2

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Classic Brands Solid Wood Bed Support Bunkie Board Review

Classic Brands Solid Wood Bed Support Bunkie Board


75 x 39 x 1

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Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board Review

Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board


72 x 39 x 4.9

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The Best 5 Bunkie Boards On the Market

 1.  Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board

Signature sleep is a trusted name brings the consumer-friendly bedding’s accessories. Followed by that, this thing is highly demandable and sleeper oriented. This is metal frame construction and appropriate to any kinds of foundations and mattresses. The platform bed, bunk bed or any other structures are the right fit for this board.

If you aren’t happy with the existence mattress’s performance or intend to enhance the support level this item can be the right one. It doesn’t require any particular foams of bed like memory foam, latex or innerspring you can place it under the cushion and enjoy the solid surface support.

It offers certainty for long-lasting performance. Plus, this additional structure ensures the mattress’s longevity. This signature sleep board manages the quilted and polyester fabric to the outer surface of the item.

The item is available in multiple sizes including full and twin. You’ve preference to opt out accordingly. Instead, it’s super easy to assemble; you don’t require any sophisticated tools to set it up. Find the fast shipping process when purchasing this board.


  • Right fit for any base and mattress
  • Supporting slats for easier adaptability
  • Proper comfort and support
  • Entirely metal frame’s structure
  • Affordable expense with fast shipment


  • Someone raises issues of sliding
  • The width level is not so fit for the platform beds

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 2.  Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Bunkie Board

Zinus is a favorite brand comes with bedding accessories. Regarding this structure, you can choose this company. Get this 1.6 inch of mighty constructions. It’s designed with a steel frame and typically suitable for the platform bed, daybeds or any sorts of structures. It features some excellent advanced technology.

This piece is entirely appropriate for any shorts of mattress. No issues whether you have memory foam, innerspring or latex mattress place this board under the cushion and find the optimal support.

The board uses almost excellent things to protect your mattress and ensures its long-lasting performance. Find here slip-less tap to the slats to prevent the mattress’s sliding and wobbling. Aside from that, get the padded tape to the frame to enjoy the quiet performance. In fact, the specialized tap doesn’t allow making noise.

The people who are intending to find the proper support may use this structure. It’s steel frame, and nice suitability allows you to have the desired backing. The item is available in multiple sizes. Instead, you can maneuver it quickly through the tight spaces.


  • Quick lock system for simple assembling
  • Perfect for almost all mattress’s types and foundations
  • Supportive aids to enhance mattress’s lifespan
  • Easily accessible to the stairways, hallways, and tight corners
  • Durable, comfortable and cost friendly


  • It doesn’t include the cross bars
  • Someone feels uncomfortable experience with queen size bed

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 3.  Spring Coil 2 Inch Foundation Bunkie Board

Spring Coil 2 Inch Foundation Bunkie Board Review

Spring coils feature this 2 inch foundation. It is one of the best boards suit almost all forms of beddings instead of any classified one. Use it for a bunk bed, platform bed or any sorts of structure. The wooden is board is just exclusive to enhance mattress’s longevity.

Additionally, the item is correctly usable instead of the box spring. If you’re not getting the perfect support from the bed frame or mattress, then this board can help a lot. Apart from that, it raises the cushion up to 2 inches and bestows right support.

It ensures the premium comfort, unlike the other traditional boards. You’ll find the nonwoven fabric wrapping up the board. The feature allows the mattress, not to wobbles and slides. Plus, it assists bed to provide the toss and turns free performance.

This is super effective and high performed Bunkie board. You’ll get the perfect health benefits along with the pleasure. A lot of consumers recommend his item. It’s cost-friendly and super easy to place it. You don’t have to face any trouble to assemble this thing indeed.


  • Support mattress for better performance
  • Perfect for any foundations and bed
  • Premium fabric for no slipping performance
  • Regulate mattress’s firmness and support
  • Cost-effective and easy assembling benefits


  • The slat’s support is not good enough
  • No padded tap available along with the item

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 4.  Classic Brands Solid Wood Bed Support Bunkie Board

Classic Brands Solid Wood Bed Support Bunkie Board

Classic brand a famous bedding company brings this item. It’s entirely suitable for almost all kinds of the mattress. You’ll find here the wood slats specially made to provide additional support to the bed. Enhancing the mattress lifespan is crucial.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using daybeds, bunk bed or even platform bed; you can adapt this thing with such options easily.​

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using daybeds, bunk bed or even platform bed; you can adapt this thing with such options easily. It is designed with solid wood; find here environment-friendly features and greenish surface.

The wooden slat is great to eliminate the possibility of mattress’s sagging. To ensure even support to the bed, the board helps to remove the tossing and turnings. Apart from that, the entire board is designed with exclusive materials.

You don’t need any extra tools to assemble the item, and it’s super easy to establish. Additionally, you’ll no need of link springs to connect the slats. It is cost-effective items. The classic brand uses advanced technology for this product’s shipment.


  • Solid support around the mattress
  • Made In USA
  • Preferable to all mattress’s types
  • Large weight holding capacity
  • Easy assembling and shipment process


  • Someone complains about slat’s dimension
  • Slacks ranges aren’t standard

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 5.  Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board

Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board

If you’re looking for twin Bunkie board, then this Acme one might be the best one. It’s highly compatible with the mattresses and foundation as well. It holds the cushions and box springs correctly to provide even support.

The board ensures the mattress longer lifespan. Apart from that, it secures the headboard and footboard that needs for your solid support. Besides, its measurement; 72-inch length and 39-inch width is perfect to welcome any beddings.

The item is made with plywood and free of face veneer. Moreover, this board’s slate is enough sturdy that holds enough tons. No issues if you’re an overweight person can easily accommodate it.

You don’t have to face any difficulties to set this structure; it’s so easy to place. Plus, the shipment process is also decent. You can grab this twin board for multiple benefits.


  • Premium materials
  • Made of Plywood
  • Adjustable to bed frames
  • Perfect for full-size bed
  • Reasonable Expense


  • Questions raise about slat’s durability
  • No instruction regarding head or footboard.

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What Is, Indeed, A Bunkie Board?

Bunkie board is plywood covered with slats placed under the cushions. The experts concerned with the beddings say that such boards tend to use as a better alternative to the box springs these days.

The thing is used to provide the correct support to the mattress. If someone’s existing bed isn’t compatible with the body or operating worse performance, generally use the board to regulate the right posturing, provide even body support and more.

Apart from that, people purchase new mattress can use Bunkie board with the foam mattresses. Plus, it doesn’t require any particular foundations, it’s appropriate for high bed, platform bed or even steel constructions.

Why Do You Need Bunkie Board?

Bunkie board is a crucial beddings accessory these days. The experts familiar with the matter suggested people get this item for stable support. Apart from that, it’s highly essential to enhance the mattress’s longevity.

For Strong & Sturdy Support

People tend to use this thing to get the most optimal support while you’re sleeping. In most cases, you’ll find here steel frame constructions or solid wood frames that allow you to get tossing and turnings free support. Aside from that, removing slides and wobbles the structure help you getting cooling night’s sleep.

To Enhance Mattress Lifespan

The board plays a pivotal role to protect your mattress from early sagging and damaged. It prevents your mattress from heavy moving and leads to sustain for an extended period. Additionally, it allows your existing cushion to rise that helps you finding particular feelings. The mattress placed on the board typically lasts longer than other frames

To Reduce The Risk Of Bone Issues

Study claims, a vast number of people suffers chronic bone disorders due to wrong selections of beddings. A decent board helps the cushion to bestow even support to the body and alleviate the risk of back pain, neck pain or even spinal disorders. Its solid constructions and slats assist for a proper body contouring.

Neck Pain

As An Alternative To Box Springs

You can use the board as an alternative to box spring. Spring is hassling to set up often high and need additional accessories to operate. Whereas, the board’s foundation can helps to lift cushion in moderate high. There are no sophisticated tools need to organize the board under the mattress. Furthermore, the boards don’t require link spring and other items usually go with box spring.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Bunkie Board

It’s often hard to figure out the proper board due to the enormous collection available in the market or online store. I’ll guide you here find the exact one that suits you and the mattress as well. A few things you must need to count when decided to head up for the money.

Noise Free Performance

One of the important things you get to take care of is the noise-free support. The noise atmosphere can ruin your comfort and health issues.

I suggest you seek the foam padded tape and aside from that, the no slipping tape on the slats. These exclusive features prevent your cushion from making lousy sounds.

Adaptability With Frame & Mattresses

Well, you need to take the board compatible with the foundations and mattresses. Typically, the memory foam, latex, and springs mattress are most suited to the Bunkie boards.

Additionally, you must need to be sure about its measurement. Take the correct size per foundations mostly.

Slat’s Durability

This is highly crucial facts for a board. If you intend to use the wood board, then check the durability of slats. Besides, in case of steel constructions check the thing as well.

Remember, slat’s strength ensures the proper support. It doesn’t seem an issue how much weight you hold; a sturdy slat may take the entire tons easily.

Weigh Holding Capacity

The items you’re going to choose need to pass the quality of durability. How could you understand the whether it’s robust or fragile?

Instead of put emphasizing to the partial matters, be picky about slat’s strength. Indeed, the thing holds the entire tons.

The Health Aspects Of Bunkie Board

Are you still worried about your existing mattress’s performance? Well, only a good bed isn’t always suitable to ensure the correct execution. Adding some things can undoubtedly assist you having the desired support and comfort. Bunkie board is one the things can help you get the health benefits you need for sound sleeping and worry-free working day.

  • Align The Spine: The boards hold the mattress perfectly and bestow solid bone support to the body. Therefore, it takes care of vertebrae. For sure, you usually don’t have to complain about lower back pain, hips pain or things like these.
  • Prevent Motion Isolation: Motion separation occurs due to partner’s unconscious movement during sleeping. A strong foundation, Bunkie boards or thick density foam mattress’s layers can often reduce the concerns. Hopefully, the suggested items above will help you alleviate the issue.
  • Confirms Right Posturing: You won’t get desired body support unless the cushion is supportive. Plus, traditional beddings accessory are liable to wrong postures. Using a board under the bed can heal the problem.
  • Alleviates Tossing &Turnings: To confirm the right support for the mattress,it alleviates the toss and turns. The thing helps to regulate similar support. Preferably, it allows the bed to provide the edge and central support as well.


Hopefully, Mattress Picks has cleared all the things you had to know regarding the Bunkie boards and its importance with the mattress. You can make your choice here on the boards. To be precise, the items entitled here are entirely user’s favorite. Grab them according to your requirements. It’s must be your worth investment.

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You should use bunkie board with your bed to provide perfect support to your mattress. We have listed some top selling items for you to make your purchase decision easier.

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