Top 5 Olee Sleep Bed Frames Review 2018 – Best Items Compared

When a durable bed frame is a matter to have a cool and comfortable night sleep, you should pay enough heed to purchase the best one from thousands of brand in the market. Are you disturbed with your current bed base? Or are you looking for a spacious and robust frame for your newly purchased mattress?

Yes, a mattress base requires a handsome amount of investment that ensures your comfort and relaxation. Nowadays, most of the customers look for modern-looked standard bed platform within an affordable budget. Only a reputed brand can fulfill your dream within demand.

Olee is a reliable name to thousands of customers in the home textile and accessories manufacturing market. Over the years, this brand is marketing quality steel-made bed platforms maintaining the international standard. Through catering the best sleeping experience for the customers, Olee sleep bed frame is a positive change in the sleep industry.

When you are a little bit perplexed to pick the right one up for your lovely mattress, here you will find the best ever five bed bases of the Olee sleep. Regarding manufacturing materials, quality, and durability these seven frames are still at the height of popularity to thousands of users across the world.

Comparison - Top Rated Olee Sleep Bed Frames


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame Review

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame


81.5 x 61.5 x 15

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame


81.5 x 61.5 x 18

Olee Sleep 18inch High Profile Platform Bed Frame Review

Olee Sleep 18inch High Profile Platform Bed Frame


76.5 x 55.5 x 18

Olee Sleep 14-inch Non-Slip Support Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14-inch Non-Slip Support Bed Frame


81.1 x 61.1 x 14

Olee Sleep 14-inch Tall Round Edge Steel Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14-inch Tall Round Edge Steel Bed Frame


81.5 x 61.5 x 14

The Best 5 Olee Sleep Bed Frames on the Market

 1.  Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame

The solid steel made bed frame is the perfect solution for long-lasting mattress support. Olee Sleep has designed the platform with easy-assembling features. It fits well in small spaces.

This bed base holds the mattress to prevent slipping and shaking during night sleeping. You don’t need to purchase an extra spring box to set the frame.

Olee Sleep 14-inch T-3000 bed frame is a strong steel structure that may hold up to 1200lb. It’s a perfect solution for your family members with the spacious arrangement. All of the screws are a tight fit with non-squeaky behavior. Fitting once you can forget the subject of further tightening and fitting. It’s so simple to fit. You can set it up by yourself.

This bed base allows you keeping and storing out of season clothing and many things under it. It may help you to save your space in the room. You can quickly shift it anywhere. It is self- foldable and easy assembles without anyone’s help.

Key Traits

  • 14-inch & T-3000 heavy duty steel slat.
  • Non-slip long-lasting mattress support bed frame 14BF04Q.
  • Non-squeaky tight fitting with strong screws.
  • Easy to assemble and simple to set up.
  • 100% eco-innovative and safe for the surrounding environment.


  • Open under-bed space for storage capacity.
  • Available from few sellers.

 2.  Olee Sleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame Review

The 18-inch tall T-3000 bed frame is one of the best-reviewed products of this brand. Regarding height, weight, and manufacturing components this is an attractive bed base to the thousands of people. It’s a non-slip support bed platform available in size queen.

The unique metal construction with sturdy design fixes long-lasting mattress support. It promotes durability and longevity of the foam bed that you will insert into the platform.

The non-slip support bed frame prevents unexpected mattress sleeping. Furthermore, it avoids the necessity of an extra box spring to get fitted well. The non-squeaky structure makes sure that all screws are properly fitted and secured for life-long. This particular frame is capable of holding weight up to 1200lb.

Olee sleep steel frame is easy to assemble. It requires a few minutes to complete the assembly. The 16-inch high profile bed base allows you to use the full under storage to store different important things. This T-3000 heavyweight foam base is a great innovation for ensuring maximum support to the deluxe mattress. It’s the first choice to thousands of customers for all unique features.

Key Traits

  • 18-inch tall and T-3000 heavy duty metal steel frame.
  • Exclusively designed and constructed with non-slip slat behavior.
  • Free from squeaky, shaking, and slipping.
  • Hassle free easy assembly.
  • 100% eco-friendly and safe for family members.


  • Heavier to move anywhere.
  • Not shippable in every country.

 3.  Olee Sleep 18inch High Profile Platform Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 18inch High Profile Platform Bed Frame

Olee Sleep is committed to its customers to introduce modern furniture featured with the best features. The 18-inch tall round edge bed base is such a product tuned with high profile functions. The manufacturer has accumulated almost desired features in the particular bed base.

With the non-slip s-3500 bed frame, you can forget the horrific squeaking experience of your conventional bed platform forever.

The 18-inch tall round edge sturdy steel slat is capable of supporting heavier deluxe mattress. And it is free from the worry of getting broken down. Unlike traditional bed structure, the round edge platform is safer for you and your family members. It prevents from bumping in any corner of the mattress.

The inner space between the slates is 6.3-inch that ensures maximum durability of the whole platform. And the 16.5-inch under space permits you to store your valuable belongings without wasting important corner of the room. This particular platform gives an answer of all questions to the steel made bed frame. No worry while assembling the bed base. The manufacturer provides all required components and assembly manual to ensure a simple set up.

Key Traits

  • 18-inch tall round edge sturdy steel non-slip high profile s-3500 heavy duty bed base.
  • Maximum support to the deluxe mattress.
  • 16.5-inch under space storage capacity.
  • 75x54-inch inner dimension for the highest carrying capability.
  • 100% eco-adjustable and user-friendly manufacturing management.


  • Heavier than a conventional bed case.
  • Not available in all countries.

 4.  Olee Sleep 14-inch Non-Slip Support Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14-inch Non-Slip Support Bed Frame Review

The 14-inch tall T-2000 is one of the customer-favorite products comes with actual health benefits. The manufacturer introduced it as an alternative to the wooden round bed base. Thousands of people love the particular item because of its multidimensional features and functions. Its round edge shape ensures additional safety for your family members.

The T-2000 round sturdy steel slat can hold heavier deluxe foam mattress very well. It removes the unwanted risk of the slat crush down. You don’t need of additional box spring to fit it with the mattress. The standard foam bed fits without causing any hassle. You just push the bed into the platform and have a well-set foundation for sleeping.

The specially constructed invigorated leg structures ensure maximum strength and ultimate durability. Unlike traditional bed structure, it doesn’t create any disturbing noise. It doesn’t pose any threat for edge bumping. You and your family members will enjoy the cheerful happy sleeping feeling on the bed frame. It causes no harmful effect to the users’ health.

Key Traits

  • 14-inch tall T-2000 round edge sturdy steel slat with non-slip support bed frame.
  • Unyielding support to the heavier deluxe mattress.
  • No squeaking, shaking and slipping of the slat.
  • 80x60 inch inner dimension and 7.6-inch between slat space for maximum durability.
  • 100% noise free and eco-friendly manufacturing materials.


  • Available only in black color.
  • Limited international shipping.

 5.  Olee Sleep 14-inch Tall Round Edge Steel Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14-inch Tall Round Edge Steel Bed Frame Review

Olee Sleep has brought a new steel slat for the customers those who are looking for the steel made round edge bed base. The 14-inch tall round S-3500 is a right choice for ensuring maximum support to the deluxe mattress.

It’s an outstanding steel frame innovation of the company that has already conquered the mind of thousands of customers.

The sturdy steel made platform removes the risk of slate breaking-down. Its heavy strong inner dimension is capable of holding the maximum weight at any sides of the mattress. The right combination between the inner and the outer dimensions can reconcile body-weight properly. The round edge platform has some additional safety features to ensure maximum safety for you and your family members.

This bed base eliminates the risk of bumping up at any corners of the mattress. It has enough under space to store additional season off belongings and baskets. You can easily assemble the platform without having any hassle. It allows you to shift it anywhere you do want. People do love the bed frame for some uncommon features and functions.

Key Traits

  • 14-inch tall round edge steel slat and non-slip bed frame.
  • No worry of breaking down with 80x60-inch inner dimension.
  • Sturdy steel with a maximum durability of 81.5x61.5x14 inches outer dimension.
  • Queen size strong steel for high profile support to the deluxe mattress.
  • 100% eco-adjustable manufacturing materials with no environmental harm.


  • Fits well in small spaces.
  • Available in the limited sales points.

Why Should You Prefer Olee Bed Frames?

This is an important question that for which unique features and functions one should invest one’s time and money behind this bed foundation. In the furniture and home Tex industries, you can find thousands of products of the enormous brands. But some distinguished qualities and specialties of the particular brand are hard to trace in the so-called brands in the market. For the following out-standing traits thousands of customers are paying their trust on the Olee platform bed.

Built-in Solid Steel

When you are looking for solid steel made bed frame, the items should be your first priority for versatile reasons. The expert technicians of the company build every product with sturdy solid steel. It maximizes the durability of the bed frame. Through close arc test, the longevity of the frames is ensured. Each of the items of the brand is highly capable to hold maximum 1200lb weight.

Latest Models With Modern Design

Olee Sleep pays quite an importance to the customers’ likes and dislikes. Therefore, they design their bed platform with elegant looking. In the market, you will find all the modern furniture of latest models. There are many models of the bed frames those are unique in their design and quality.

Maximum Support

These solid sturdy steel made bed frames are strong enough to provide maximum support to the deluxe mattress.

It keeps the mattress well fit always and save them from unwanted squeaking. With these bed bases, you can completely keep the risk of slipping away.


Any types of standard mattresses set well in the chamber of these bed platforms. Furthermore, such structures are highly supportive of maintaining the fair condition of the mattress years after years.

No Bumping Up

This brand round edge bed frames have no bumping up effect. With these items, you will experience no hurts at the corners of the platforms. You and your family members can move any corners of the mattress without feeling any pain. It protects your valuable mattress from tearing up.

Easy To Assemble

This company offers frames are customized with easy assembling properties. It doesn’t require anymore special expertise and tools to set them up. You can easily assemble the required parts of the bed frames. If you want, you can simply fold and unfold these bed platforms without anyone’s assistance.

Eco & User-Friendly

Unlike conventional bed frames, Olee Sleep items eco-certified and friendly for the users. The manufacturing material of these platforms is free from toxic chemicals and particles. It is 100% harmless for the environment and the users.

Why Do I Recommend Olee Sleep?

Olee bed frames may be the best recommendations for the customers those who are looking for the top quality frames within an affordable budget. Not only from my own experience but also from thousands of customers’ reviews now it is proven that the different varieties bed bases of the particular brand have conquered the heart of many people across the world. I want to recommend you the particular brand for the following issues.

Maximum Durability

These mattresses foundations are maximum durable with sturdy steel made construction. The highly strong slats are free from squeaking and sudden breaking down. Furthermore, the inner and outer dimensions of these bed bases ensure the highest longevity of the total structure.

Noise-Free Sleeping Arrangement

All screws of the slats and parts are closely tightened that ensures no slipping off the mattress. Unlike traditional bed bases, these don’t produce any irritating noise. All of the parts and tools are exclusively verified by the technicians to make the construction 100% noise free.

Noise-Free Sleeping

Full under storage: Of course, the height of the bed frames is an important matter. All of the items of the brand have enough height to offer you an open under storage. You can utilize the under storage to store different necessary things like suitcases, bags, and many more.

Heavy Duty Metal Construction

This is one of the unique features of this frame. All of these platforms are constructed with the heavy duty metal to provide maximum support to you and your family members’ weight. Without showing any problems, these bed bases are capable of holding up to 1200lb weight. The fatigue-tested sturdy steel metal has made these products long-lasting.

Headboard Metal Bed Frame

This bedding company offers you the freedom to choose the right bed frame for your family members. It’s an excellent annexation of the brand the headboard twin 4000HB metal bed frame. It’s as strong and spacious as you wanted to change the overall looking of your lovely bedroom. Moreover, you can fix the platforms of multiple sizes, color, and categories.

What Should You Check Before Purchasing?

Purchasing a good quality bed base is a tough job. It requires some pre-knowledge and concepts to fix the right one among thousands of products. This brand’s foundation has different models and categories that may make you perplexed to fix the right one for you. Here, I will share with you my personal experience to check some crucial points before purchasing a platform finally.

Inner and Outer Dimension

When you are going to fix Olee Sleep furniture, you should check the inner and outer dimension of the item. It determines the overall strength of the bed frame. The breadth and width of both dimensions can vary based upon the size and model of the bed base. So, fix the issue before choosing it finally.

The Height Of The Frame

Olee produces bed bases of different sizes to meet the demand of the distinguished customers. Therefore, you should determine that the bed platform of which size you want to use. And based upon the height of the frame you will get the under storage space. So never forget to fix the issue.

Leg Structure

All of the bed bases of the brand are improved with the reinforced leg structures. The invigorated legs prevent causing unwanted noise, shaking, and squeaking of the bed base. And these play vital role to strengthen the overall construction of the platform. Therefore, check it out that the frame you have chosen is customized with recovered legs.

Self-Foldable Properties

It has designed most of its bed frames with the self-fold properties. It offers smooth carrying of your bed anywhere you want. And you can fold it by yourself without facing any complexities. Therefore, it’s your one of the most important duties to check whether the item is self-foldable or not.

The Verdict

Only a good quality bed frame can ensure the fair condition of the mattress to offer noiseless cool night sleep. No matter which models and categories you have chosen but it is essential to fix the quality of the frame.

This company is committed to offering customers the top rated latest featured modern furniture. Out of many more innovations, now the brand has brought all exclusive bed frames maintaining quality. Considering, design, quality, model and feature anyone can fix the brand as a reliable one.

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