Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

A mattress is an important matter of our daily life. Sleeping experts see it from different corners. Someone defines it as the source of sound sleeping, and someone says it means happiness. Therefore, this is an important investment that takes care of you years after years. Purchasing a mattress is an issue of excitement also to many people.

To keep pace with the time and demand the home textile manufacturers have bought memory foam bedding in the market with amazing features and functions. Unlike traditional foam, the memory foam is somewhat unique with more comfortable characteristics. It has already exposed a new horizon for the people who are highly conscious of having a sound night sleep.

When you are considering purchasing a mattress, you should know the ins and outs, pros and cons of the bed. First of all, you have to understand what does a memory foam means; what the key features it has; what the manufacturing materials it contains; how many types it belongs, and what the fundamental factors are to purchase the right one, etc.

Today, I will try to offer a complete memory foam mattress buying guide. I do believe this review will assist you enough to fix the right one from the online or offline marketplace. Let’s go ahead.


What Is Memory Foam?

Someone claims that for the first time in 1970, NASA introduced a new type of comfortable and durable seats for their astronauts with memory foam. It’s the glorious journey of almost 50 years in the sleeping industries. This particular foam has been improved with so many features by the passage of time. And in the meantime, it has been turned into an inseparable sleeping segment for millions of people across the world.

Memory foam is soft and sustainable enough with the best quality polymer known as polyurethane. And it is viscose elastic foam that supports you enough at your any sleeping positions. Unlike conventional foam, this one is excellent in relieving pressure points with natural therapeutic value.

This foam is manufactured with natural elements and eco-friendly properties. And it is soft and responsive enough that offers you maximum comfort. At the same time, memory foam is dense worth that ensures restful night sleep. With so many features now this foam is overwhelmingly used in mattress, pillow, seat cushion, and shoe also.

How Does It Work?

The manufacturing and functioning formula of memory foam is very simple. You have earlier known the words viscose elastic. Yes, depending on this simple formula ‘viscose means something is moving, and elasticity means getting back to the previous position’ the memory foam is built.

When you put your body on the foam, it allows you to move at your any comfortable position and at the same time when you leave the bed it gets its earlier model. And the foam is quite a temperature sensitive that lets you sink in the depth of the foam if your body is warm enough.

It perfectly supports your spines to keep them straight. And it releases pressure points of hips, thighs, neck, back, shoulders, feet, and knees. This foam is naturally therapeutic that wipes out back and neck pain. And it permits you to choose side, chest, or back sleeping posture whatever you love.

How Many Types It Does Have?

Over the last 50 years, home textile manufacturers have brought new and new versions of memory foam from time to time. Considering consumers’ comfort and happiness they have added so many lucrative features with these foams. Here, I would like to give you a concrete conception about different types of memory foam that you will find in your local markets. And it will help you to fix the right one for you.

Traditional Memory Foam

Traditional Memory Foam

In the mid-90s, the memory foam that was introduced for the first time is the traditional/standard viscose elastic foam. Since birth, it has conquered the mind of millions of customers with user-friendly features and functions. It’s a good choice for the people of all ages. 

The home Tex designers have designed this special foam with cradling support for promoting circulation and eliminating stress points. When you do signify comfort, the traditional memory foam still ranks first. However, with the vast customer reviews, it has many advantages with some disadvantages.


  • Built-in cradling support to enhance blood circulation and wipe out joint pain and pressure points.
  • Designed to decentralize weight across the mattress and keep support to choose any lying posture.
  • Developed with individualized contour feature to ensure maximum softness and comfort.
  • Improved in temperature reactive technology to absorb temperature and isolate motion.
  • Highly durable with the viscose elastic texture.


  • It may retain excessive heat when body warms up.
  • Petroleum-based polyurethane polymer can cause health concerns.
  • Volatile organic compounds and chemical retardants can spread bad smell.

However, keeping harmony with changing customers’ demand, the bed textile manufacturers have brought many changes in the standard viscose elastic memory foam to overcome its shortcomings.

Open Cell Memory Foam

Open Cell Memory Foam

This is distinguished memory foam with a different internal structure. Unlike the closed one, the open cell memory foam allows boundless air-flow in the depth layers of the mattress. It keeps the total health of bed sound for smooth sleeping. It’s an ideal one to stabilize body temperature and absorb excessive heat. Designers have promoted the quality of the foam with so many desired advantages.


  • Useful for reducing pressure points and back pain.
  • Motion and heat free cool night sleep.
  • Free from the harmful attack of bacteria and allergens.


  • Intake item can spread little bit odor.
  • Expensive and hard to find everywhere.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

This is the most recent and modern edition of the memory foam. Considering more comfortable and restful night sleep, the home textile designers have designed this special type of foam.

During manufacturing,the gel is sophistically used in the foam layers to offer cooler sleeping experience.

Besides, in some mattresses gel pockets or pads are used on the surface to ensure more restful night sleep. The gel-infused memory foam is popular among thousands of customers for some remarkable advantages.


  • Individually contoured and naturally therapeutic to erase pain and pressure points.
  • Initially, cool gel offers sensational sleeping experience.
  • Highly supportive of holding total body weight and decentralizing it to the whole bed.


  • Petroleum-based properties may lead to the health concern.
  • For the few hours, it may spread toxic odor.

When Should You Consider It?

It’s essential to understand that when should you buy memory foam mattress? The answer to this particular question will reach you to an appropriate decision. It may vary the prevailing condition from one to another. However, examining some significant situations, you can say that ‘yes’ I need a comfortable one.

Among many more sleeping disorders, this is the particular one that can vandalize your entire life. According to National Sleeping Foundation (NSF), almost 60% patients of the sleep-related complexities are of spinal pain. In this particular circumstance, you cannot pay enough heed to your daily activities. And you pray to almighty in every night to have an ache-free happy awakening in the morning. It’s an anguishing experience which you cannot avoid in your life. And you are passing your valuable time and energy in an unexpected frustration.

Regarding these unavoidable situations, this type can be the time-suit consideration for you to start your journey with new enthusiasm and dream. It will color your life with full complacence in the morning. This particular foam made bed supports your spinal cords to get pressure-free while lying on your back. And it acts very well to repair any injured joints quickly.

Now you may come to the most common problem ‘the apnea’ that keeps you away from having a sound night sleep. When your traditional bed cannot offer you enough comfort, you do experience insomnia. And it may fall you into a state of endless suffering for the whole day. And you cannot enjoy the single second of your life. Here, the natural and ultimate solution is the memory foam. It will change the definition of sound sleep and happiness. If your insomnia is acute, you can pay trust on the gel-infused memory gel bed. It will let you forget the horrific experience of apnea.

And when the question of eco-friendliness gets especial attention to the standard testing and approving institution; this sort of mattress receives maximum acceptance. It’s manufacturing mechanism and materials are entirely free from the harmful use of chemical particles. It works as a natural safeguard of allergens, dust, mites, and bacteria.

Finally, regarding restful sound sleeping in any posture like back, chest, side, and combo nothing is more suitable than the memory foam bed. It allows you to rule over the kingdom of sound night sleep at any lying position. You will enter into a state of tireless sleeping mode that erases all aspects of frustration. This foam will offer you a morning of complacency and a day of delight.

When Should You Avoid Memory Foam Mattress?

The main motto of the review isn’t to insist on you purchasing a particular mattress. I will try to share you a complete mattress buying guide here.

Since 1970 a wider range of research has been conducted to find out the pros and cons of the particular foam.

When should Avoid Memory Foam Mattress

From the research-result, it has been found that for the following perspectives you may avoid purchasing memory foam.

If you have a hot-sleeping propensity, you can avoid memory foam. You know that memory foam is susceptible to reserve body temperature that may cause serious complications for you. And when you are so sensitive to cold sleeping weather, you should avoid cool gel memory foam bed. It may hamper your normal sleeping situation.

Most of the time sleeping experts forget paying enough heed to the lumber support of the mattress. Some studies say that memory foam cannot provide enough support to lumbar and in the long run, it can cause serious spinal complexities. Therefore, in this particular situation, you may avoid this mattress.

The manufacturing materials of the memory foam don’t allow moving around the bed. It’s less responsive to return to the previous position after pressure getting released. It won’t offer you a high degree of bounce for restful moving during night sleeping.Therefore, it cannot be an appropriate choice for you to move at any sleeping positions that you prefer.

What Things Made Memory Foam Mattress Unique In The Market?

Yes, it’s true that some of the features and functions of the memory foam may not match with your lifestyle and sleeping manners. It may vary from person to person’s experience. But except very few trifling cons this particular foam still ranks high in the market among many traditional products.

Regarding density, this foam is incomparable in the home Tex industries. It will offer you a new texture of comfortable night sleep which is almost unthinkable for the conventional foam. Furthermore, you may look at the quality materials those have been certified by CertiPUR-US before using in forming the mattress.

Now you may regard its natural therapeutic value to heal pain and release pressure points. The memory foam supports spinal cords to retain proper sleeping position whole night eliminating pressure points. Furthermore, it offers unyielding support to neck and shoulders to be free from unwanted ache and soreness.

Cool-gel and open-cell breathability is an essential factor that has made the product unique in the local shops. It pays no compromise with sound night sleep. And it creates dust and mites-free cool sleeping ambiance for restful relaxation. People of all ages can feel the real experience of comfortable sleeping.

A Note For The Sleepers Of Different Postures

When having a sound sleep is important, sleeping postures doesn’t require much attention. You may love different sleeping positions like side, back, stomach, chest, and combo. It can vary from man to man. But one thing is very important that how much support your mattress is to offer you pain-free cool night sleep. Here, we will check the compatibility of memory foam bed with various sleeping modes whatever you do prefer.

According to National Sleeping Foundation-NSF, a good number of people love sleeping on their side. The people those who sleep on their side they put excessive pressure on their shoulders, hips, and thighs. It requires more releases of pressure points than any other sleeping postures. In this particular circumstance, the memory foam made bed provides good enough support to release pressure points of the sensitive body parts. And it ensures pain-free cool night sleep.

While lying on your back, it requires support and pressure-relief simultaneously. If the traditional mattress cannot uphold your spinal cords properly, it may cause pain and spinal soreness. The memory foam is soft and comfortable enough to releases pressure points and to support your back for ache-free sleeping.

Although sleeping experts say no to stomach sleeping, a good number of people tend to choose this position. It leaves excessive pressure on chest, neck, and stomach; sometimes that may cause the serious sleeping disorder. In such a sensitive situation, only the memory foam made mattress can provide enough support to these body parts for avoiding any health complications.

It’s very common among most of the people to change their sleeping positions at the regular interval. For example, one can start sleeping on one’s side but in the morning discovering him on the back or stomach. In the case of sleeping combinations, the surface of the mattress is so important to let one choose any sleeping posture. The memory foam surface allows you to move easily and change the sleeping positions as you like best.

Things You Should Check To Choose The Right Memory Foam Mattress?

When you are a new buyer, it’s not an easy task to purchase a good quality mattress. Your eyes will be dazzled and mind will be confused in choosing the right one from thousands of the bed items in the market.

Today, I want to turn the tough job into the easier one for you. If you can follow the following factors step by step, you will undoubtedly reach to the memory foam that you dreamt of purchasing.

The Thickness Of Layers

It’s an important part of the memory foam that ensures comfort and softness. You should know the thickness of layers of the bed before choosing it.

The foam mattress can be two-layers and even more that of three-layers. And the thickness of foam layers may be of the different dimensions. Its range can be of 1-8 inches.

Layer Thickness

Furthermore, you can find it even of 14-inches or more. However, its layers are divided into basic three as a whole.

  • The top of the bed where we sleep is called the top layer. It’s one of the most important layers that ensures cool and contouring sleeping ambiance. The thickness of the top layer of the memory foam can range from 1-4 inches.
  • The layer which upholds the top layer is called the support layer. It’s a significant part of memory foam to provide enough support to the body while lying on it. It ranges from 1 to 4-inches thick.
  • And finally, the base layer which holds the top and the support layers. The strength and firmness of the bed entirely depend on the base layer. It provides support to the whole mattress. Its thickness level may be of 6-8 inches.
  • However, don’t be tensed and confused with the multi-level thickness. Justify the different categories and finally choose the right one which is compatible with your bed frame, budget, and affordability.

The Density Of Foam

Density is a basic indication of foam that fixes weight, height, comfort, and softness of the mattress. This is one of the key factors that determine whether the mattress is comfortable or not for you. However, there is no real standard of the density of the memory foam. It can vary based on the dimensions of the mattress and bed frame. Therefore, the home Tex experts have categorized the foam density in three major categories.

  • Low-density: The memory foam mattress that measures 3 lbs or below falls under this category. When you lie on this foam, it gets warm up and confirms contour sleeping experience. It welcomes you with an instant softer feeling which is unthinkable in high-density foam. Therefore, if you love less responsive and stiffness-free restful lying down, you can choose the low-density foam.
  • Medium-density: The depth of foam between 4-5 lbs is classified as the medium-density memory foam. This is probably the most preferred one due to the reasonable price and the unique mixture of soft and firm feeling ratio. It may be an ideal one for those who don’t love sleeping on too soft or so stiff bed. Furthermore, the medium-density foam is popular among users because of its longevity.
  • High-density: Finally, the foam mattress with 6+lbs is considered as the high density one. This particular quality of the bed is perfect for the people those who are suffering from serious pain and ache. It is highly useful to release pressure points and stimulate blood circulation in the sensitive body parts.

Therefore, due to the specific physical and financial condition, the foam density of memory bed can be different. You should understand very well which particular category is the best one for you. It entirely depends on your physical condition, affordability, and comfort as well.

Level Of Firmness

It’s an important indicator to ensure the level of responsiveness that how quickly the mattress bounces back after releasing pressure. The indentation force deflection (IFD) is essential for the foam to make sure the reflective support. The home Tex designers and developers use IDF-18 for soft and comfortable top foam layer and IDF-30 for the base support layer. Both of these are important for maintaining the responsive and reflexive characteristic of the memory foam bed.

Firmness Level

You shall have to keep in mind that there is no absolute standard of firmness for memory foam. For instance, the lower-density foam can be much more responsive and firm. Again the higher-density foam can be of less firm and responsive behavior. It depends on various factors such as thickness, density, and degree of IDFs.

However, don’t be worried about the level of firmness of the memory foam. First of all, determine either the low-density or the high-density foam you want to take because the level of firmness is closely related to the density of foam layers. And then talk with the marketers about the IFD standard; here the IFD 10 to 18 fix soft top layer and the IFD20 to 45 is used for the core firm base layer.

You know that memory foam is viscose elastic and popular for its responsive characteristic. When the responsiveness indicates the compatibility of the mattress to return to its original shape, the viscosity allows the sleepers to change lying position with less effort.

The traditional mattress is less responsive and so sensitive to temperature that exposes softness and comfort when it gets warmed up. If you are habituated to the single sleeping position whole night, you can consider the traditional one.

On the other hand, the gel-infused memory foam is ultra-responsive and quite viscose elastic to allow you move around the mattress. It offers you the freedom to change your sleeping positions whatever you do like. This is the ideal for the people those who change their lying posture at the regular interval during night sleep.

Motion Isolation

When you sleep with your partner on the same bed, it transfers your sleeping motion to your partner or the vice-versa. It poses serious disturbance to have a sound night sleep. Unlike conventional mattress, the memory foam bed can absorb motion with the motion absorbing formula. The motion absorbing compatibility can vary from one bed to another. Open-cell memory foam is more capable of absorbing the sweeping motions. You should never forget to check this particular feature before purchasing a memory foam bed.

Heat Retention

It’s an important factor for the mattress to ensure comfort and luxury during night sleeping. Heat retention means the absorption of the body heat in the foam cells that warms up the whole sleeping ambiance. The problem is that someone loves sleeping hot and someone feels free to sleep in cold condition.

The traditional memory foam can get warmed up very soon with your body heat. It’s less capable to stabilize the body temperature that leads to retaining heat for a longer period. Therefore, if you love the cold sleeping ambiance, it wouldn’t be a perfect choice for you.

Open-cell memory foam bed allows the free movement of air in the foam cells that stabilizes body temperature with the bed heat.

It can easily adjust to the surrounding environment. This foam bed is the perfect one to use both in hot and cold temperature.

Heat Retention

When you do love sleeping on the cold bed surface, the gel-infused memory foam would be the best choice for you. It will offer you cool sleeping fleeing whole night. This foam is capable of absorbing your body heat and turning it into a cool temperature for creating an exciting ambiance. However, you have to check the heat retention features of the memory foam to make your purchasing successful as you desired.

Mattress Cover

A cover is an important part that completes the mattress. It ensures how much comfort you will feel and how restful sleep you will have. So, never avoid choosing a cover of the best quality. The memory foam is normally of high-density and multi-layers foam that requires a hypoallergenic and air-infused cover. The hypoallergenic cover resists the harmful attack of dust, mites, bacteria, and allergens in the foam layers. And the air-infused properties help to add a substantial amount of air in the mattress to keep it dry and germ-free. Therefore, check the cover whether it is hypoallergenic and air-infused or not.

Mattress Supporter

When you are finally considering buying a mattress, you should pay heed to the bed supporter. An improper supporter can mar the overall condition of the mattress, and it can also decay the memory foam. Considering the size and density you can choose different types of bed supporters like box spring foundation, slatted bed frame, adjustable bed frame, and flatbed platform, etc. Therefore, take a quality bed supporter to enhance the longevity of your mattress.

Mattress Lifespan

Undoubtedly, you will try your best to choose the mattress that lasts for a longer time. And of course, you want to make a worthy investment in purchasing your lovely bed. However, it’s challenging to draw a decision which one is the best one regarding durability. The sustainability and longevity of the mattress depend on the manufacturing materials and mechanism. It’s honestly hard to comment seeing the features and functions at a glance. Here, foam density can be an ideal indicator to fix the particular one of the longer lifespan.

  • The higher the density, the longer the durability is. The customers’ review and their experience say that the mattress of 4lbs or more sustains for around 15 years. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that the more density is, the more weight it has.
  • If you have enough affordability to purchase a sustainable and durable mattress, you shouldn’t choose the memory foam bed of 3lbs or less. It’s less durable than the previous one.

Out of the density, there are many more indicators of an enduring bed such as firmness, thickness, quality materials, and so on. Therefore, don’t be so worried about purchasing a stable mattress. Just analyze all features and functions properly and fix the right one.

Trail Tenure

After researching and checking all features and functions yet you are in the state of dilemma you can ask the marketers for sleep trial period. From manufacturer to manufacturer it may vary the tenure of the trial. However, it may be for 100 to 200 nights for an entirely free sleeping experience. It’s a practical way to justify the quality of a mattress. It will offer you a great chance to examine whether the features of the bed adjust with your sleeping habit or not. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can return it with a full free refund. Therefore, never miss being assured of the sleeping trial while dealing with a marketer to purchase a solid memory foam mattress.

Usage Warranty & Guarantee

None love choosing a product with usage warranty and guarantee. Therefore, while buying a memory foam bed never forget checking its warranty or guarantee manual. It will offer you mental satiation to use the cushioned item without any hesitation.

Furthermore, it’s important to make the investment fruitful and sustainable. From brand to brand the duration of usage guarantee may vary.​

Usage Warranty

Furthermore, it’s important to make the investment fruitful and sustainable. From brand to brand the duration of usage guarantee may vary. You should choose the particular one which assures the guarantee for the extended period. For your extra caution never step your feet into a false advertisement of lucrative guarantee offer.

Top Five Techniques To Buy The Memory Foam Mattress

It doesn’t matter that you are purchasing a memory foam mattress either online or offline. But it’s a significant factor whether you are buying a quality item or not. When the home Tex market is full of different qualities products, it may seem a little bit difficult for to reach the standard one. Here, I will introduce you to five important steps to find out the best one among thousands of items in the market.

Look At The Manufacturing Country

It’s an important indicator that in which country the mattress was manufactured. Obviously, the home Tex industries of all countries are of same quality. Consider the product of the countries those have pas glorious history in making a standard mattress. You can undoubtedly count the products of European countries, Canada, and the United States of America. At the same time, you should avoid the countries those deliver lower quality items with an attractive price tag.

Counting The Brand Reputation

After country now the question is of the quality and reputation of brands. You will agree that all brands of a country cannot manufacture the same quality products. And all of them have no the same brand reputation.

Therefore, before purchasing choose a company which is existing in the market with the vast past brand fame.


Pay Importance To Customers’ Comments

It’s a wise way to talk with the customers those who have used the mattress earlier. You should pay enough attention to their comments. If you choose it online, you can go through the customers’ review which can give you a clear idea about the brand and the product. You can follow the valuable advice of the real customers before taking the final decision whatever you will purchase the mattress or not.

Justify Its Certification

This is so crucial for a quality-controlled and eco-friendly cushion whether it is certified by CertiPUR-US certified or not.

When a mattress is certified by the association, it receives eco-friendly usage acceptance across the world. It certifies that the cushioned item is free from all harmful chemical particles and 100% compatible with the surrounding environment.


And obviously, the mattress doesn’t pose any threat to the human health. When the Consumer Product Safety Commission approves that the bed is manufactured without mercury, formaldehyde, CFCs, TCEPs, and any other heavy materials; you should rely on this, otherwise not.

Check The Health Benefits

A quality foam mattress is naturally therapeutic with many promising health benefits. Unlike conventional mattress, it can erase muscle ache, back pain, and joint erosion. Furthermore, a standard bed is helpful to release pressure points of neck, chest, back, feet, and shoulders. And a quality foam bed is hypoallergenic to prevent the unwelcoming attack of allergens and bacteria in the foam layers. Therefore, when you find all of these health benefits in a mattress, you can put your trust on it as a quality bed.


At the very beginning, I said you that the motto of the review isn’t to purchase a particular mattress to you rather I wanted to inform you the ins and outs of how to choose a memory foam mattress?

I hope this is a complete buying guide that can help you to draw a right decision while planning to invest in a memory foam bed. No way to disagree that mattress is really a matter of our life. Therefore, why we shouldn’t be careful to choose a good quality comfortable bed for experiencing restful night sleep?

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