5 Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation Reviews 2018

Even though there are a lot of mattresses and their brands are available out there, but among them, memory foam mattress is surprisingly demandable. That’s because people tend to have the best foundation for memory foam mattress. We are also fascinated with such sorts of beds and its suited frame because of quality, ergonomic design, and excellent adjustability.

People even get hyped for unawareness about the item. In fact, everyone who seeks the bed frame should know some basic guidance. Although there is a scarcity of having the exact info, we are committed to reaching you with proper instructions. Let’s get to know about the nitty-gritty of memory foam bed frames.


Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation - Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Zinus 14" SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus 14" SmartBase Mattress Foundation


54 x 75 x 14

Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14" Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame


75 x 54 x 14

Classic Brands Hercules Mattress Foundation

Classic Brands Hercules Mattress Foundation


80 x 60 x 13

Platform Bed Frame Solid Wood Mattress Foundation

Platform Bed Frame Solid Wood Mattress Foundation


61 x 15 x 5

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed


87.5 x 65 x 44.5

The 5 Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation in 2018

 1.  Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation / Platform Bed Frame

This is noise free and highly durable supported, perfect for any sorts of the mattress. Different types of sleepers tend to have it since it is excellent support based frame. To enhance the storage space, find here 14” stands.

Users don’t need any tool or equipment to assemble it; this is super easy. The zinus base is renowned for fitting for any kinds of the bed such as latex, memory foam, innerspring or hybrid mattress.

Get the quiet and stable platform for anyone’s usage.​

The smart bed frame comes up with the surprising number of customer reviews. Aside from that, the brand’s support base confirms having the motion and sliding free, comfortable sleep. Plus, it introduces very easy and efficient shipping process to reach you.

Highlighted Features

  • Plastic caps to protect the floor from scratching
  • Simple assembling without any tools
  • Ensures high ranges of support
  • Sturdy frame and base along with beautiful design.

 2.  Olee Sleep 14" Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Olee Sleep 14" Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Olee is one of the best brands that produce mattress and its accessories. Meet this 14 inch steel bed frame along with sturdy and durable slats. Don’t even think of slate broken; rather it’s highly supportive. You don’t need any box spring; the solid frame is quite enough.

It doesn’t take large space to place. It offers the robust and sturdy support to any sorts of bed instead of olee mattress only. This durable bed frame is easily settable. Moreover, your floor would completely be safe from scratching.

You would find foldable steel brackets along with the frame, in a beautiful box. Never be worried about sliding or wobbling since the frame construction is sophisticatedly designed. In fact, the entire elements of the bed frame keep you secured.

Highlighted Features

  • Solid steel’s slats and bed frame
  • No shaking or sliding
  • Durable construction and steel brackets
  • Smartly shipping and easy to set up.

 3.  Classic Brands Hercules Mattress Foundation

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

This is not like any traditional bed base; get the real touch of heavy duty steel along with robust and sturdy support. Find the metal bed frame and durable construction more things together. There you get the wide varieties of customer’s reviews and eulogies with the item. This Hercules platform metal frame is superb annexation from this recognized brand.

The steel frame foundations and 14” high stands provide the room beneath the frame.

The flat and rigid surfaces of the frame protect your mattress nicely.​ That’s because you don’t to worry for sagging and another dangerous stuff. Get the caps and wrap the stand and protect your floor from any sorts of scratching.

Since it’s a platform bed, then you don’t need box springs. You could be easily elevated with the frame, excellent for all sorts of sleepers. Through the beautiful style of lying, you can enjoy the entire period of sleeping. You don’t have to take the hassle to assemble the items, and it’s easy to do.

Highlighted Features

  • Great to reduce back and joint pain
  • Caps to protect the floor from stains and scratch.
  • Procedures to increase the mattress lifespan.
  • Super easy assembling system without any tools.

 4.  Platform Bed Frame Solid Wood Mattress Foundation

Platform Bed Frame Solid Wood Mattress Foundation

It is American made quality bed frame with wooden slats. The frame holds any sorts of sleepers up to 900 pounds at ease. Along with this platform, you don’t need any foundation or box spring. It’s originated with the famous North American pine.

Do you know how stable base is it? Meet the 7-Layer Pressed Pine Slats that holds enough pounds than your expectations. You may not have to worry about the setup, make it less than 3 minutes without anyone’s help.

This slat is highly supportive and sturdy; you need not think of movement or wobbling through the frame. You’d discover here wide variety of reviews. In fact, the frame is exceptional to other because of design, durability and assembling too.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium the USA made materials
  • Solid wooden slats and sturdy base
  • Perfect to any types of bed
  • Easy assembling and nice shipment.

 5.  Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

This is one of the memory foam bed frames that ensure sturdy and proper mattress support to the sleepers. Find the beautiful colored faux leather along with the frame. Furthermore, it’s supportable to any sorts of mattress memory foam, innerspring or latex.

It is best to confirm complete wood slat support and motion free sturdiness. People tend to pick it up for platform bed frame also.​

​It takes proper steps for easier adjustability, gets the legs, wooden slats and frame too along with the box compartment.

It adds the nice value for your bedroom. That’s pretty sure, you never to think of the support and comfort through the bed. The footboard style frame is spectacular rather than other typical mattress foundations.

Highlighted Features

  • Nice combination of headboard, footboard and wooden slats
  • Sliding and motion free base
  • Very easy assembling process
  • Nice and hassle free shipment

The Attributes Of Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress

You’d be surprised to get acquainted with the qualities about these sorts of mattress frame. There you don’t have to face any hazard to accommodate with it. From the varieties of sizes and types, you’ve to choose the desired one. In agreement with that, it usually offers durable and sturdy foundations for the sleepers. That’s pretty sure to consume the memory foam mattress frame, you could have something special.

Suitable Foundations

Along with the rigid surface, ensuring the proper foundations is equally needed. There are large types of the frame, but the million dollar question is, whether it is appropriate to the mattress or not? This is our deep research that we’ve found superior adjustability to the memory foam mattress foundations. In fact, it suits all sorts of bed.

You don’t need to pay the more bucks for such types of frames. It often seems that people express their great satisfaction over it and they also reviewed what exactly they think of it. Furthermore, this foam’s foundation is super easy to setup. That’s because users are happy to grab it.

Heavy Materials

If the users don’t have the durable and supportive materials, then it’s never easy to get the support and comfort as well. But for the time being, you wouldn’t have any problem with the ingredients and materials of memory foam mattress bed frames. The simply why is, it is mostly used and nicely suitable to overweight people too. 

Alongside, this is renowned sorts of frame what enhances the lifespan of your bed. It composes side rails, slats or the legs everything is congenial to your strong foundations. At the same time, we’re assuring that you may not have to tolerate the disturbance from weak and fragile materials along with this type.

Mattress Friendly

As you know, memory foam frame is considered as the best bed frames. That’s why people often seek this sort of structure. And, another great thing is, all kinds of the mattress are truly adjustable to it. Unless the foundation is not suitable for conventional forms of bed, then you might not enjoy the entire cool atmosphere.

Mattress Friendly

We are highly delighted with this foam’s foundation just because of its excellent suitability. It doesn’t matter what sorts of bed you are going to consume; amiable mattress structure is the fundamental fact. So, it’s our judgment that even though you’d meet a good number of vendors who may persuade you but you to seek the friendly bed in agreement with the need.

No Wobbling

If the bed wobbles and shakes allegedly then it is fancy to get the ease and pleasure. There are enormous brands and types those can’t be able to provide the desired frame just because of repeatedly shaking or moving. But, this memory foam mattress base provides optimal sleeping support without any sorts of sliding or wobbling.

Noise free construction is desirable for any types of mattress foundation. But people often tend to fight shy of this behavior. From the variety of attributions of this foam bed frame, supportive and massive constructions are premier. So if you want to have the proper and vigorous support, might use this.

Design & Shape

Size, design, and shapes are truly important for the low profile mattress foundation and other sorts of the frame too. Alongside the other stuff, sleepers need ergonomic design and well developed to adjust the other forms of bed instead of some particular mattress. Though, we often notice the bed frame vendors claim they offer standard types to welcome the other beds properly, but in genuine they don’t. In truth, this one is perfect for any types seeker, whether you're stomach or side sleepers.

People usually want to have the beautiful designed and colored frame. As a matter of fact, a wrong shape and design are dangerously harmful that can ruin your mattress life and leads to some unfortunate problems like sagging. That’s because we prioritize the customers to get the right shape of the frame instead of any gimmick.

Thinks To Consider Before Buying Best Bed Frames

Before having the foundations, you get to careful of some core facts else; you wouldn’t grab the best one. In fact, it’s not about getting a frame with wooden slats or heavy metal, and this should be unique or highly supportive.

It’s never anything like this; don’t speculate to consume the perfect item unless you are not conscious about the nuts and bolts of it. Probably, you are a little of hesitated, alright, here we would let you know from the very basic things to advanced stuff about best bed frame.


Durability is the most important indicator to choose the foundation for you. It doesn’t matter what sorts of essential equipment you do have but unless you find the frame durable when on the bed then it’s never possible to have the supportive bed. You get to close your eyes what materials you are having from the vendor.


Some wooden slats and steel frame are durable to take the massive pounds. We recommend having the base of holding minimum 900 lbs. To ensure the perfect and sliding free support, there is no alternative to having the firm bed. That’s because experts suggest people observing the fact firstly rather than other associative matters.

Frame & Base

Your entire body support mostly depends on the frame and the base. If you don’t get the enough sturdiness from manufacturers, then it’s not feasible to find the comfort indeed. Some brands don’t need box spring, and that’s because it ensures not to hold the more storage. The frame is also great indicator to get enough support

That’s for sure if you want to confirm the good night’s sleep then you to seek the stronger and durable smart support base. For long lasting use, try to get the metal frame. Some vendors offer to have the solid steel frame. Besides ensuring these facts, you get to take greater care about the strong supportive solid base as well. It leads to perform nice sexual stuff by the way.

Bed Slats

To confirm the massive support and comfort, it’s must to have the heavy slat. Besides the other materials like frame, base or box springs you got to ask for the robust and durable slats. You might get the solid steel or wooden slats. There are many types, and diversified items are available, you need to fix it up according to the bed frame.

Bed slats usually offer the extra support and great assistance so that it doesn’t dance with you. We prefer wooden slats for you since it’s best to assemble quickly with any sorts of a mattress by the way. Apart from that, it’s particular type to prevent the unwanted sagging. You can also find other kinds of slats it these meet the bed’s demand.

Easy Assembling

Even though some people opine, it’s not the big factor for getting the foundations, but we claim that easy assembling is needed to satisfy the consumers. It’s important when you need to replace the accessories like bed slats, side rails, and other things. But the great news is, nowadays almost all the brands offer simple assembling process.

Users would like to set up the bed in a minute. There are many vendors you’d find who provide proper guidance to place it accurately. Through the instruction paper, you may do the stuff within some moments. Eventually, get to know that if your desirable frame is not easy assembling but durable and supportive then don’t avoid it just because of more comfortable setting.

Shipping Box

Shipping behavior is heavily important for the foundations. It’s not a trivial thing that the vendor ships and you’d receive. There are some tools and accessories along with the box. Look for them at inside compartments. Some manufacturers offer the tools to set up the foundations and other required things.

Shipping Box

For your information, there are many brands out there that send the separate items from another thing. Just get to know that, you may get stands then slats or another accessory. Be sure about the shipment and don’t get panicked if not have the all items together along with the foundations’ box.

What’s Our Special Judgment For Mattress Foundations?

There are numerous types of foundations or frames like mattress foundation queen or king. But what’s the actual bed that let you feel optimal pleasure when relaxing or go for the sleeping? It’s not the reply of instant. From the deep research, we’ve known that there tons of types or categories about the frame but people often cannot figure out the exact items for suitable beds.

It doesn’t matter you’re finding the King size bed foundations or anything instead. The core fact is, you to seek the comfortable and sturdy construction. To get all these things done, here we are to assist to so that you might have the exact info scratch the entire surface.

  • Technological Aspect: Some users are the highly technological geek, and they want to have something with its touch. Do you believe that? There are some brands like classical brands manages the things correctly for the customers. Here you find the remote controller and USB charging port too. And all these things would help you find the desired surface by the way.
  • Medical Affairs: If you are medically recommended, then get to be extra careful of some special things and at the same time ask for the particular sort of beds. That’s genuine that the common forms of foundations are unable to meet your demand. Seek for the foot retainer and simple alleviation process. To get these some other things, a frame should provide the real comfort for suggested people.
  • Equipment: Almost every type of frame compose some standard tools or accessories, and those are much required. Besides these, it depends on the demand of beds. For instance, box spring is not necessary for all types of bed. In agreement with, you don’t always need assembling tool. So before getting the items, you to look for the essential tools what go for it.
  • Floor Protection: It’s very common forms of complaint that bed frame scratches the floor. Even though some brands offer the tools or accessories to protect that, but most of them are callous. Use the caps on the legs so that it don’t scratch, even the moves or some shakes. To maintain the indication, the floor can stains free even when the foundations’ construction is so rigid.

The Verdict

We’ve shared all relevant info about how could quickly find the right bed frames. From the effortless assembling process to user guidance, we get all these things completed. Eventfully, repeat that, to ensure the superb comfort and pleasure, durability and sturdy materials are greatly needed. Don’t look for the expenditure for this item since it depends upon some classified affairs instead of that.

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