5 Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds 2018

People all around the worlds have different choices over bed’s platform. And, with that, they are lovable to bunk beds too. This form of bed is stylish, supportive and pleasurable for sex and similar kinds of stuff. But, the sleepers often face difficulties to choose the best mattress for bunk beds.

Are you confused and still to figure out those mattresses? You shouldn’t since we are here to put you on updated zone to choose that before last dealings. Never be perplexed with flashy vendors, let’s clear the air of top bunk mattress.


Top 5 Mattress for Bunk Beds Comparison


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 5" Bunk Bed

Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 5" Bunk Bed


74 x 39 x 5

Signature Sleep Memoir 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep Memoir 6" Memory Foam Mattress


39 x 75 x 6

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Mattress

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Mattress


74 x 38 x 7

Modway Aveline 8" Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Modway Aveline 8" Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress


8 x 39 x 75

LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress

LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress


75 x 39 x 8

The 5 Best Mattress for Bunk Beds in 2018

 1.  Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 5" Bunk Bed

Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed Twin

Every kind of bed is not suitable for the bunk beds. This zinus 5-inch memory foam mattress is great to place on any platform, and it ensures super class comfort.

Find the CertiPUR-US Certified foam for the durability, comfort and excellent performance. The Zinus offers exact requirement for the best bunk bed for mattress.

Find the multiple layers of foam for different tasks. Its 1-inch memory foam ensures the high range of comfort, aside from that 1-inch particular pressure relieving foam and 3 inches of high-density foam provides the ultimate support.

This sleep master mattress introduces the latest version of memory foam. Get here natural plant oil instead of harmful petroleum. The brands always welcome eco-friendly appearances.

The mattress helps to curve the body nicely and confirm health benefits. The friendly budget, warranty procedures, and very smart shipping system are available on the bed.

Key Features

  • Advanced memory foam, especially for bunk bed
  • High-density base foam for sturdy support
  • Eco and health friendly mattress
  • Patented technology for quick and safe shipment

 2.  Signature Sleep Memoir 6" Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep Memoir 6" Memory Foam Mattress

Are you wishing for having the 6-inch twin mattress for the bunk bed? Then Signature sleep memoir is the superbly ultimate bed. 1.5” top layer of memory foam and 4.5” of high-density base foam are the excellent combinations of this mattress. It also helps to mold your body perfectly and creates beautiful sleep’s surface.

On top of that, this signature sleep mattress suits nicely to the bunk beds, and it’s perfect for all sorts of sleepers by the way.​

No harmful chemicals are available there like lead, mercury and related things. This 6 inch twin mattress for bunk bed is excellent to place on any surface like the bare floor, platform bed or trundle beds. There are multiple sizes of beds are available. The mattress delivers strong support to the body and confirms the pressure reliefs too.

This Signature Sleep Memoir bed is blessed with superb and A1 elements that take care of your lower back, hips, shoulder and feet too. Keep your spinal health secured through this mattress. Bu the way, people appreciate this mattress for reducing motion separation, equal weight distributions, and amiable health behaviors.

Key Features

 3.  DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Mattress

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Crazy Quilt with 7-Inch TriZone Mattress

Are you desperately trying to figure out the best twin mattress for bunk beds, and then DreamFoam Bedding is the perfect one indeed.

Find here the desired 6.25 Inch Tri-Zone construction that ensures proper support and comfort for all sorts of sleepers instead of individual people.

The mattress is made by America and gets the Certi-Pur Foam along with the bed. The foam is 100% certified; only a few types of foam get his recognition. This twin mattress is highly suitable for bunk beds and sleepers with any positions.

The mattress offers pressure relieving support. It helps to curve your body nicely and able to reduce the risk of some disorders. It secures the hips, shoulders, lower back, and the spine health too. It’s eco and budget friendly mattress with the long range of sustainability.

Key Features

  • This is Tri-Zone what confirms ideal sleep surface for all.
  • Made in the USA and along with recognized Certi-Pur Foam
  • Alleviates risk of disorders and ensures correct postures of organs.
  • Particular quilted layer and elegant fabrics.

 4.  Modway Aveline 8" Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Modway Aveline 8" Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Modway is the great brands to produce mattress, and this Aveline 8 inch is just too fresh to ensure superior comfort and tremendous support. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified, and no harmful chemical are available there like formaldehyde, lead or mercury.

This mattress is great to support your body correctly. It delivers the pressure relief to the several organs such as lower back, hips or spine.​

This mattress is great to support your body correctly. It delivers the pressure relief to the several organs such as lower back, hips or spine. Aside from that, this is indeed a fresh bed what ensures the safety for vertebrae and spinal health.

This twin mattress welcomes open cell memory foam what confirms the super range of comfort. It ensures to get the quality sleep. Through the bed, you never have to face the motion disturbance from the partner by the way.

Key Features

  • Gel infused memory foam creates cooling sleep surface
  • Completely eco-friendly mattress, absence of harmful elements
  • Medium firmness for ultimate support and sound sleep.
  • Excellent shipping process with a vacuum packet

 5.  LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress

LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Twin

Do you know LinenSpa is a great mattress brand that promotes the best mattress for bunk beds? It combines the innerspring and the memory foam. The foam takes care about the optimal comfort and besides the innerspring ensures the active support.

Find the 1.5-inch layer of memory foam that is annexed to provide the pressure relief on several parts of the body. Aside from that, the brand welcomes soft and breathable mattress’s cover.

The bed maintains balance superbly and contours your body well rather than other bunk beds. It comes up with the medium firmness and excellent lower back support. The foam is CertiPUR-US, and each ingredient is environment-friendly by the way. In addition to, it carries about following particular bounce level for the sleepers to ensure excellent support and ease.

Key Features

  • Lovely combination of springs and foam for comfort and pleasure
  • Incredible support for back, hips and veritable too.
  • Certified, eco and health friendly
  • Suitable for all kinds of people with different sleeping positions

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Mattress For Bunk Bed

The people familiar with the matter firmly believe the users get to think some affairs deeply to go for the final dealings about choosing what kind of mattress for bunk beds suit perfectly. In truth, every bed is not adjustable to accomplish the same kind of stuff, and that’s why there are some classifications for sex mattress or mattress for overweight guys.

A significant number of people don’t find the exact guidance to choose that since enormous manufactures out there push them to come up with their directions. Here we’d discuss some essential things so that people get to understand the factual data about best bunk bed mattress. We’d like to be with you to get you educated about this thing indeed. There we are!

Sturdy Support

Support is a big issue for any sorts of mattress instead of some particular fact. The experts familiar with the issue urge, someone needs to be extra careful about the support to find the beautiful and efficient surface of sleeping.

Aside from that, it’s greatly needed when that goes for bunk beds.​

strong Support

If you don’t find that perfectly, there are good chances to be unsupportive and injured allegedly through the bed by the way. And that’s why; you get to consider whether the bed is mighty supportive or less behaved.

Pressure Relieving Traits

For all sorts of beds, you desperately need to find out the pressure release’s benefits. Unless this trait is unavailable, then you never get to figure out the comfort zone through the mattress. That’s pretty sure, in the case of bunk beds, the features should have existed.

To let you understand entirely, here, we’d discuss the collective behavior of pressure-relieving supports so that you could quickly grab that and hope, if such appearances are available to the beds then you can certify that as beneficial to the pressure points.

  • Support To Back: The first and foremost condition, it should be supportive to lower back and better if the appearances were available for the upper back too. It protects you to get injured from these unwanted pains in fact.
  • Balanced Weight Distribution: you should choose such types of mattress what ensures even weight distribution to the body. And, along with the way, your entire body’s parts would remain safe and it’s more required in case of such type’s bed.
  • Spinal Health Supportive: spinal health is vital, and mattress plays a leading role to keep that particular organ secured. To provide enough support to the targeted area, you need to grab those beds what suits to back and spine nicely.
  • Alleviates Joint Pain: if you want to secure your bone’s health and some other related things like feet, neck and even hips then go for ultimate mattress what can assure to provide such equipment.

Medium Firmness

Alright, if the mattress is too hard or extra soft then get to know that, you’re not consuming the best one. The bed included with such appearances doesn’t respond well to the body. And, that’s why it’s important to get the bed with medium firmness.

Even though there are few classifications are existed out there, for instance, side sleepers need a bit of soft mattress, or overweight people need some different types. But the experts agreed that reasonable firmness is equally important for all.

Suitability For Multiple Surface

What types of bed do you want to place over the base or platform? Is it memory foam mattress for bunk beds or latex or something else like these? The most important thing is, it needs to place over that entirely. And, for a quality sleep surface, this is mandatory, we must say.

Just because of that, you get to be pretty sure. Indeed, the matters you’re going to choose for the bunk beds is applicable to the solid base, hard floor, platform bed and even steel frame. You should prefer just what meets that demand entirely.

Be Conscious about Eco-Friendly Behavior

According to the people associated with the subject, claim that it doesn’t matter how much costly your bed is or what sorts of precious elements are pushed inside there if the mattress is not an environment-friendly.

So get to know from our deep research what the common traits of eco-friendliness are.

Eco Friendly

Absence Of Heavy Materials

How could you understand that your mattress is eco-friendly? And apart from that, what are elements should be absent there to be your bed environment-friendly. There are some certain sorts of issues to figure out that. So that’s because you need to know about them before choosing best mattresses for bunk beds.

  • Formaldehyde
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • PBDEs

On top of that, there should have been no dangerous chemicals like these. In a short period, such things may help your mattress being flashy, but eventually, it hampers allegedly to the consumers. There is severe health risk is out there to use those.

From the deep research, we could say that it’s not only for the top bunk beds; you should be choosy except such dangerous pieces of stuff. In brief, these are the things or chief conditions for the environment-friendly mattress.

Breathability For Cover

Even though, you are going through the guidance to pick up the charming bed but do you know? Most of the time, you do have connection with the mattress’s cover. And that why, if the cover is not breathable then there is good chances to be affected by a lot of diseases including to allergy.

To keep away such illness, try to take a cover what maintain such criteria. Just get to remember that you have a long way to go with the cover since it places over the mattress’s top layer.

  • Soft and Flexible
  • Knit Fabrics
  • Breathable and Chemicals free
  • Hypoallergenic

CertiPUR-US Recognition

There is an indirect relation between the certification and the safety of foams or materials, inside there. Only a few beds get this prestigious recognition, and this is highly cool to know a mattress environment conscious. Though some people associated with the fact, don’t believe it can be a major issue we urge to you consider the matter deeply to choose the mattress.

In fact, it denotes the supremacy of foam and all the kinds of kinds of stuff, used in the cushion are safely, and the users have to face no difficulties to face them.

What’s Our Overview For Bunk Beds Mattresses?

We are committed to delivering you the factual data, indeed what we think. And, that’s why; we’d try hard to let you know about its nitty-gritty from the very depth research. As a matter of fact, someone needs to keep the eagle eye to have the best mattress from the mazes of choices out there. What do you need to figure out for specs? Here you are!

What About The Sizes?

Alright, the size obviously matters for these beds. The simply why is, your weight, shape and the requirements. There are many sizes beds are existed there like the twin or full or even if queen.

From our deep research, we’ve got to know that, in case of it, people love the twin mattress instead of any size. The solid reason behind that is, it suits well the body and any sorts of the base.

The Foam’s Types

Foam’s types are always the crucial issue for any mattress and also vital fact for the bunk bed. Memory foam is recognized for that. There is enormous lovable stuff are there for this foam. It's quilted layer, and sophisticated elements present the beautiful surface.

Besides these, memory foam decorates with comfort providing ingredient. Furthermore, you don’t need to think of the pleasure and ease. Then, to choose the mattress for this type of bed seek this foam and hope you might find the cold bed.

The Brands


The harsh truth about the mattress is, all the brands are not perfect for producing all forms of bed. To get the nice bunk beds bed, you can pick some notable names what are specialized to present this mattress before you.  

We want to recall the signature sleep that is indeed great, and people praise a lot over this brand.​

We want to recall the signature sleep that is indeed great, and people praise a lot over this brand. Another one is The Zinus that’s also likable to the people. Do you know the DreamFoam Bedding? It’s highly recognized to present matters for especially to that top bed.

The Associative Stuffs You Need To Consider

Except for the facts mentioned above, you need to take care of some other important things so that; you get the best notion to grab that sort of mattress. Let’s look at the additional facts what also need to consider.

  • Expenditure: We reckon, you don’t have to cost so many bucks to choose those mattresses. We’ve scratched the surface deeply and reached the judgment that these types of beds are not so expensive.
  • Consumer’s Reaction: consider the other people thought, you would get the clear conception about what they are thinking about the bed, you can merge that with experts verdict and our guidelines.
  • Shipment: Alright, this is not a major issue, but some people are seriously meticulous, they want to get the easier shipping. Some brands like Zinus manages fast shipment with smart box and patented technology.

F.A.Q About Best Bunk Bed Mattress

Lots of people out there raise versatile questions about this. They do have the query and also some sorts of the answer, and we will let you aware of such things to get extra cautious.

Q: Is It Perfect During Sex?​

A: There is no problem to make fun sex with this mattress. It maintains proper bounce level and sinakge too. And, you know these two are important to find the pleasurable sex. So don’t even think of that, just enjoy the party.

Q: Do They Deliver Comfort Like Other Platform?​

A: The manufacturers who make the best mattress for bunk beds takes great care so that it suits nicely to all sorts of the platform. The beds, we mentioned here are exceedingly right to place overall base and including to bunk beds. So, not to worry about that!

The Verdict

Eventually, we’d like to say, if you like bunk beds and trying hard to find the best mattress to suit over that nicely, then follow our instructions. Hope, you may not have to be in danger to get that. Bunk bed is stylish undoubtedly, and it goes extra gorgeous when you put a right mattress over there.