5 Best Mattress For Sex Reviews 2018

There are many types of mattress are made to get performed different stuff. People feel like to also grabbing the best mattress for sex. But, it’s often tough to figure out the best category from the maze of choices. We’d share some accurate knowledge so that you might not be hyped. Let’s find the most potential mattress to get the comfortable and enjoyable sex.


Comparison of Top Rated Mattress for Sex


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Olee Sleep 13" Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Olee Sleep 13" Memory Foam Innerspring


80 x 60 x 13

Leesa Mattress, King

Leesa Mattress, King


80 x 76 x 10

Casper Sleep Mattress

Casper Sleep Mattress, Queen


80 x 60 x 10

Best Price Mattress 12" Memory Foam

Best Price Mattress 12" Memory Foam


80 x 60 x 12

GhostBed 11-Inch Latex and Gel Queen Memory Foam Mattress

GhostBed 11" Latex & Memory  Foam Mattress


80 x 60 x 11

The 5 Best Mattress for Sex Reviews 2018

 1.  Olee Sleep 13" Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

People tend to have Olee sleep mattress for sexual activities. Its design, shape and overall components go for that. Find the great firmness with the durable layered treated coil. Get there I cool gelling techno to have the excellent sleeping surface.

​The specified soft memory foam ensures real comfort. Along with the high density, layer confirms pressure relieves and other relevant supports.

Discover the Poly Jacquard Fabric for an excellent ventilation system and exclusive plush.

The bed contours the body nicely and helps to curve naturally. There you find the great combination of memory foam and innerspring layer. The two elements ensure support and superb comfort for the sleepers. The bed is great to provide exact bounce, and edge helps too.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces shoulders, hips and back pain
  • Proper bounce, sinkage and firmness support for sex.
  • Eco and health friendly mattress
  • Great combined layer for relax and sound sleep.

 2.  Leesa Mattress, King

Leesa Mattress, King Review

Leesa mattress creates a beautiful surface for sex. It’s good to provide decent bounce, edge support, and exact sinkage level. The bed holds proper body weights and shape. Apart from that, you’d get the pressure relieving and other relevant support.

Here you discover the upgraded memory and Avena foam what makes the sleeping atmosphere congenial to sex.​

This is the durable mattress that reduces tossing and turnings. You don’t feel moves from the partner. Alleviating motion separation is nice.

It is 100% the USA made mattress that holds supportive components. It contours the entire body nicely. Plus, here you got the original base for support and recognized Avena foam for bounce what is good to have sex with partners.

Highlighted Features

  • Memory foam to offer great support
  • Avena foam to assist excellent intercourse
  • Premium components and the US made materials
  • Great to alleviate organs pain.

 3.  Casper Sleep Mattress, Queen

Casper Sleep Mattress, Queen

Among the best beds for sex, this Casper is nice. Here you find the 4 layers of constructions that provide helpful support and comfort as well. The top layer produces ultimate pleasure with the premium quality latex.

Casper is an affordably priced mattress. Moreover, it provides nice benefits for the consumers.​

Find here air ventilation process to for a cooling surface when lying. There you find no harmful chemicals by the way.

Right number users reviewed as the mattress congenial to sex. Including pressure relief and other benefits, there is beautiful shipment process and warranty procedures. This is the perfect bed to offer great sink and right bounce.

Highlighted Features

  • Proper bounce level and hypoallergenic foam
  • Great to hold any lbs.
  • Enough air circulation for cooling atmosphere
  • Supportive materials for great ease.

 4.  Best Price Mattress 12" Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

It’s great mattress to provide the entire body support and the optimal comfort. There you find the multiple layers of foam for specified stuff. The top memory foam layer ensures the comfort level, and the bottom stage proves the support base with thick density foam.

It does have high power to contours the body superbly. Along with that, sleepers find here proper spinal alignment.​​

The bed is the USA certified and equipped with supportive components. Discover the specialized foam just because of pressure points.

You wouldn’t feel the disturbance from your partners as the bed is just cool to isolate the motion transfer. This is the eco-friendly mattress and holds the fresh and active elements. All the attributes of the mattress support to get expecting sex.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple layers with particular foam
  • Comfortable memory foam including to active charcoal
  • Reduces toss and turns and motion separation too
  • Body supportive and health friendly materials

 5.  GhostBed 11" Latex & Gel Memory Foam Mattress

GhostBed 11" Latex & Gel Memory Foam Mattress

GhostBed is promised to offer ultimate comfort during relaxing and sex. The bed offers premium latex for the high class of comfort. After that, you’d catch particular 2” gel foam to reduce the heat and pressure points too.

The bed is the USA originated mattress along with supportive components.​

Alongside, get the breathable and soft quilted cover. The 7.5” thick density layer is best to offer the excellent body support and alignments. This mattress’ cover is highly soft and washable too.

You may hold the cooling atmosphere through this gel foam. The brand claims, if you want perfect comfort and fixed support within affordable expense, then it is simply the best. Get the vacuum sealed smart packaging system with the best supportive bed. The bounce, sinkage and overall appearance are congenital to your requirement.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium latex foam for ultimate comfort
  • US made mattress along with superb components
  • High support base layer for pressure relief
  • Many customers’ reviews, smart shipment and great warranty

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Sex Mattress

You get to notice on some core facts before buying such sorts of the mattress. Unless you don’t maintain the attributes then there could have the feasibilities to get hyped. But that’s for sure, to follow through our guidance; you’d have the best item that you desire. Here we’re going to throw some concrete advice for sex mattress from the vast experiments and experts’ research.

Edge Support

The mattress is not only for having sex or sound sleep. Probably, you feel like to sit on that for relaxation too. If you don’t get enough edge support from the bed, then it’s highly possible to be uncomfortable with it. Getting enjoyable sex, side support is a genuinely significant factor by the way.

Different people tend to have various positions, and that’s because you get to seek the stronger side support. When you get involved in sex, then the entire pressure goes in that direction. It holds the pressure significantly if equipped with durable and supportive components. Be clear about the fact since many brands don’t maintain this vital issue.


It is so lame when the bed makes some bad noise during sex. It often seems most people raise their finger that they get disturbed with the mattress just because of easy moving and bad noise. Even though, nowadays some brands fix the issues but you get to take a closer look since you desire for the classified one, priority over sex.

To get into this thing done quickly, you to seek the criteria of motion separation. This is one of the good indicators to have the desired surface when on a bed. It doesn’t harm bounce but reduces unnecessary disturbance from partner moves. It is must for an excellent mattress to be quiet and less noise leveled when you move together on the bed.

Bounce Level

Well, a significant number of experts opine that bounce level can be a useful and enjoyable matter during the sex. But that sounds great if you maintain some basic regulations to go for the bounce level. Bounce looks great when it applies to a particular stage. We recommend taking the first eye over the fact.

Bounce on bed

Most people claim they feel beautiful and rhythmic when the bed follows the proper sinkage level. We never say the more bounce you’d have, the preference you could enjoy at that moment. But we feel like to verdict that, it nice to have the nice bounce for sex mattress.

The Durability

It doesn’t matter how much great indicators you do have to get the enjoyable sex through the adjustable bed. Durability is always the first sign to be the bed great supportive and comfortable too. If the thick density layer of supportive foam doesn't meet the demand perfectly then, there is a good chance to have bad moves with the mattress.

To runs the sexual activities and kidding over the bed, you to take greater care over the components. If you don’t have the familiar elements then never discover the support and firmness. So in agreement with the experts, we recommend having best bed for sex with durability and good support base.

Comfort Level

Comfort is the original expectation for the sleepers, not only for sex moment. But to get the bed for especially centered on sex behavior, you should look for its appearances. The fundamental fact is pressure points. You need to take greater care so that it doesn’t create more pressure points since it spoils the full pleasure. It’s obviously true that the best mattress never creates much pressure even in any position.

In spite of having all the materials, you can’t enjoy the party if you hold the uncomfortable bed. The bounce, proper sinkage level and overall pure components lie on the comfortable mattress. So never be compromised to get the mattress with ultimate comfort level even though you do have all other elements in the bed.

Easy Moving

People tend to expose disgust when the mattress is not responsive. And, if you don’t hold the supportive or responsive bed with the body then it’s quite visionary to have the desired enjoyment when getting sex especially. But at the same time, if you get the comfortable moving pad then you may not have to get the hard labor during sex.

The bed with less response creates the bar for having enjoyable sex. Many brands seem to callous to provide such demand. Look for some significant components that lead to the bed easy going with optimal support. So it’s our suggestion for the sleepers to get attended about response since the indicator makes the sex pleasurable.

The Components You Need For Sex Mattress

This is truly vital to have some great components to make the entire sex session enjoyable. But, in traditional bed, you can’t find those specific elements. Yes, this is appropriate criteria to be the bed desired. Most people get deceived just because of unawareness of required materials. To know about these things, you could gather the dos and don’ts about what to do. We’d discuss some core facts here to let you know the original info.


Latex is considered as the best mattress for sexual activities. As you know, the bounce is the original expectations for such sorts of the mattress, and this sorts foam can provide the best bounce supports. It’s rather nice than other traditional foams in the market. Apart from that, it doesn’t create much noise what’s lovable to the passionate people.

Another grateful thing, you’d love to the latex is, it’s highly responsive. And, that’s obvious that if the bed is not sensitive then how you could get the excellent sex momentum? There is easy moving system through the foam. So that’s because our individual instruction is to get the latex instead of any standard forms of elements.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is undoubtedly useful to provide some better supports. Even though you can’t have the enough bounce with the bed like the latex foam, but it provides some better stuff, congenial to great sex activity. Memory foam is truly responsive and easy moving what desperately needs for this task.

Alongside, there is no noisy matter you’d notice here, and it leads to the beautiful atmosphere when someone goes for the actions. This sort of foam is also suitable to provide high support base. Expert judges that, edge support is simply great to have the sex facts and could make the proper utilizations through it. That’s genuine that no one can identify what you’re going with the partners from the next room.

Innerspring Bed

People, who want to have the best mattress for sex, love the innerspring bed. There are lots of congenial appearances why people love for that. Here you find the nice bounce that is greatly needed for the romantic stuff. Probably, you wouldn’t find the rebounds to any other foam like the innerspring. But, there is the hassle with the things; it’s a bit of noisy what makes the problems for the sleepers.

The highly responsive bed is needed to make your task heads, and you’d discover the great attributes to be smooth moving through innerspring. There is superior edge support, you could find with this sort of bed. And, the type uses real and durable element usually to make the entire surface supportive to the users. Eventually, from our vast experience, we recommend grabbing it for you.

Hybrid Mattress

Even though, innerspring and memory foam mattress are better to provide the genuine support and comfort but sometimes unable to provide the expected bounce. But, the hybrid is great to ensure the proper bounce support that requires for the enjoyable sex period. Though this form of bed often makes some noise, they offer the even support as well.

As you know, side support is heavily important for the sex. But every mattress doesn’t meet those criteria. A hybrid bed is nice to get the best edge support. This is indeed good bed what’s made from the impressive combination of foam and springs. The foam ensures the comfort level and springs are nice to provide the support.

Our Recommended Brands For Sex Mattress

We’d likely to say that, there are so many mattress brands exist to meet your demand. But the million dollar question is, are they enough to provide the optimal comfort and jovial mood when you go for the sex with partners? Probably yes or not, whatsoever, you to aware of some affairs that assists in getting the things done. Now, we would brief some core facts what helps you choosing the great mattress brands for sex.


Among the lots of mattress brand, we are highly lovable to the Casper. The appearance you find here, are entirely congenial to the sex. This is the best sorts of mattress brand that ensures proper bounce level along with the sinkage. Since you know hat without having the right forms of bounce, the sex period might not be enjoyable.

This brand offers the highly responsive bed that's usually essayed moving. After the bouncing matter, this attribute is crucial to get beautiful armours environment. Moreover, it doesn’t create much noise what might be the irritating reason for you. So, don’t to worry about the next room people. Just enjoy the entire moment thought this brands’ mattress.


Have you ever known the high efficacies of GhostBed mattress brand? It’s one the best mattress brands available in the market. There are a lot of appearances you’d have from this brand. It comes up with proper bounce support so that you don’t have to face discomfort during the sex.

This is a good brand to ensure the correct side support that is considered the giant indicator to have the regular amorous stuff. In addition to, you may not have to face any hazard with noise with this. It provides assurance to offer you quiet and calm atmosphere during the sex time. So it’s our particular recommendations to consume this mattress for doing desired activity.


Leesa is one of the favorite bed bands in the American people. They tend to get this brands’ mattress for sex. There you discover the lots of possible features for that. It ensures all the quality matters what you need to do amorous fact. From the edge support to sinkage level, it’s unique.

The bed comes up with the premium US materials. Here you would get the real touch of exclusive foam what sometimes better than latex. The individual Avana foam is available on the pad what is good to provide ultimate comfort. There is no motion transfer along with bed what may relieve you disturbance from the partners’ move. Seek the supportive sleep and comfortable sex along with this brands’ bed.


People buy the mattress for having great comfort and relaxation. Sometimes they also need that to execute specified task. And, following that best type of mattress for sex is also highly expected. We’ve tried our best to provide you the accurate info so that you could genuinely get pure sex pleasure with such mattress. Hope, you find the exact guidance for that purposes.

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