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Are you looking for the body supportive and superb comfortable mattress? Do you want to make your bed naturally softer for cool rest? Today, I will introduce you to the world renowned Gold Bond cushion manufacturing company. Over the century, people are keeping their trust in the quality controlled luxurious home décor items of the manufacturer. Since inception in 1899, Gold Bond mattress has been designing the dream and happiness of the million consumers across the world.

As the world’s largest premium home textile manufacturer, this brand is offering its customers versatile sleep items. The designers of these cushion items have ensured maximum comfort for the users with all latest sleep technologies.

To give you something more than your expectation, the company is maintaining its family tradition in handicraft. Therefore, all of these items exceed the desire of the users in having completely peaceful rest and sleep. With all fantastic features and functions, the featured mattresses are now the first choice for thousands of customers almost in 49 countries of the world.


Comparison - Top Gold Bond Mattresses


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


Gold Bond All Chair Futon Natural 8" Mattress Review

Gold Bond All Chair Futon Natural 8" Mattress


54 x 28 x 8

Gold Bond 8" Wool Wrap Futon Mattress

Gold Bond 8" Wool Wrap Futon Mattress


75 x 54 x 8

Gold Bond S-Series 12" Comfort Foam Mattress Review

Gold Bond S-Series 12" Comfort Foam Mattress


80 x 60 x 12

Gold Bond 8" All Futon Natural Mattress

Gold Bond 8" All Futon Natural Mattress


80 x 76 x 8

Gold Bond 8" Double Foam & Futon Mattress Review

Gold Bond 8" Double Foam & Futon Mattress


80 x 76 x 8

The 5 Best Gold Bond Mattress on the Market

 1.  Gold Bond All Chair Futon Natural 8" Mattress

Gold Bond All Chair Futon Natural 8" Mattress

This mattress manufacturing company has surprised thousands of customer with the all chair non-toxic natural futon mattress. It contains full cotton no polyurethane foam for ensuring eco+ features. When it’s hard to find quality foam mattress in the market, Gold Bond has marketed the particular item with all quality features and comfortable functions.

This pad offers you a joyful rest with its firm feeling surface. With the custom-blended quality cotton, it confirms the maximum durability and longevity of the mattress. The 27 pounds chair foam with a 54x28x8-inches overall dimension is supportive enough to hold the maximum weight of the users.

With the 8-inch natural cotton construction,the mattress ensures maximum support to the whole body. During installing tuft the pre-compressed batting is done under the highest pressure for assuring the firmness. The designers have designed the chair mattress with the natural futon fabric color. Unlike, many unknown brands in the market, the Gold Bond has been offering their customers quality home décor items with all captivating features and functions.

Key Features

  • Full chair futon mattress: It’s a comfortable rest pad with the full chair futon foam that offers you unyielding relax ever.
  • Easily adjustable dimension: The particular product has nice dimension that is adjustable anywhere you want.
  • Full cotton construction: This is one of the most important features of the mattress is that the 100% cotton construction. It ensures the best ever quality of the foam.
  • Firm surface feels: The natural futon fabric of the cushioned item provides you firm surface feel for the ultimate pleasure of taking rest.
  • No toxic element: The manufacturer has made it entirely non-toxic for securing the surrounding environment. Its eco-friendly and users’ health-oriented.

The Drawback

  • Not too soft: It’s a firm feeling foam chair mattress that won’t offer you extreme softness whatever you love.
  • Having few allergies: Some users have claimed that it causes allergies for the users of sensitive skin.

 2.  Gold Bond 8" Wool Wrap Futon Mattress

Gold Bond 8" Wool Wrap Futon Mattress Review

This is a unique innovation of the brand with the perfect combination of wool and cotton. The manufacturer has customized the 8-inch wool wrap mattress with the double foam construction. Unlike conventional one, this bed offers you the real experience of natural sleep.

Gold Bond has made your sitting and sleeping more comfortable with the particular cushioning item. It covers the dimension of 75x54x8-inches with the gross weight of 73 pounds. The double layer foam construction ensures extra firm surface feeling for restful sitting and sleeping. And with the combination of virgin wool and superior cotton, you enjoy pure comfort and insulating properties of the bed.

This mattress comes with all user-friendly features and functions. Gold Bond has used non-toxic manufacturing materials to make the cushioning safe for the users and the environment. This full mattress is well made, top valued and extremely comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. Its natural color fabric adds more firm feeling with all unique characteristics.

Key Features

  • Full futon natural fabric: It’s an exclusive mattress manufactured with the superior summation of natural cotton and virgin wool.
  • Double foam construction: This is one of the most attractive features of this bed. Unlike traditional cushioning, it has two construction layers of cotton and wool to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure.
  • Extra firm surface feels: With the natural fabric of the two construction layers you will enjoy an extra firm supportive feeling.
  • User-friendly: The two layers of bed allow you sitting and lying down on the same platform. You can customize it as your full futon chair mattress or the sleeping pad whatever you want.
  • Eco-friendly: As a natural fabric made futon bed it’s entirely adjustable with the environment. It doesn’t contain any toxic elements to harm the surrounding ambiance.

The Drawback

  • Hard to shift: Some users claim that for larger dimension and weight the cushioning item seems difficult to move at the preferred destination.
  • Not so soft: It’s popular as an extra firm surface mattress. Therefore, it wouldn’t offer you so soft feeling ever.

 3.  Gold Bond S-Series 12" Comfort Foam Mattress

Gold Bond S-Series 12" Comfort Foam Mattress

The home décor company has brought an active-air technology featured 12” serene comfort foam mattress in the textile market.

This is a highly valued and well-featured bed with all modern functions.

Among many of the layers, the 2.5-inches of serene comfort layers stabilize the level of heat and humidity to maintain body temperature. It offers you a healthy and ever fresh environment for cool night sleep.

Gold Bond has designed the bed with the active air-infused 2-inch new serene comfort foam for cooler and more restful night’s sleep. The active air technology allows an adequate amount of fresh breathes inside the foam layers to ensure cool sleeping ambiance. Furthermore, it impedes body temperature to enter into the mattress layers. Therefore, you have an enjoyable rest the whole night.

The 7.5-inches high resilient motion friendly foam layers absorb sleeping movement of the partner. And it ensures strength and durability of the entire bed. This firm foam layer confirms maximum support to your whole body for offering pressure free sleeping experience. The world-renowned home Tex items approval authority ‘the Certipur-US’ has certified the particular cushioning free from ozone depletes, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and other chemical components. Therefore, it’s safe for both the user and nature.

Key Features

  • New serene comfort foam: The manufacturer has developed the mattress with the 2.5-inches new serene comfort foam for offering you extreme comfort and pleasure.
  • Active air technology: It has two inches of foam layer built-in active air technology for a fresh breathe the whole night.
  • High resilient foam layer: The S-Series 12-inches comfort bed has 7.5-inches of high resilient foam layer for ensuring maximum strength and durability.
  • Motion-friendly feature: It has versatility in comfort with the motion absorbing feature that offers you uninterrupted deep night’s sleep.
  • Environment-friendly: The concerned authority has recognized the mattress environment- friendly with no existence of formaldehyde, mercury, lead, ozone depletes, and anymore toxic elements.

The Drawback

  • Bouncing back: Some users claim that the surface layer of the bed bounces back that’s uncomfortable for them.
  • Less edge support: Someone claims that the edge doesn’t provide enough support for comfortable sitting.

 4.  Gold Bond 8" All Futon Natural Mattress

Gold Bond 8" All Futon Natural Mattress Review

The 8-inch all futon natural king mattress confirms contouring comfort for the restful night’s sleep. Gold Bond has upgraded the cushioning item with user-friendly features and functions.

In the meantime, the manufacturer has reached the products to the thousands of customer across the world.

People those who love 100% cotton made foam; this is one of the best- featured beds to them.

Gold Bond has upgraded the cushion pad with the custom-blended JOY cotton for superior resilience and durability. During batting, the technical experts apply maximum pressure for installing tufts. Therefore, you get the mattress of maximum performance and longevity. The 707 natural all such bed comprises the dimension of 80x76x8-inches for the smartest adjustability in your bedroom or guest house.

The manufacturer has developed the particular item for the users those who love sleeping on a firm surface. On the full cotton fabric surface, you feel ultimate firm support for unyielding restful sleeping the whole night. Its fabric looks natural with simple color and design. You may find many more features and functions of the full cotton mattress.

Key Features

  • Full futon fabric: This particular item is unique with the full futon natural fabric for drier, cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.
  • All cotton construction: The manufacturer has developed the bed with the 100% cotton construction. It’s natural and well-furnished for offering you cushy feeling ever.
  • Easily adjustable dimension: The cotton pad is easily adjustable anywhere you prefer with the dimension of 80x76x8-inches.
  • The super firm feels: The surface of the foam offers you the superior firm feeling for having painless restful sleep the whole night.
  • Environment-friendly: It doesn’t contain any harmful toxic elements like formaldehyde, ozone depletes, mercury, and lead. Therefore, you always live in a healthy environment.

The Drawback

  • Less responsive: Some users have claimed that the futon fabric is less responsive than their expectation.
  • Unsupportive edge: Some of the valued customers have experienced that the edges aren’t supportive enough for restful sitting.

 5.  Gold Bond 8" Double Foam & Futon Mattress

Gold Bond 8" Double Foam & Futon Mattress

This is a double foam full cotton construction mattress with all modern features. It offers you medium firm semi-soft surface feel for uncompromising restful sleep. It’s a well crafted cushioning that you can use in your living room as an extended bed and in a guest room as an all chair sofa.

This is the basic difference between a traditional bed and futon fabric mattress. And the medical practitioners recommend this particular type of fabric pad for the people with chronic back pain and muscle soreness.

The 8-inch double foam with the 100% natural cotton construction is hard to tear unless you cut it with a knife. It allows you to move freely on the medium firm bed surface. Without having any fear of breaking down your children can jump and play rough games on the foam surface. The 80x76x8-inches full cotton natural fabric bed is an excellent option for your favorite sleeping position. It permits you to sleep on your side, back, or chest whichever you prefer.

If you are a new homeowner, then the futon foam bed can save both of your sleeping space and money. When any sudden visitors visit your home and stay for a night; you can arrange a sound sleeping environment for the guests with the adjustable bed. The natural colored futon fabric looks simply beautiful with some attractive features and functions.

Key Features

  • Full cotton construction: The natural gold bond bed is highly popular among thousands of users with its full cotton construction. It minimizes pressure points and maximizes comfortable sleeping fleeing.
  • 8” double foam: Unlike the traditional bed, the modern futon mattress is special with its 8” double foam layers for the incessant sleeping experience.
  • Medium firm feels: The manufacturer has designed the mattress with the medium firm feeling for cool night’s sleep.
  • King futon natural colored fabric: This is a natural colored king fabric that can accommodate extra guests in your house.
  • No toxic elements: This one is free from the harmful chemical components in its entire manufacturing process. It doesn’t contain mercury, lead, ozone depletes, and formaldehyde.

The Drawback

  • Not extreme firm: The extreme firm futon lovers claim that it’s not rigid enough for their comfortable sleeping.
  • Skin sensitive: Some users claimed that they had experienced allergens with the futon in their first use.

The Key Features Of Gold Bond Mattress

You should know the special traits of the gold bond beds to differentiate it from the traditional bed. This is a creative cushioning of the home décor company to bring some selective changes in the sleeping arrangement. You have earlier known that this particular type of bed is usable both as sofa foam and sleeping bed. Furthermore, it offers you many uncommon usages benefits those can save your valuable time, space, and money.

An Inexpensive Bedding Option

These mattresses can be an ideal choice for the new homeowners who want to decorate their bedrooms and guest room in an inexpensive way. You can ordain your guest room with the full futon and simultaneously you can use it as a temporary sleeping bed for the unexpected number of guests.

Ideal For Saving Home Option

If you are living in a tiny apartment where you need more space for another purpose; such beds will help you to manage the place. You can put it in any corner of your room to save another end for some additional jobs. With the bed, you will get more usable spaces in your living or guest room.

Easy To Shift To A New Place

Most of the people fall into hassle while shifting to their new living place. It’s really laborious to move with heavy bed frames, headboards, and mattresses. But the simply foldable futon beds are easy to carry anywhere you want. It will save your money in hiring a shifting company.

Natural Sleeping Feeling

The cushion from this brand will let you come closer to the natural sleeping world. The manufacturer has processed the items with the 100% natural ingredients like virgin wool and pure cotton.

With the mattresses, you can create a natural sleeping ambiance in your home.

Best Gold Bond Mattress

No Fear Of Sudden Falling Down

Sleeping on this mattress can always be free from the fair of sudden falling down from the bed. Sometimes, it can cause serious health complications for the kids. Therefore, now many moms are using the particular beds for their babies’ smooth night’s sleep.

An Essence Of Green Bedding

In the market, you will find many of the traditional brands those manufacture their cushion items with the synthetic polyurethane fabric and fiber. And these so-called home décor brands use plastics and petroleum to process these soft sofa and bed items. But the futon fabric is 100% natural derived from pure cotton and virgin wool that offers you the experience of the essence of green bedding in your home at all.

The Tremendous Health Benefits Of Gold bond Beddings

After long-ended research, many physical practitioners have expressed that traditionally made soft sinking mattresses cause chronic back pain and muscle soreness. On the other hand, the firm feeling surface bed keeps all sorts of sleep oriented pain away. The cotton construction natural fabric futon mattress surface offers you medium and extra firm feeling for ensuring painless happy rising in the morning.

No Chronic Back Pain

When you meet a physician for your extreme back pain; you see that he/she suggests you sleeping on a firm platform to get rid of this unwelcoming situation. Considering this fact, the manufacturer has customized all mattresses with the full cotton foam. Therefore, you can enjoy a painless awakening in the morning and pass a joyful working day. It will offer you a pain-free happy life ever.

No Neck Ache

The cotton construction futon bed supports your whole body from head to toe. It causes no excessive pressure on your neck even whatever sleeping position you prefer.

Therefore, you remain free from ever anguishing neck ache.

Neck Ache

No More Allergens

The active air technology keeps the futon mattresses free from the unwanted penetration of dust and mites inside the foam layers. And it adds fresh air to remove odor and bacterial attack to the beds. Therefore, it works as a natural shield against allergens.

No Night Sweats

This is a common problem for many people sweating during night’s sleep. It causes an embarrassing and unhygienic situation for the sufferers. Different physical and mental factors like fatigue, tiredness, anxiety, and cardiologic dysfunctions can foster the problem. However, the mattress from gold bond will remove the sweating moistures away and keep your bed surface fresh for healthy sleeping.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Gold Bond Mattresses

In the swarm of different qualities of cushioning items, sometimes it seems difficult for many customers to find the quality mattresses of the popular brand. I’ve already introduced you with the best quality beds from Gold Bond home Tex Company. Now in this particular section, I will show you what requires issues you should consider before purchasing these exclusive mattresses.

Is It Full Futon?

It’s essential to ensure that whether the mattress is full futon or not. Keep in mind that the level of comfort and firmness depends on the particular issue. Therefore, talk with the marketer and fix the factor before purchasing it.

Is It Cotton Construction?

The gold bond futon mattress is 100% pure cotton construction for ensuring maximum handy features for the users. And it’s naturally crafted and developed without any chemical particles. Therefore, have a close look at the cotton construction of the cushioning.

Is It With Active Air Technology?

The manufacturer has developed all of their futon foam mattresses with the active air technology for adding fresh breathe. It protects the bed from the unwelcoming attack of dust, mites, bacteria, and allergens. So, never forget checking whether the bed you have chosen is active air technology infused or not.

Is It With A Firm Surface Feel?

This is the most fundamental characteristic of this brands mattress. And people love the particular pads for the firm surface feeling. Unlike the traditional foam, the cotton constructed natural futon supports you with its rigid surface to avoid pressure points. So, be sure the mattress you are going to purchase is whether with medium or extreme firm surface feel.

Is It Motion Friendly?

The versatility of comfort in a futon mostly depends on its motion friendly behavior. All of the cushioning items of the brand are developed with the motion absorbing formula. It confirms incessant deep night’s sleep. So, never forget ensuring the much-needed feature of the futon.

Is It Eco-Friendly?

Now the question of eco-friendliness; you shouldn’t choose a sleeping item manufactured with toxic elements that can harm the surrounding environment. Pay trust on the Certipur-US certified quality futon mattresses that will guard you and your adjacent ambiance.


By the passage of time, the quality and category of sleeping mattresses are changing with the touch of home Tex technologies. The world-renowned brands are trying their best to bring the most user-friendly home décor products in the market. The mattress from gold bond is one of the greatest innovations of this time to serve the interests of the users very well. You may call it many within one because of its multi-faceted features and functions.

Specifically, these mattresses offer you comfortable sitting just like sofa foam and at the same time, you can use it for your restful night sleep. Therefore, considering features, functions, and affordability it may be an ideal choice for any homeowners. Finally, have happy sleeping ever!

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