5 Best Zinus Bed Frame Reviews 2018

Do you still figure out an adjustable bed frame or allegedly disturbed with existing one? Then Zinus bed frame might be the best alternative. It is the perfect brand regarding comfort, durability, and support as well. Probably you wouldn’t find any proper foundations with beautiful design, affordability, and efficacy like this for a mattress.

There you need no extra tools to assemble, and it’s super easy. You may not have to tolerate the bad noise with it. The entire materials and constructions of Zinus are exclusive rather than other brands. It doesn’t matter how much weighable you are; it holds up to thousands of pounds. Get smart and organized shipping system through the brand.


Comparisons of Best Zinus Bed Frame


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Zinus 14" SmartBase Platform Bed Frame Review

Zinus 14" SmartBase Platform Bed Frame


54 x 75 x 14

Zinus Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation


38 x 75 x 14

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed Review

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Bed


87.5 x 65 x 44.5

Zinus SmartBase Deluxe Mattress Foundation

Zinus SmartBase Deluxe Foundation


80 x 76 x 16

Zinus Modern Studio Platform Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Modern Studio Platform Metal


80 x 60 x 40

The 5 Best Zinus Bed Frame On the Market

 1.  Zinus 14" SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

Zinus 14" SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

If you’re planning to get a desirable frame this zinus platform bed might the best possible one. You don’t need any box spring along with this base. This is super easy for assembling without any accessories. It suits well to all sorts of sleepers.

Do you want the space under bed storage? Then 13” of clearance paves the way to meet your demand.​

​You don’t have any problem with noise since it offers quiet and sliding free sturdy support. You can spend the entire night with comfortable sleep with the frame, in fact.

This foundation is suitable to  any beds, whether it is box top mattress or anything else by the way. Alongside, it doesn’t require any tools to set up. The frame manages great security for the floor and mattress as well. You’d simply be surprised with its shipping process.

Key Attributes

  • Foldable design to simple carry.
  • Protect floor and bed greatly
  • Prevents mattress sagging
  • Durable and strong materials

 2.  Zinus Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus smart base is highly popular for the bed frame. And, this 14-inch foundation introduces exclusive features for you. It eliminates the problematic box spring along with 14” stands. You find the 13” storage beneath the base. This is super easy to assemble without any tools.

Get the steel bed frame with the base what ensures strong support. This is best bed frame for the heavy people.​ 

There is no noise rather; it ensures good night’s sleep to provide solid support. Any sorts of mattress; memory foam or latex are suitable to this zinus metal bed frame. This is foldable designed, so you may not have to face any problem with moving it through small doorways or staircase, for sure. Apart from that, get the easy and quicker shipping process along with warranty procedures.

Key Attributes

  • Holds up to 4400 lbs.
  • Increase mattress’s lifespan
  • Plastic caps to protect floor from scratching
  • Noise free and easy assembling

 3.  Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

The experts recognize Zinus frame, and many favorable appearances are available out there. This classical styling frame provides strong support for sound sleep. Moreover, the soft square gray upholstery creates real romance and safety for the users.

Get the wooden slats along with stunning headboards with this bed frame.​ The entire piece looks so stylish. 

​This platform bed is wobbling free and provides ultimate support to the sleepers. Furthermore, the 10 slats ensure completeness for the frame.

It negates the hassle of box spring and worries free assistance for you. This is not only adjustable to Zinus mattress but also to any sorts of bed like latex or spring. You would get the excellent shipping process, all the accessories are together and they are so easy to assemble.

Key Attributes

  • Headboard and 10 wooden slats
  • Footboard style frame for comfort and ease
  • Classical and gorgeous looks with optimal support
  • Suits to all forms of bed

 4.  Zinus SmartBase Deluxe Mattress Foundation

Zinus SmartBase Deluxe Mattress Foundation Review

You don’t need the disturbing box spring and frame too along with this 16-inch mattress foundation. The stands are 16” of high, and you would have the 15” of clearance for the storage beneath the bed. This is foldable foundation so; you don’t have the problem to move it through the staircase and narrow backdoor.

Find here 2 non-slipping pads so that it doesn’t shake or wobbles.​

Aside from that, the robust and durable steel foundation ensures the active support and security. You get to face no problem with suits for any types of bed.

Along with the metal frame, the item offers you reinforced edges. This is great features to ensure safety as well as prevent the bed from unwanted sagging. The structure also introduces some appearances for mattress’s sustainability.

Key Attributes

  • Non-slipping pads and metal frame
  • Noise free durable and sturdy support
  • Exclusive and premium materials
  • Foldable design and easy shipment

 5.  Zinus Modern Studio Platform Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Modern Studio Platform Metal Bed Frame Review

This is stylish modern studio platform bed frame what comes with ergonomic design and secure support for the sleepers. Meet the 10 wooden slats for heavier backing that also prevents sagging and enhance the bed lifespan. You don’t need box spring with the frame. There you meet 14” high stands and 12” of clearance storage for under bed usage.

Assemble it effortlessly within some moments without any tools. Get the headboard and frame along with this platform bed.​ You don’t have to face with any hassle of different sorts mattress as its adjustability is just cool, bring any bed like latex, hybrid or memory foam mattress.

All zinus bed frame review is flourished with the smart shipping process. Apart from that, this quiet frame what ensures sound and sliding free solid support. That’s for sure; this item is consumer and mattress friendly that satisfy you.

Key Attributes

  • No box spring and simple assembling
  • Wooden slats and steel metal frames
  • Protect mattress from sagging
  • No bad noise instead of wobbles free performance

Why Should You Buy Zinus Bed Frame?

There are a surprising number of things are available for zinus frame. We’d likely to say that this is one of the best foundations on the market. In fact, entire performance, affordability, and design hypnotize the users to go for it. Apart from that, you don’t have any problem to accommodate the base with any types of bed.

If you go through the entire efficacy and features of this frame, then you’d easily get indeed why this is the spectacular item. So we must say that, if you are still desperate to have any desired mattress foundation within affordable expense then this frame might be the best possible solutions.

Sturdy Materials

People tend to have much passion over the zinus foundations because it introduces supportive and durable materials. Its construction is highly sturdy that ensures proper support to the sleepers. The steel frame confirms motion and noise free performance. Some items come up with the wooden slats.

Alongside, you get the high stands and clearance for under bed storage. It paves the way to utilize the storage indeed. There you find to meet the headboard, footboard or more accessories with some product that classical and good looking. The stands, slats, frame or base every single material you’d get this brand bears the testimony of elegance and well performing.

Strong Support

Doesn't it matter how much costly or designed you bed frame holds? But the fundamental fact is, how much even support it provides for the sleepers. We’ve conclusive evidence that zinus bed frame is entirely capable of providing even and durable support for you. In agreement with, you won’t find sliding and motion along with the frame.

strong Support

The slats, metal designed structure and even entire shapes are made to offer the high backing for heavy person and others. As a matter of fact, mattress keeps secured with the context since it takes proper steps to manage that. Moreover, the base makes more weight. Some items hold up to 4400 lbs. That is not visionary as it comes up with the durable and robust materials.

Noise Free

It is truly disturbing if you find the bad noise when lying on the bed. But in truth, many frame brands are incapable of providing the even support, and that’s because of the construction wobbles or shakes. And, most of the time, it doesn’t suit to all forms of bed. We find the great process to make the base noise free with this particular bed frame.

To provide you the noise free backing, the item ensures the optimal comfort for a good night’s sleep. If you notice about the customers' reaction then must get their eulogy about heavy construction, and it's every single component. So be cent percent sure about its quietness that leads to hassle free sex or quality sleep.

Easy Assembling

People often get disturbed to assemble the bed frame since it’s problematic for lots of tools and accessories. But you don’t have to face any sorts of trouble to get this bed frame. In most of the items, you don’t need extra tools. After unboxing, you only need some minutes to set the entire thing up.

Since you know that, the assembling process is hassling and people don’t often like it to continue for a long time. But some manufacturers don’t care about it. In fact, Zinus is much easier than other sorts of the traditional bed frame in the market. That’s for sure; you never have to put up with the managing process.

The Expenditure

Even though, this is not a big deal to choose perfect mattresses frame but if you discover any quality thing within affordable expense then why should you not grab the opportunity? Following that, Zinus is the best brand that offers some quality products within the desirable cost range.

The good thing is, you may not have to leave the more bucks to catch its quality item. We are fascinated with its appearances and quality along with smart cost range. People tend to show their satisfaction over the affordability. That’s because we recommend you having this brands’ though it’s at reasonable expense.

Shipping Process

A vast number of customers are not satisfied with the bed frame shipping process. Indeed, they have bitter experience with that. People claim they don’t get the item in time. In truth, this Zinus mattress' foundation is highly recognized for a smart and quicker shipping process. You never need to wait for a longer period to get it.

shipping box

It ships to you very smartly. Each and every piece of thing is in order, instead of the messy way. It rather, send you a nice box compartment and throw the proper guidance with instructions paper indeed how to assemble that quickly with no problem. We assure that you get to be satisfied with the shipment process.

Why Zinus Platform Bed Is Exclusive?

People, who want to have the supportive surface along with beautiful design, often choose the platform bed. Sometimes, it’s considered as the alternative bedroom by the way. Its solid surface and perfect design hypnotize the consumers. But there is a call in questions that what is the beautiful brand to provide you best platform bed?

We’ve explored something special to Zinus platform bed. Here you find the best adjustability to any sorts of bed no matter it does latex, memory foam or hybrid. In agreement with, no motion or noise you’d have through the platform bed, whether you're a back or side sleepers. Let’s see what the other stuff make it spectacular.

Specialized Design

We love its detailed design. Sometimes you would get some classically shaped item what may lift with an imagination of mid-century. Besides that, it maintains the super class quality rather than other traditional bed frames in the market. The brand hardly designs any frame for the distinguished item instead of matching for all. So that’s because you don’t need to worry for that. It’s just perfect to your thinking.


In the zinus bed frame reviews, you’d meet some durable and practical components. Probably you cannot take the disturbance for traditional box spring. And, the headboard, footboard, frame or entire base is the greatest elements of the item. Each and every ingredient for this brand made with advanced research so that you might enjoy the real taste of comfort and strong backing.


Stability is the key indicator to have the sturdy bed frame. Even though, it often seems that most of the vendors are callous to it. But in this bed frame, you could discover some specific stuff what demonstrate the durability and stable support. In fact, there is no wobbling and sliding you got to face with this brands’ item.


If your platform foundation is not accommodating nicely, then it’s almost impossible to find the right form of pleasure. You can bring your desired mattress type here and get the excellent accommodation. You don’t need any particular bed to get adjusted for this frame. It’s our deep research, hope you can’t find the other forms bed frame like this one.

Friendly Foundations

Almost every people desire for close support with the bed foundations, but is this possible to conclude that within the traditional type of beds? Obviously not, But this platform bed is right to offer that, no matter for specialized foam or Avena. It protects the bed from sagging and also kind to the floor since you would have the plastic cap so that the legs cannot harm the floor.

The More Attributes

  • The steel frame construction is sturdy and supportive rather than other common bed frames.
  • Ultimate solution for the bed frames and box spring too, no hassle for the users.
  • The base and frame both are so sturdy and well structured, those hold extra tons.
  • The design is eye catching and no problem to assemble the item; you may do the entire stuff within shortest possible time.
  • That’s pretty sure, you could enjoy the comfortable sleep with that since it offers quiet and wobbles free support.
  • Another big indicator is; the sleepers can adjust with the foundation easily with any sorts of mattress.

What’s Our Special Judgment?

There is a good chance to be hyped from the gimmick of some brands, and that’s because we’ve dug out a lot of stuff to throw you the factual info about the best bed frame. Here we’d brief you some indicators and values so that you could quickly grab the core matters to choose the right items.

From the variety of bed frames, available in the market we are fascinated with the zinus brands. The simple why are its affordability, performance and friendly support for the users. Apart from that, you’d discover here a lot of consumers’ satisfaction over the frame.

It’s super easy to unbox and assemble within some moments where in other brands’ item, you got to struggle to go for that. Furthermore, it is hassle free, and you don’t need unnecessary things to place that in the right zone. Indeed, people love this feature a lot.

You could hardly find the material like that. The every single part from the brand is advanced and user-friendly. That’s because you can quickly adapt with that with preferable bed. The sturdy construction is highly preferable to use, and it takes more pounds than your thinking.

You would have more sizes and maneuverability with the items. Twin, king or queen, any sorts of things, are available for you. In addition to, there is an excellent warranty procedure you would have for this brand’s foundation.

The Verdict

This is our conclusive evidence that we’ve figured out some authentic betterment for the users along with the zinus bed frame. All the qualities and attributes are well organized these help you to get desired support and security. Unlike other mattress foundation, there you find no hassle of assembling, slipping and overall harmful things. Then if you’re still trying to scratch the surface for having the best types of bed frame then don’t delay to grab this one.

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