Laura Ashley Mattress Review In 2018 – Plush & Supportive Bedding

Mattress makes our life happy and enjoyable. It colors our minds with the feeling of sound sleep. But sometimes shopping a mattress can be a bitter experience for someone. In the market, you will find a wider range of bed items of different qualities. Either you are a beginner or an experienced one; it may seem difficult for you to determine the best brand among thousands.

Undoubtedly, you desire having the maximum comfortable support from your lovely bed. And of-course, you don’t want to turn your investment into a futile one. Therefore, you have to pick the best-quality mattress of the renowned brand. Today, I will introduce you to the world-class brand the Laura Ashley. This is a reliably famous name to the thousands of customer for their home décor.

Laura Ashley mattress is a new hypoallergenic luxurious bed for ultimate comfort solution. This is a down alternative Abbeville collection available in king size. The extra plush sybaritic pad ensures equal support from the surface to the edge. All of the customized features of the bed are health-friendly and cost-effective. From this review, you will have a clear concept about the features and functions of the popular bed. Although the mattress isn't available, we highly recommend their bedding.

What Are The Key Features And Functions Of the Mattress?

Laura Ashley has designed this bed item with all modern features and useful functions. The manufacturer has considered everything to ensure your comfortable sound night sleep. With all of these amazing traits, the pad is now first choice the thousands of users.

Super Softness

The 1.5-inch deep surface foam makes sure amazing softness. It offers you relaxing feeling for having an uninterrupted night sleep. The softness of the bed releases extra pressure from the sensitive body parts and keeps them pain-free. Therefore, you have a comfortable sleeping experience whole night.

Micro-fiber Polyester Fabric

Unlike the conventional bed brand, it has customized this particular mattress with the micro-fiber polyester fabric. Therefore, the users have a smooth and comfortable feel on the bed. It offers you a comfortable solution of constant heavenly night sleep.

Hypoallergenic Cover

The extra plush hypoallergenic down alternative fabric cover ensures healthy living with sound sleeping. It protects your bed from the unwelcoming attack of dust, mites, allergens, and bacteria. Being down alternative the fabric cover works as a natural shield against allergens. And it hinders the sweat penetration into the deep foam layer of the mattress.

Spot Clean Only

The Abbeville fiber bed is tuned with the 130 TC micro-fiber fabrics that permits only spot cleaning. You should consider adding an additional waterproof mattress cover to avoid food or liquid contamination in the deep foam layer. It requires a special care while you are washing.

Available In Different Sizes

This particular one is of king size. But you also can find the queen size of the mattress. The king size measures 78x80-inches dimensions that fits well with the users of any shape.

With this particular size you can have an uninterrupted sleep beside your partner. And the net weight of the bed is 16 pounds that can hold the sleepers of big size without creating any harsh sound.

Aristocratic Design

This bed looks aristocratic with all eye catching designs. The finishing, furnishing, and crafting of the pad dazzle eyes and attract mind. It can change the overall looking of your bedroom. From top to bottom, all parts are beautifully designed with flawless features. It manifests the distinguished choice of the users.

Accurate Level Of Firmness

The users have reviewed that the mattress isn’t too soft or firm. It has an accurate level of firmness to provide enough support to the body parts. Furthermore, it allows you preferring your favorite sleeping posture. Without feeling any pain you can move around the bed whole night. The most importantly it absorbs the sleeping budges of the partners. And it hinders motion transfer from one to another sleeping partner.

Multiple Layers

The manufacturer has developed the bed with multiple construction layers with high density foam. It ensures you comfortable sleeping flavor whole night. Every single layer of the mattress is made of quality-controlled material. And the high density foam works as the central support centre of the cushion.

Ensure Overall Support

It’s an ideal item for providing overall support to the sleepers. It ensures equilibrium uphold from the edge to the middle. Therefore, it doesn’t matter during sleeping where you have moved. And it doesn’t mean that you have to always lie down at the middle of the bed. Laying down this true balanced bed you won’t feel sinking anywhere.

What Are The Useful Health Benefits Of This Luxurious Mattress?

Yes, this is an important and relevant question while purchasing a mattress for you and your family members. This bedding company has upgraded this particular cushion item with many more health benefits those are rarely found in the traditional one. As a hypoallergenic down alternative fiber bed it takes care of its users.

Resist Allergens

Have you ever thought that your bed is the main source of allergens that’s suffering you a lot? The lower quality foam cannot prevent the unwelcoming attack of dust and mites that causes allergens. Unlike conventional cushion, the Laura Ashley luxurious pad is hypoallergenic to shield the harmful attack of allergens to your body.

Release Pressure Points

The unyielding support of this mattress helps to release pressure points from neck, shoulders, chest, and thighs. It offers you pain-free joyful awakening in the morning. Furthermore, this particular pad protects backbones to get ruined gradually.

No Sleeping Disorders

In our daily lives, we face different sorts of sleeping disorders like apnea, dyspepsia, and drowsiness etc. Experts say that all happen due to the lack of sound night sleep. Offering you cool sleep whole night this mattress ensures you a jovial and enjoyable life with no sleeping disorder. It will protect you from all adverse effects of sleep caused complications.

Why Should You Consider The Mattress For Your Next Sleeping Company?

First of all, you should determine that for what a particular brand is the right one to choose. Ask your mind, whether the product fills your demand or not.

Never do mistake to check the built in features and functions of the bed that you want to purchase finally.

Please keep in mind that purchasing a bed is a big investment. Therefore, it must have to be a successful investment. Thousands of people are paying their faith on this company’s hypoallergenic micro-fiber mattress for all amazing features and quality services.

  • Comfortable sounds sleep whole night.
  • Uncompromising services with top quality manufacturing materials.
  • No harm for the environment and the users.
  • Elegant design with heart-hindering features and functions.
  • Full support with well balanced multi-layers deep foam.

Therefore, when the question of uninterrupted cool sound sleep comes forward and when the quality manufacturing material does matter for durability and uncompromising services; the name Laura Ashley comes first among thousands of home décor manufacturers in the world.


You are the best caretaker of your comfort and happiness. And you know better what particular featured of mattress will give you the heavenly touch of sound sleep. Therefore, I do believe that reviewing this article you will draw a definite decision to choose the right mattress among thousands in the market. Color your mind with smooth night sleep. Happy Sleeping!

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