5 Best Box Spring Reviews 2018

Only a mattress can hardly bring the comfort and proper support but some precious accessories. Box spring is one of them what ensures sturdy and robust support. It’s considered as significant bed base, typically sits on metal, wooden, platform or these sorts of frame.

Box spring usually made with wood, metal and steel structure covers with springs, fabric, and other elements. It raises bed’s highness and helps to last long. Enhancing mattress's lifespan is good.

The best box spring does a lot to prevent mattress’s sagging. Instead, to get in and out of bed quickly and make a firm and expected bed structure, it works well. To avoid the mattress from getting worn and torn early, it plays a leading role too.

Top Rated Box Springs - Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring


59.5 x 79 x 9

Classic Brands High Profile 8" Box-Spring Replacement

Classic Brands High Profile 8" Box-Spring Replacement


79 x 59.5 x 8

Best Price 7.5" New Steel Box Spring

Best Price 7.5" New Steel Box Spring


80 x 60 x 7.5

DynastyMattress 8" Thick Wood Box Foundation Review

DynastyMattress King Bed 8" Thick Wood Box Foundation


80 x 76 x 8

Simple Life Mattress Box Foundation Review

Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation


80 x 60 x 8

The Best 5 Box Springs On the Market

 1.  Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

zinus 9 inch high profile smart box spring / mattress foundation

If you’re seeking a strong and sturdy box spring along with expected body support, then this Zinus 9 inch box spring is just exclusive. The item is available in multiple sizes and adjustable to almost all forms of mattress, latex or memory foam.

For a good night’s sleep, you must need strong backing, and this box spring manages everything to ensure that.​ It is made with steel, denotes the perfect body support and long-lasting durability. It is typically heavier than wooden box spring.

This is well functioned and has excellent shipping process. Therefore, you don’t have to face any difficulties to assemble it; no additional accessories are required. Instead, you’d find the warranty procedures too for this piece.


  • Steel structure for pressure relief and desired firmer support
  • Very convenient and advantaged shipping method
  • Secures mattress from getting early damaged
  • Super easy to set up except any tools


  • Didn’t reach any clear verdict over the noise-free trait

 2.  Classic Brands High Profile 8" Box-Spring Replacement

Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring Replacement

Find the box spring replacements with this classic brand's high profile foundation. This box spring is perfect and supportive for any sorts of platform. The thing uses advanced technologies and premium materials to prevent the mattress are sagging. Particularly the bed is suitable for latex, memory and other heavier mattress.

It is high profile foundation as well as durable and sturdy. You don’t have to face any difficulty in carrying it through the staircase and even narrow hallways.

Therefore, find the noise-free and stable surface. Whether the king, queen or twin; every type of mattress is equally suitable for this box spring.

The solid spruce makes this bed so sturdy and helps the mattress to last long. It does a lot of the center support and to increase the mattress longevity. Instead, never think of waiving or unexpected movement as the instant foundation is mighty and supportive.


  • Excellent support for the edge and center
  • Made in the USA, 8-inch tall foundation.
  • Cotton blended cover for great longevity
  • Faster and easy assembling


  • Didn’t hear anything about the exclusive packaging system

 3.  Best Price 7.5" New Steel Box Spring

Best Price 7.5" New Steel Box Spring/Mattress Foundation

If you’re looking for strong construction for stronger support, then this best price 7.5” steel construction is undoubtedly the best one. It brings up heavy duty steel construction along with the fabric cover.

It welcomes non-skid fabric so that mattress keeps in the central place instead of moving. This bi-fold foundation is easy to place on any types of slats or frame, even if, you can get the feeling of a traditional box spring through this bi-fold item.

This steel box spring is different than typical sorts available in the market. It’s easier to move and give equal support to the center and edge too. Instead, it’s simple to maneuver into the doorway, hallways and narrow staircase.


  • No assembly is required to set it up
  • Comfortable, well designed
  • Mighty steel construction and fits for heavier mattress
  • Noise and wobbles free support


  • Some people claim the item is a bit of expensive

 4.  DynastyMattress King Bed 8" Thick Wood Box Foundation

DynastyMattress King Bed 8" Thick Wood Box Foundation

No matter what types of bed you have, this 8” king bed is perfect for any of those. It’s stronger than traditional box spring. The item comes with very easy assembling process, set it up within minutes.

This is the USA made and brings the stable spruce means; there will be durable and expected support.​

Therefore, it does a lot to enhance the mattress longevity through the big spruce. You may don’t need to worry about the bed’s moving too.

Don’t feel hesitate to place the thing in any bed platform, the specified one instead. This box spring manages almost everything to offer even support, the side and center also. You are going to get the extended period of certainty to consume this one, for sure.


  • The USA made, brings the mighty spruce
  • Many times stronger than pre-assembled foundation
  • Simple setting and shipment process
  • Perfect for any frames and beds


  • Few users complain about the quality of woods

 5.  Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation

Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation

Simple life box spring is just unique to ensure the secure and sturdy body backing. The overweight people love this base for spectacular support. Its heavy-duty steel construction manages middle and side support properly.

This foundation is so easy to set up, and you can do it without any help of others or any tools.​

It protects the mattress from early damaged and sagging. Instead, it is good to set up any kinds of foundation

Get the knit cover, contributes to getting the center support along with the edge. Apart from that, this steel construction does a lot instead that other box spring since it comes with advanced technology and premium materials. You don’t need to be worried about maneuvering; it’s quite okay to hallways or any other tight corner.


  • Maximum durability with heavy duty steel
  • Prolongs the mattress longevity and ensures equal support
  • Available in all sizes, perfect for any mattress’s type
  • Noise-free comfort and easy access to tight or narrow spaces could be folded


  • For the first day or couple of weeks, it may make a little noise

Things To Consider Before Buying Box Spring

Getting a right mattress is not always the indicator of a perfect support and optimal comfort. If you don’t have proper mattress’s accessories, then it is fairy having the cooling night’s sleep. Box spring is one of the vital mattress’s associates that confirms stronger support, helps to prolong the mattress’s age and something else.

Choosing the right box spring is difficult if you have a little knowledge of it. You get to consider few individual criteria such as whether it is enough supportive or not, instead, does it have the capacity to remove wobbles and sags? The budget, assembling details and warranty facts are also important issues before selecting the box spring.

Strong & Sturdy Structure

Sturdy support

Indeed, an essential trait for a box is spring is; it should be strong enough to hold the mattress and people stay over there. The fragile structure is also unable to secure the cushion from sagging or getting damaged.

Thereby, choosing the wrong foundation may lead to destroying the expensive bed.

It’s not a critical matter whether you purchase the wooden or steel box spring; the particular issue is it must be strong and durable enough. The heavy-duty steel construction is useful to provide the edge firmness. Aside from that, to find the long-lasting benefits, the expert people seek such kinds of structure.

The well-structured and ergonomic designed wooden frame is also perfect to serve the purpose you seek for an ideal box spring.

Supportive For All Mattresses

It’s tough to figure the definite box spring in accordant with your mattress’s type. The thing you should take care, it needs to be supportive for all kinds of bed. Whether you have memory foam, latex, and even innerspring mattress, the ideal box spring is suitable to provide edge and central support for all sorts.

Plus, regarding the heavy deluxe mattress and especially for the latex mattress, the foundation should be supportive. Instead, to make the base supportive many brands use the nonstick fabric. The helps to ensure even support to the body and edge altogether.

Materials Suit You Best

There are numerous types of box spring out there, and among the categories there you discover plenty of material’s’ diversification. Some items come with packed icoil. Instead, there you find the individuality of fabric.

It’s better to seek the sliding free cover what help mattress to provide stronger support. Prefer the desired spring types and don’t even find the cheap spring what’s vulnerable.

Ease & Simple Maneuvering

One of the key facts for a box spring is that it must meet the requirements of easier maneuvering to narrow staircase, tight corner or hallways. If you don’t purchase a split box spring the how could easily you push the item to the doors?

Even though there are plenty of manufacturers speak about simple packaging and easily accessible to the tight stairwells, but you have to sure about the shape, dimension, and associated things. Remember if the item doesn’t fit up properly then probably you may need to reject it instead of reaching the room.

Easy To Assemble

Perhaps it seems not a wise trait for a foundation, doesn’t it? The experts familiar with the matter believe assembling is another serious issue. If you have no tools or gadgets then how could you assemble?

Before preferring any foundation, box spring or even platform bed, be sure that it’s easy to set up.

Easy Assemble

Almost all the company nowadays offers items like this are easy and simple assembling. The Zinus or Simple life and many other brands like these don’t even take 10 minutes to set up the entire structure. Prefer such types of box springs what don’t require any tools and time to assemble.

The Additional Facts To Consider

  • Noise Free Performance: The box spring should be uninterrupted and noise free. If it always makes lousy noise when staying in bed, then you’d feel disturbed rather than seeking the comfort. Choose a reliable and well-designed item to get the noise-free support.
  • Sliding & Wobbling Free Support: It’s urgent for any foundation to provide the wobbles and slides free performance. The thing should be good following the floor design. Get confirmed and read the specs correctly whether this trait is included or not.
  • Non-Skid Fabric Cover: The fabric cover is essential to protect the mattress for a more extended period. Apart from, if it becomes shippable, then there is a chance to slide the bed. Get sure before grabbing that the item is wrapped with fabric cover.
  • Weight Capacity: Take this thing carefully how much tons your base can accept. The latex or some sorts of bed usually need a stronger foundation. Don’t beguile with the design instead of the internal specs like a weight holding capacity or slat’s quality.
  • Excellent Shipment Process: A lot of people don’t like hassling shipment process. I recommend you to consider the thing seriously to get the product safely. The classic brand, Zinus and many other brands manage quick and smart shipping.

The Types Of Box Spring You Should Prefer

There are few types of box spring, and almost every kind is essential your intention accordingly. If you would love to quickly access to the bed and out of it then people associated with the matter urge, low profile box spring is beautiful and the sleepers who like raise their mattress, better to purchase the high profile box spring.

Apart from that, split box spring is also useful to maneuver easily into the narrow staircase or tight doorways. In fact, all such things depend on your needs.

Low Profile Box Spring

Lots of people are fascinated about the low profile box spring. It typically becomes 4 to 6 inches. Any kinds of mattress are perfectly suitable for this foundation if the structure is well customized. People who don’t like to be on a high in bed, love this kind of box spring.

There is no structural difference among the foundations. Preferably, low profile foundation is right to them, want easier access to the bed. For sure, the mattress also gets the proper support along with low profile bed or base.

High Profile Box Spring

People who typically love to raise their mattress’s height prefer high profile box spring. It usually is 9 inch. In some cases, you’d have the benefits and functionality of traditional box spring.

Many people who used the item claim, it’s sturdy and functional supportive with steel structure. Therefore, this type of foundation is not so hard to assemble. This item denotes no difference from other sorts of size except the height or something else.

Standard Size Box Spring

Almost every consumer seeks the standard height for a box spring. It usually becomes 8 to 9 inches. Instead, if your mattress is not so lofty, probably you’re reluctant to use the topper. And then this height is just perfect for you.

Almost all mattresses nowadays are standard sized and compatible to conventional box spring. If you’re okay with getting in and out from bed comfortably, then this size would be best to use for sure.

Split Box Spring

This is not particular types of box spring but the two sections of full box spring. If your room is not so spacious and the stairway is not broad enough, then split boxing is best for you. Its great efficiency helps to simple moving into the room.

If you have queen size mattress or more significant than this and equally hallways are narrow, then this sort of box spring is the only remains.

Closing Thoughts

Box spring is very crucial mattress’s accessories. It plays a vital role for providing the firming support. Whether you have foundation or bed frame, box spring requires for the longevity of a mattress. Even though, this thing doesn’t seem too important but great to ensure expected sleeping benefits.

Don’t be deceived by the mazes of wide variations. Be decided what forms of box spring go well according to your sleeping habits.

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This complete reviews and instruction over box spring help you to choose the best. For sure, such structures protect your health and the mattress too. Instead, these frames provide wobbles and noise free backing.

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