Modway Aveline Mattress Review – Health & Eco-Friendly Bedding

Mattress shopping can be an arduous and frustrating experience. No matter what your requirements are, you get the same sales pitch from the salesperson every time:

I think this mattress will be perfect for you. A mattress is a long-term investment, and that’s because you have to be extra careful when choosing it.

Modway Aveline Mattress Review

There are many brands out there you can rely upon and among them Modway Aveline is a great name that can release your worries. It ensures superior quality comfort and perfect body support that you exactly need for a healthy life.

It’s entirely health friendly, cost effective and brings advanced features need for relaxed sleeping. You can keep faith on this brand unlike the common names in the beddings. The guidance will assist you to gather precise info regarding this bed.

Key Traits Of Modway Aveline Mattress

  • Reduce pressure on back, neck, head and other corners
  • Ensures correct spinal alignment and eliminate toss and turns
  • Open cell technology and ventilated design for cooling surface
  • Completely environment conscious beddings with affordable expense
  • Get the item though an advanced technology in a smart shipping box

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Gel-Infused Comfort

The Aveline mattress is made out of a gel-infused core to ensure that the overall surface conforms to the natural shape of your body. It provides a significant level of comfort as the mattress will make room for your body rather than the other way round.

The gel material inside the mattress also ensures that the heat from your body is dispersed through the surface. Heat accumulation is something very common in cheaper mattresses. It creates a cooling plush for sound sleeping.

Proper Firmness Level

Now let’s come to the firmness of the mattress – it’s neither too firm nor too soft. Objectively, this makes for a versatile bed that should suit a variety of tastes. Of course, you have to decide whether you want a firm or a soft mattress.

The mattress is soft enough to absorb small body movements but indeed not springy so that you bounce around on it while sleeping. Such types of firmness level help user find the correct postures level. Apart from that, too stiffness or softy feeling can be the reason for many unwanted disorders.

Available In Multiple Sizes

Makers of the Aveline mattress claim that it is designed to bring the maximum level of comfort. That means that it features a moderate amount of softness and firmness for increased versatility. If you have particular tastes when it comes to toughness or softness, you’ll need to have a second opinion on this mattress.

The mattress considered for multiple options. You can avail the 6-inch version, while another option is available in the form of the 10-inch. The bigger cushion should perform better for larger adults, and they can avail the 10-inch version of this bed, but people with smaller frames will find the 8-inch one to be perfectly adequate.

Reliability and Robustness

A mattress is a long-term investment. Durability is a crucial factor as you want the bed to deliver consistent levels of comfort over a long period.

Substandard cushions are comfortable to tell apart as they’re shipped with pulled fabric, loose threads, and zippers that get stuck easily.

Modway Aveline Mattress

Fortunately, the Aveline is free from any visual flaws. The construction is all high quality, and the mattress has a nice uniform look to it. The edges are all sturdy feature seams and the zipper functions without issue.

Multiple Construction and Layers

The Aveline features multiple layers all made with different materials for a combination that ensures you get a comfortable sleep. The construction is designed to give you a different flavor. It takes care of every single thing you need with perfect bedding.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

This is the first layer of the mattress. It consists of gel-infused memory foam with great heat-dissipation properties. The gel also provides a soothing and refreshing feel to your skin for that extra bit of comfort while you sleep.

High-Density Foam

This is the central support layer of the mattress. The foam absorbs the changes in the shape of the mattress caused by your body movements and provides an excellent and firm response.

The Cover

The cover of the mattress features a diamond-pattern design that makes it a bit more interesting to look at. It’s made out of a stretch-knit fabric that zips close to ensure that the inside of the mattress isn’t spoiled.

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Modway Aveline Is A Completely Supportive Mattress

The support should be the prime issue besides the comfort for beddings. You are to spend a long period there, and that’s why needed to seek the fact sincerely. On top that, this supportive bed can protect several disorders like chronic back or hips pain .

Overall Support

This is a memory-foam mattress, so we had great expectations for it to be very comfortable. And for the most part, that’s fulfilled the expectation. The Aveline can provide great full-body comfort for lighter adults. The foam can support such body types easily and you won’t get the feeling of “sinking in” to the mattress.

For more substantial adults, the mattress does prove to be a little too soft. When lying on your side, you’ll often find yourself sinking too much into the mattress, because it cannot support that much weight and pressure. Take this into consideration if you’re over 180 pounds.

Edge Support

Memory-foam mattresses don’t usually perform well when it comes to edge supports. It’s because unlike coil spring mattress where the firmness and support is uniform throughout the mattress, memory-foam cushions perform best when the user is sleeping in the middle.

The Aveline didn’t put up any surprises here. The edge support is lacking, but that’s just how these mattresses are. It’s advisable not to sleep close to the edge as it may lead to discomfort owing to the lack of side support.

Is It An Eco-Conscious Mattress?

Modway have gone through a lot of federal regulations to ensure that this mattress is coming to the customer after thorough testing.

It takes care of the health hazards posed by cheap mattresses and contains no PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, lead, formaldehyde, mercury, phthalates, ozone-harming materials or other heavy metals.

Modway Aveline 8" Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

If you’re conscious about the protection of both your body and the environment from these hazardous materials, the Aveline does sound very reassuring. The absence of ingredients bears the testimony that you’re completely safe to use this item.

Apart from that, it’s a breathable mattress, and the people who’re suffering from asthma or related disorders can easily consume the bed. The experts assoiled with the issue urge that, regarding mattress, someone must look into the eco-friendly matters before getting deiced to purchase.

Who Should Consider This Mattress?

Modway Aveline is not a particular type of mattress. Anyone can consume this bed. Plus, it’s entirely suitable for all sorts of sleepers with any positions. And, if you are seeking to have some classified features along with a bed, then this item can be your best option.

People on a Budget

The Aveline is an affordable and comfortable mattress with high-quality construction. In this price range, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option. Here you’ll find almost all traits need for healthy sleeping.

People Who Want a Fresh Mattress

Thanks to the gel-infused memory foam this is an excellent mattress for people who want good heat dissipation. If you’re likely to sleep hot, this mattress will undoubtedly cool things down for you. Even though some traditional memory foam tends to emit the heat, but this bed is entirely free from that as it comes with gel infused techno.

If Someone Has Issues With Sleep-Related Disorders

The costly mattress doesn’t necessarily denote a health-friendly mattress. You can rely on this bed for this option. Its moderate firmness allows you to keep away from neck pain, vertebrae disorder and even tossing and turnings issues. Instead, it is great to eliminate the motion isolation problem.

Final Thoughts

The Aveline is a great buy considering its affordable price tag and high-quality construction. It is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or materials to ensure that you get absolute peace of mind.

Although the consensus among users is that this is a relaxing mattress, some users experienced soreness upon waking up. This will, of course, vary from person to person but consult a physician if you have any bodily pains.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it has weak edge support and the 8-inch version will not support heavier adults very well. All in all, the Modway Aveline ticks the right boxes for anyone looking for a great all-around mattress.

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Kristin may - July 14, 2019

Bought this bed from overstock, big mistake, it’s covered in tiny fiberglass hairs under the zipper cover, my entire house is coated in these hairs, they make you itch like crazy, my son is 7 and had been complaining about being itchy, I finally found out why and now have to throw tons of stuff away, runnnnnnnn, don’t buy this nightmare bullshit


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