Revive 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review in 2018

Revive yourself with the modern technology featured Revive mattress. This is a top rated home Tex (bed, topper, pillow, and cushion, etc.) manufacturing brand with a huge market reputation. When comfortable sound sleeping is your prime concern, this mattress can ensure that.

This mattress has already conquered the mind of millions of customers with so many quality products. This is a multi-layer mattress with gel-infused memory foam that promises to offer you unyielding comfort and happiness. Among many more unique features and functions, it has naturally therapeutic value to ensure you painful cool night sleep.

Revive has addressed almost desired features and functions of their customers in this particular foam mattress. The USA-Led certification proves that this home Tex item is genuine and compatible with the surrounding environment. Let figure out what features have made the mattress unique among thousands of brands in the market.

Maximum Comfort With Multi-layer’s Foam

The key considering characteristic of the mattress is the multi-level foam layers. Revive has categorically divided the total 12 inch foam into major three parts for their distinguished functions. It has 7-inches deep base foam to support your whole body with firm feeling.

It will save you from far sinking in the foam depth. And the 3-inches of gel memory foam offers you cool feel whole night. It induces you to lose yourself in the state of sound sleep. At the same time, the 2-inches of air-flow sculpting foam open the gateway of enormous air in the thick layers of the mattress. It keeps the overall health of the bed in the fair condition. This memory foam will ensure your comfortable sleeping in the following ways:

  • Super supportive firm response while lying on the bed.
  • Distribute your weight at the balanced level.
  • Adjustable with any sleeping position whatever you do prefer. And
  • A sacred sleeping ambiance with auto air-flow properties.

This Revive 12 inch bed adjusts your weight and height properly to offer you restful lying at night. It colors your mind with the full-complacent of a sound sleep. As it can distribute your weight simultaneously, you can feel maximum comfort at your any lying posture. Its multi-layers foam confirms multi-faceted functions to offer you smiling sleeping face.

Cool Feel With Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Unlike conventional bed in the market, this particular one is upgraded with the 3-inches of gel-infused memory foam. Along with the air-inflow foam layer, the gel-infused level culminates a soothing ambiance for an enjoyable sleeping experience. The three-inch thick top layer of the bed is filled with the super gel that offers you touchy-sinking feeling when lying on the bed.

If you leave the rating of the mattress concerning comfort and relaxed feeling; it will undoubtedly get 90 out of 100 with the unique gel infusion. It helps to absorb body heat and make the surface cool in the hot weather. At the same time, in cold temperature, it keeps the surface warm enough to hold you on the bed almost 8 hours long.

  • Cool feeling for deeper sleep.
  • Susceptible to heat absorbing to adjust with body temperature. And
  • Stimulate in sinking in the deep foam layer.

With the super gel-infused top layer the mattress absorbs body temperature and partners’ sleeping motion on the same bed. It ensures unbroken deep and restful lying whole night. And with the help of the particular feature, this bed proves the trace that you left the bed a few minutes ago.

Super Soft Sleeping Experience

This memory foam bed is overwhelmingly popular among thousands of users due to super soft feeling. Its 7-inches base with 3-inches of gel-infused foam is incredibly smooth for generating deeper night sleep. These deep foam layers let you enter into a tender sleeping state that will arouse you to stay in bed for more than eight hours.

  • Air-infused soft foam for extra breathability.
  • Gel-infused cool foam for fantastic sleeping experience.

Obviously, you cannot imagine a complacent mind with sound sleep except a soft bed. This bed will ensure you such an exclusive sleeping ambiance with ever soft feeling that you like most.Regarding softness and comfort, this particular cushion item is different from much other conventional bed in the market.

Pain-Free Smiling Awakening in the Morning

This mattress is unbelievably able to kill your beck, back, and shoulder pain. According to National Sleeping Foundation (NSF) of the USA, most of the people suffer from lying-caused extreme pain due to their unsupportive sleeping mattress. This particular problem can deprive you of enjoyable night sleep. However, with some special features this Mattress claims to offer you mind-blowing rising in the morning.

  • Supporting the whole body at any sleeping position.
  • Avoiding putting extra pressure on head, neck, shoulders, and spines. And
  • Promoting blood circulation to the whole body parts.

It will reward you a new morning without any pain in your body. Have a sound sleep how many hours you do love and start a new morning with no hesitation. It will recharge you with vigorous mind and body.

Promising Health Benefits Of Revive Mattress

Revive mattress takes care of your health with many health-oriented features and functions. It keeps you safe from many sleeping disorders like apnea, headache, muscle soreness, sleeping paralysis, neck & back pain, hip tossing &turning and snoring, etc. The air infused top foam layer eliminates the unwelcoming attack of dust and mites.

  • Highly supportive and responsive foam layers to wipe out physical pain.
  • Sound sleeping eradicates the harmful effect of apnea. and
  • The air-inflow top cover prevents the growth of germs and bacteria.

The natural therapeutic value gradually releases the pressure points and keeps us safe from painful feeling. People those who suffer from dust or cold allergy they can see a positive change just having a sound sleep on this mattress every night.

No Harm for Users & Environment

The brand Revive ensures all quality-controlled procedure from manufacturing and packaging to the distribution of its all products to the customers’ doors. This 12 inch revive mattress is developed with viscose elastic memory foam that posse no threats to the users and the environment. People of all ages can use this bed as their reliable sleeping partner.

At the every manufacturing step, eco-friendly materials and technology have been used. It spreads no harmful odor or chemical particles in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, this particular bed keeps you relaxed always. The air-inflow top cover adds a substantial amount of oxygen to make the mattress healthier for the users.

CertiPUR-US Certification with Quality Materials

Unlike traditional mattress in the local market, the Revive is approved with the worldwide. This American standard testing and approving agency finds no chemical properties in the manufacturing process of the mattress. It’s free from the harmful mixture of leads, formaldehyde, mercury, CFCs, TCEPs, and any other heavy materials.

Along with the National Sleep Foundation, the CertiPUR-US has certified this particular product as friendly for both nature and the users. Pregnant mothers can undoubtedly use such a quality mattress to own a healthy baby. All of the building materials are filled with natural texture.

Why Should You Buy This Mattress?

When you are a little bit confused and concerned to purchase a quality sleeping mattress from thousands of brands in the market then this bed can release you worries. It comes with the best quality a mattress should have to provide the superior pleasure and right body support.

It’s not traditional memory foam available in the market. Find here proper ventilation process to let you stay cool even when it gets older. It works well to secure your bone health while other common beds emphasize on comfort issues.

You’ll discover here few advanced technology that differentiates to others. The smart shipment process, cost friendliness, warranty durations and overall benefits make this mattress exceptional.

Finally, it’s important to justify the manufacturing materials and environment-adjustable features and functions. You should rely on the mattress which is certified and this bed passes this quality.


A mattress is something more than merely a sleeping arrangement. It’s an inseparable part of our life where we spend the most portion of our time. Therefore, it should have to be an amalgamation of many useful features and functions.You should have to be careful enough while choosing a bed for you and your family members. Never forget to invest your valuable money and time in a quality mattress.

This medium firmed mattress can give you something you’re looking from ideal bedding. Along with the comfort issues, it takes greater care to heath and supportive affairs. To be precise, picking this bed is going to be your worth investment.

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