Purple Mattress Review: A Deeper Look

One of the most important elements of any comfortable home is the right mattress, especially if you’re over 20-years of age. Your body has pressure points that need the right support, your sleeping style needs the right kind of cushioning, and your sleeping habits need the right materials to keep you comfortable and at the right temperature through the night.

Traditional coil spring mattresses work for a lot of people when the mattresses are new and springy still. And Memory Foam mattresses are one of the most praised mattresses available, but are they the best option for everyone? They certainly work for a good number of people.

But if there was something different, that used different technology for firmness while incorporating the former tech of Memory Foam, would it be better?

Today we’re looking closely at a mattress that promises this difference in every way: The Purple Mattress.

What is the Purple Mattress?

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The Purple Mattress is a unique mattress that’s been scientifically engineered to cater to your precise sleeping needs and your body. The makers claim this will be the most comfortable mattress you’ve ever slept on, and ever will, with both elements of softness for comfort and firmness for support.

The Purple Mattress is made from an “open grid” design that makes the mattress extremely breathable and conforming to all your body’s shape and pressure points.

There are two Purple Mattress options, with differing makeups.

The Original Purple Mattress is made up of the following layers:

  • Dual Layer Foam Base
  • Smart Comfort Grid – the unique aspect of these mattresses
  • Original Stretch Cover

The New Purple Mattress is made of these layers:

  • Responsive Support Coils Base – not traditional metal coils
  • Customizable Smart Comfort Grid
  • Stretch Max Cover

This mattress is heavy, and they recommend having plenty of help for both the removal of your old mattress and help getting the new mattress into place.

The Smart Comfort Grid comes in thicknesses of two, three, or four-inches, depending on the exact model you choose. This thickness changes the firmness of your mattress.

What Makes the Purple Mattress Unique?

This mattress is definitely a unique innovation in the sleep industry. The Smart Comfort Grid is the primary reason these mattresses stand out from the rest. The grid is extremely soft but firm at the same time.

The mattress is engineered to intelligently flex under your pressure points while supporting the other parts of your body as you lie on it. It’s got motion-isolation cushioning, preventing you from being disturbed in your sleep if your partner or pet moves or wriggles around. And because it’s so comfortable, you’ll never need to add a mattress topper.

The unique open-grid designed means that there’s tons of airflow, which helps to dissipate your body heat. The side panels are also made from breathable, mesh-based materials to add support without stifling the airflow.

Since the mattress adapts to your specific pressure points, it works for anybody sleeping on it, and won’t hold that shape from night to night, unlike conventional mattresses that shift and sag into your pressure points over time. These mattresses work for heavy or light people, and for any sleeping position.

Finally, the hyper-elastic polymer that makes up the Smart Comfort Grid is made in the USA, from exceptionally durable, non-toxic materials that won’t break down. That means this mattress will be comfortable and safe forever.

How Much Does the Purple Mattress Cost?

You purchase the Original or the New Purple mattress model online. You can find the mattress on a variety of sites, including their own site at Purple.com, on Amazon, and similar sites. The best prices we found, however, are on the Purple site. It is within the affordable to expensive price range

Are There Any Warranties, Guarantees, or Trial Periods?

This mattress has a 100-trial night during which you can test the mattress and decide if it really is the right mattress for you or not. If you are not sure the mattress is right for you at that point, you can return it for a full refund if you didn’t like the mattress for any reason.

The mattress ships for free, which also helps, and you won’t have to figure out how to get it to your place from some store.

The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

What Do People Think of the Purple Mattress?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of reviews out there for the Purple Mattress. And, of course, that means there’s lots of information out there. Generally speaking, it appears that most people love the mattress.

Overall, people find the Purple Mattress comfortable, cool, and extremely sleepable. There are many who think the mattress is too expensive, but mostly these reviews seem to be from folks who would shop in a lower price range than these premium mattresses.

How Does It Compare to the Competition?

To have the best view of any single product, especially something like a mattress, you have to compare it to the competition and get a feel for similar products. Looking at the aspects that make this product over the competition unique helps, but even more helpful is doing a side-by-side.

Since we can’t do 100-night trials on all of the mattresses we’d love to try, we’re taking a look at the features of the Purple Mattress next to three of the competitors in a similar price range and ranking among users, who are rated and reviewed by people who did do the trials.

Competitor One: The Nectar Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam Mattress - CertiPUR-US Certified Foams - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever Warranty
  • #1 FASTEST GROWING BRAND IN THE U.S. - Recognized as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer by Internet Retailer, Nectar is a memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress designed for every kind of sleeper. Nectar is part of the Resident House of Brands.
  • TWO FREE PREMIUM PILLOWS INCLUDED - And with every mattress purchase, you also receive two free Nectar Premium Pillows. They will be found within the mattress packaging. ($150 value)
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 180 NIGHT TRIAL- You can try Nectar risk-free for 180 night and return it if you are not 100% happy (180 night trial is for orders on Amazon only). This is nearly 3 months longer than the industry standard.
  • NECTAR FOREVER WARRANTY - We guarantee Nectar for as long as you own the mattress. Longest warranty in the business (we checked).
  • IDEAL SUPPORT FOR ANY POSITION - Optimal level of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort. Nectar molds to your body, relieving all your aches and pains. It is firm enough to support you, but soft enough to be gentle where you're sensitive. Even on those 90° nights, Nectar sleeps cool, gently regulating heat for an ideal temperature all night long.

The Nectar Mattress is another premium mattress that easily ranks similarly to the Purple Mattress. The mattress using something called a Tencel Cooling Cover to help circulate air through the mattress and wick away heat from your body while you sleep. It employs quilted gel memory foam into the mattress for increased air circulation and providing loft while distributing your weight evenly with cooling support from the gel infused into the mattress.

The Nectar Mattress is Certi-PUR-US® Certified, meaning it meets the standards for not being an ozone depleter and doesn’t contain PBDEs, mercury, lead, or TDCPP.

The mattress is highly adaptive to recover from the form of someone sleeping in it while shifting to provide comfort while you’re curled up on it. The base layer is breathable and combined with the top layer and memory foam layer, makes it ideal for any sleep position, whether you’re a stomach, back, or side sleeper.

The mattress is also specially designed to prevent dust mites from invading your sleeping space.

Overall, people love the Nectar Mattress and recommend it to their friends and family who are looking for a mattress that provides solid support while keeping you cool.

Based on these qualities, and the many reviews that praise the Nectar Mattress, it’s easy to see that it’s a high-quality premium mattress that compares, in many ways, closely to the Purple Mattress. We tend to think that the Purple Mattress has some features that the Nectar is missing.

However, the Nectar Mattress has a couple of features that Purple does not offer: a lifetime warranty, and a 365-night trial – yes, an entire year. It’s also slightly cheaper than the mattress from Purple, which may be a factor for some.

TUFT & NEEDLE - Original Cal King Adaptive Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US, 100-Night Trial
  • Proven: Over a million people choose us every night. In fact, 95% of our customers keep and love their T&N Original Mattress, Featuring our own proprietary T&N Adaptive foam, the Original Mattress is universally comfortable for all sleeping positions
  • Proprietary foam: Our T&N Adaptive foam is engineered based on customer feedback and provides pressure relief where you need it most. An open-cell structure provides a flexible sleep surface that adjusts to you as you move throughout the night
  • Cool sleeping: Our foam is more advanced than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam, the T&N Adaptive foam helps pull away heat with cooling graphite and gel beads, wrapped in our breathable plush cover to help keep you cool and comfortable
  • Free of harmful chemicals: Our mattresses Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, this means our beds are held to the highest of standards and are third party tested and certified to free of harmful chemicals, substances or materials
  • Questions: We pride ourselves on customer service and urge you to reach out to us directly if you have any questions at any point, our expert customer service team will be available to help you through any hesitations, problems or questions you may have

The Tuft & Needle Mattress is a “bed in a box” option that compares closely with the mattress offering from Purple, in a lower price range. The Tuft & Needle is made of Adaptive Foam, providing a bouncy but supportive feel for sleepy on.

This mattress provides cool sleeping and strong support through its Certi-PUR® Certified adaptive foam, without using toxic chemicals like latex. It relieves pressure from your pressure points and isolates movement to prevent your partner and pets from keeping you awake, or visa-versa.

The Tuft & Needle is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. They also give a 100-night trial with a full-refund guaranteed if you don’t like the mattress for any reason.

Overall, the Tuft & Needle mattress is a great option for anyone working with a lower budget. It has a lot of the features that the Purple has, though the technology isn’t as advanced and may not be quite as comfortable for all positions, nor as cool for sleeping on.

Competitor Three: The Casper Mattress

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen, 2018 Edition
  • 4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce
  • Breathable open-cell foams have tiny pores to let hot air escape, keeping you cool at night
  • Combination of softer foam for shoulder region and supportive firm foam for core and hip area
  • Please note: Any new product will expand within minutes and can have a mild scent upon unboxing that will dissipate in a few hours in a well-ventilated room
  • 100 night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment on products sold by Casper

If you’ve ever ridden the El in Chicago in recent years, you’ve seen ads for this mattress that’s growing in popularity. These mattresses are known for the science behind them, providing their signature “just right” feel of not too firm and not too soft for the perfect night’s sleep.

The Casper Mattress is made of proprietary foam made of exceptionally high-quality materials, that aren’t ozone-depleting or harmful for you or the environment in any way. The mattresses are cool, extremely comfortable, and adaptable to your sleeping position and style.

The various models are designed differently to accommodate different sleep issues, but all are supportive and adaptive to your needs.

The Casper mattress has a 100-night trial and can be returned if for any reason you’re not satisfied, with a full refund. The shipping is free as well, and they’ll even come and pick it up. If the mattress just isn’t comfortable but isn’t defective, Casper donates the returned mattresses to charity.

The Casper mattresses are designed in America and come with a 10-year warranty to guarantee it lasts and remains comfortable and supportive.

Overall, the Casper Mattress is one of the highest rated mattresses in the USA. People love this mattress. And we see why. It compares very solidly to the Purple, and honestly, we’re not sure which is better.

What Do We Think of the Purple Mattress?

We think the Purple Mattress is a unique, awesome option for anyone who’s had issues finding the right mattress for their body type or sleep position in the past.

This is also a great mattress for anyone who tends to sleep hot. The design is truly unique with the open-grid levels, the mesh-based side panels, and the type of cover used on the mattress.

Each of these elements make this a cool, comfortable mattress that stands apart from the competition.

As to the competition, we can say that all four of the mattresses we looked at in this review are comfortable, cool, and long-lasting. The Casper is probably the closest competition, and we honestly aren’t sure which one is better. The features are exceptionally similar in the two mattresses, though the Purple uses different technology that may make it a cooler bed for sleeping in.

So, ultimately, we’d recommend the Purple Mattress for anyone who sleeps hot.

The cooling technology on this one is probably the most advanced and therefore makes it the most comfortable cushioning, supportive mattress available.

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