An In-Depth Review of the Saatva Mattress

If you are in the market for a new mattress, one brand you might have stumbled upon is the Saatva mattress.

Saatva advertises itself as a luxury innerspring brand online and carries remarkable reviews too.

Before you take the plunge and try it out, we have done an in-depth look at the Saatva brand, so you can decide for yourself if it is the right fit.

What Is Saatva Mattress?

Saatva started online as a privately-held e-commerce company. Eventually, they branched into selling on other online sites, including Amazon.

Saatva began in 2011 as a luxury mattress brand, and today, they have exploded into a 180 million USD revenue company and found themselves on the Top 500 retailers for Inc, according to Wikipedia.

All Saatva mattresses are handmade and done so in America. Purchasing one is easy and just requires that you consider your comfort scale, whether you want adjustable bases, and move on from there.

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What Makes the Saatva
Brand Unique Compared to the Rest?

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Saatva has a unique approach to mattresses. While you might think being created by hand in America is an edge enough, the company takes it even further. In fact, there are a few features of Saatva that make them stand out among the sea of other manufacturers offering “luxury” mattresses today.

Just some of the features making Saatva unique include:

1. Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials

Saatva uses eco-friendly materials in every mattress they create. Their outer cover is made from organic cotton, and they construct innersprings using recycled steel. The memory foam layer is also eco-friendly, and they use an antimicrobial treatment on the fabric using botanical bases rather than chemicals.

The company prides itself on creating a mattress that is hypoallergenic, and they also avoid the use of any product that can irritate health or harm the safety of those sleeping on their beds.

However, the beds are not 100% organic.

Furthermore, Saatva works to decrease their carbon footprint by using an environmentally healthy business model.

2. Specialized Lumbar Support

A mattress is only as good as the support it gives your back each night. Saatva uses a luxury coil innerspring core combined with a densified foam layering system to deliver superior comfort. They currently have the Chiropractic Seal of Approval, and they also were chosen as the official mattress of Healthbridge Sleep Medicine.

3. Adjustable Base for Better Sleep

Instead of lying down flat, the Saatva offers a zero-gravity support system as an optional upgrade. You can adjust with the touch of a remote, and change positions based on your needs. No more using multiple pillows to prop the head of your bed or even at the feet. Instead, you can adjust the mattress and continue to get the neck support you need from your single pillow.

4. Massage System

Specific models come with a massage system that includes wave, leg, and head massages at three speeds and three levels. This is another optional upgrade you can put on your Saatva – and it is more affordable than other companies offering massage systems too.

5. Multiple Comfort Levels to Suit Your Needs

Saatva offers their luxury firm, which is their flagship comfort level used in hotels around the world. The luxury firm option combines contour support with cushion, and it helps align your spine perfectly as you sleep. You can rest on your side, back, stomach, and anywhere in between and still receive the lumbar support you need.

Comfort levels go from plush soft to luxury firm to firm. The company’s website helps you decide which firmness setting is best for you based on your comfort preferences.

6. Unique Mattress Construction

What makes the Saatva stand out from the rest is how it is designed. To start, the company individually wraps each comfort coil so that they respond to body shapes more efficiently. Then, they have a foam encased edge that guarantees no sagging, so that you get a durable sleep surface for years.

The lumbar support enhancement option helps provide pressure relief and reduces back strain, while the steel coil support system creates added durability to keep your mattress level and prevent sagging with frequent use.

The next layers of the mattress include an organic cotton cover over a European-inspired pillow top.

The total coil count in a Queen Saatva mattress is 884 + 416. For comparison, the Serta queen only has 1088, while the Simmons has 850.

How Much Does Saatva Cost?

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Compared to other luxury sleeping brands, Saatva is surprisingly affordable. An average queen set costs $1,358, while their king runs about $1817.

When you look at their comparison online, a similar mattress made by Simmons is $2,549 for their queen and $2899 for their king.

The cost of your mattress will depend on the options you select. When you enter their shopping section, you start by picking the comfort level (luxury firm, plush soft, or firm). Then, you pick your size, which ranges from twin to California king. You also can select mattress height, with two options to choose from: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches.

Then you receive your base price. After that, you would pick if you want to add on the adjustable base, foundation, and how you would like it delivered.

For example, a luxury firm queen mattress with a 14.5-inch base costs $1,099. To add the adjustable base the price moves to $1,399.

What Others Have to
Say about their Saatva Experiences

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Saatva carries outstanding reviews. On their website, they have verified customer experiences, which average a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating with 1474 reviews as of November 2018.

Just some of the pros listed by customers include:

  • Fast, convenient delivery.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Waking up feeling more refreshed.
  • Longer sleep times at night.
  • Extremely comfortable sleeping conditions.
  • Fewer back spasms, aches, headaches, and discomfort.
  • Improved energy even after a few nights of sleep.

Most reviews are positive, and other online retailers selling Saatva still have a high-star rating for their product as well, all averaging over 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Customers boast about the customer service, stating that if there was an issue, the company responded quickly and remedied the situation.

Furthermore, they all admit the bed has provided them with the best sleep they have had in years, and many say they noticed improved energy, mood, and fewer aches and pains.

How It Compares to the Rest

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Saatva has plenty of competition out there from leading brands in mattresses.

Some main competitors of the brand include Simmons, Serta, Aireloom, and Stearns & Foster. Each of these manufacturers has luxury brand models too.

Some similarities between the competition and Saatva include:

  • Adjustability: All competitors have an option for an adjustable base, but Saatva does offer more unique add-ons to their base including underlighting and remote-control options.
  • Individually Wrapped Coils: Most companies have recognized the importance of individually wrapped coils; therefore, Saatva does not stand out in this regard.
  • Foam Encased Edge Support: This prevents sagging with frequent use, and most manufacturers have adopted the practice to make their mattresses last longer.
  • Coil Gauge: The gauge or thickness of the coil is somewhat similar among all brands. Saatva uses a 14.5g, while Serta has a 15g, Kingsdown has a 15g, and Stearns & Foster uses a 14.87g.
  • Options for Buying: Saatva is available online, and so are more leading brands today, too.

Some differences Saatva has that the competition does not include:

  • Handcrafted in the United States: Leading brands have sent most of their manufacturing overseas, and those still in the U.S. rely on automation. Saatva is one of the few that can boast about how their products are not only made in America, but also made by hand, including the individually handcrafted and wrapped coils inside the support system.
  • Coil on Coil: Most companies use a single coil or coil within a coil construction, while Saatva offers coil on coil instead for more support and durability.
  • Total Coil Count: More coils mean better lumbar support, and Saatva by far beats the competition. Stearns & Foster only offers the closest with 1302 coils, but Simmons has a mere 850 coils, and Serta 1088.
  • Organic Fabric: None of the leading brands use organic fibers and fabrics. Most rely on synthetic materials too. The only companies that offer somewhat close in natural fibers are companies like Stearns & Foster who use wool. However, Saatva is the only company to use organic damask and organic knit cotton in their products.
  • Warranty: Warranties are essential, and Saatva has a 15-year replacement warranty with no hassles. Other companies offer similar lengths, but they are limited warranties that do not always include replacement options.

What We Think of Saatva Mattresses

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Saatva is an excellent brand for those who want to branch away from the big-name retailers and go for a luxury mattress that suits their needs. Hundreds of Saatva mattresses are sold each year, and their advanced lumbar support is what is driving a high number of positive reviews to them.

Furthermore, Saatva offers custom luxury brands including Loom & Leaf, which is a contoured memory foam mattress that is still eco-friendly like their traditional Saatva model. For those who prefer latex, which is a longer lasting mattress, you can purchase the Saatva Zenhaven line which is still comfortable and offers two levels of support – one per side.

Overall, the price of the Saatva gives you luxury lumbar support, but without breaking the bank. Some brands are thousands over the cost of this brand, and with the features you get for the price, it makes them more than worth it.

The positive reviews keep piling up for the company too, which means they are living up to their hype. If you are in the market for a new mattress, Saatva is undoubtedly a brand to consider for your upgrade.

Where to Scoop Up Your Saatva Mattress

Finding the right mattress is essential, and getting the right amount of sleep even more so. That is why our team at MattressPicks works hard to do the research for you and help you find the right mattress based on your comfort, support, and budget.

Whether you end up purchasing the Saatva or you go a different route, at least you have a good starting point for what to shop for, where to look, and what options are available to you. Furthermore, you can expose yourself to brands you might not even know existed – after all, most people have not heard of Saatva, but once they’ve bought it and tried it, they are indeed glad that they did.

Learn more about finding the right mattress or review the Editor’s Choice to see how other brands rank against the Saatva mattresses you can buy for your home today.

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