Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Reviews

There are many types of foams and ingredients out there to make a mattress. Latex is the durable, comfortable and highly supportive among the equals. And, lucid 10-inch latex foam mattress is classified for different reasons.

This lucid 10 inch latex foam mattress consists of 7 inches of polyurethane foam and 3 inches of natural latex. Both foams types are supportive and pleasurable.

Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Reviews

Instead, latex is renowned for a pressure relieve and its anti-allergens behavior. It confirms the springy feelings with the proper response and correct pressure so that you don’t get to sink into the bed.

The mattress is certified means no harmful chemical available. It comes with ventilated designed ensures the proper airflow for sufficient breathability. Apart from, a lot of inherent traits enrich this mattress.

The Key Traits

  • Side, back or stomach; perfect for all sorts of sleepers.
  • Relieves back and other joints pain.
  • Comes with multiples sizes; full, queen, king and more.
  • Ventilated structure removes heat trapping and enables air flowing.
  • Certified and eco-friendly mattress.

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Medium Firmness

The comfort, support and associated things depend on the mattress’s firmness level. This 10” bed is medium firmed. It’s indeed 2 out of 5. You may consider it resilient firmness even though some can find it as extra firm. Adding a topper can bring the additional plush by the way.

If you’re someone suffering from chronic back pain, then this lucid 10” latex mattress is ideal for you. Plus, the bed can offer stronger support to all if it’s placed on the heavier platform. In truth, it bestows the quality support what needs for pressure points.

Soft & Tencel Cover

Cover plays an essential role for a mattress. Unlike the other sheets, this lucid mattress brings Tencel cover that is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic too. The fabric comes with advanced technology, control moisture for the beautiful sleeping environment.

A cover may be the reason for comfort and disturbance as well.​ This flexible cover works as an extra air layer.

Lucid 10" Latex Foam Mattress

Don’t even think of the hot sleeping along with the sheet. It can add cooling feel on the mattress surface.

Ventilated Design

Latex is better than any other foam regarding breathability. This latex mattress does a great job to increase the airflow through the sophisticated ventilation process. The features let the air come easily though inside.

This great system wouldn’t let trap your body heat. On top that natural latex wipes the moistures away. It indeed features good elements to execute such jobs for easier air access.

Health Benefits Of This Lucid Latex Mattress

By Default, latex comes with more significant health benefits rather than any other mattress’s types instead. This lucid 10” enables the great features of health. If you’re already obsessed with lower back or other similar disorders, then it should be your first choice.

The medium firmness along with thick density polyurethane foam ensures the strong support and proper body contouring.

Unlike the other beds, the lucid latex is highly responsive and react instantly when you are on the surface. It is springy that ensures immediate response to the body and eradicates sleeping pain. The mattress’s 7” base foam takes care of pressure relieve and help you to lead restful sleeping

This Is Completely Eco-Friendly Mattress

Environment consciousness for a cushion is critical as you get to touch with it for a long time. By the way, this feature is not available for any traditional bed, the classified one instead. The lucid latex is the entirely eco-friendly mattress. You’ll not find any toxic ingredients here.

This mattress got the recognition from the concerned authority. It is CertiPUR-US certified means the harmful chemicals like lead, formaldehyde; mercury is absent here.

Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam

The bed keeps enough measures to protect the dust-mite and allergens too. If you have asthma and it can assist you a lot to breathe safely.

Owing to safe sleeping experience, you must need hypoallergenic and equally breathable mattress surface. Its cover and inside structure let you be secured. For sure, you don’t have to put up with any odor with the bed, it is moisture controlled and poor chemicals free.

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Who Should Consider The Lucid Latex?

  • If you’re asking for medium plush feeling, it’s for you as the mattress comes with desired firmness instead of too soft or harness any sorts of sleepers may get accustomed to it soon.
  • If you suffer from sleeping pain and other bone disorders, for sure the item is a right fit for you.
  • You don’t need to keep yourself far distance from allergies and dust mite, the natural latex and Tencel cover is to keep you in safe zone wiping away such alleges.
  • Who wants their mattress to last long, its loft recovery technology helps to sustain that for an expected period.

The Drawback

  • Consumers who used the bed claims about the latex’s smell.
  • Even though the firmness level is 2 out of 5, someone claims it is softer feel than that.

Why Should You Purchase This Mattress?

You will figure out a lot of lovely things along with this item. Indeed, it provides few exclusive traits what are typically not available for the other items. Instead, the mattress is suitable for all

Best For Guest Room

This bed is great to use for multiple purposes. Besides the usage of the master bedroom or even dorm room, this lucid piece is perfectly suitable for the guest room.

Good To Any Platform

This mattress is simply alright with all forms of foundations instead of any particular base. Somewhat, if you have an adjustable bed base, then it may work well than any other beds.

Long Lasting

The latex typically lasts for a more extended period. This mattress features quick loft recovery means it can hold its original shape and keep pace with time. No worries about wrinkles along with the piece.

Nice Shipment Process

The lucid mattress is vacuum packed, so you don’t get to handle any difficulties to set up. Furthermore, after unboxing and unwrapping from protective layer, you can use it efficiently.

Closing Thoughts

The lucid latex mattress is dedicated to giving the best sleeping experience. Its entire elements are safe, tested and certified as well. The foams’ structure soft cover allows the air and confirms the cooling night’s sleep.

The bed typically suits to all and specially made for people who seek pressure relief and eco-consciousness. Besides, it provides resilient feel through the base layer and plush feel with the upper latex layer. Apart from that, purchasing the mattress, you don’t have to tolerate the hassles of assembling.

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