The 5 Best Aloe Vera Mattress Reviews in 2018

You can’t deny the fact that Aloe Vera is highly beneficial plant,considered extremely valuable from the medicinal point of view, today the extracts of the plant are also used in the manufacturing of mattresses.

The extra support and superior comfort provided by the Aloe Vera make them the best to splurge. No matter whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper or like to sleep on your stomach, such distinct mattresses help to get you utmost relaxation and sound sleep.

Today, a lot of brands are floating in the market that claims to make the best Aloe Vera mattresses. But the real dilemma arises when you have to choose one for your personal use. To rule out this confusion here I have enlisted some of the most trusted brands that are popular for manufacturing high-grade mattresses infused with aloe Vera

The mattresses from these brands are looked upon by many due to their alluring features and specifications. Let us take insight to each one of them and help you choose the most suitable one.


5 Best Aloe Vera Mattress Comparisons


Product Name

Weight (lbs)

Dimensions (Inches)


AC Pacific 8" Aloe Vera Extract Memory Foam Mattress Review

AC Pacific 8" Aloe Vera Extract Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 8 x 54

LUCID 10" Aloe Vera Infused Hybrid Mattress Review

LUCID 10" Aloe Vera Infused Hybrid Mattress


80 x 60 x 10

Icon Sleep 11" Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Great Deal 11" Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress



Icon Sleep 8" Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

AC Pacific 8" Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress



Icon Sleep 13" Pillow Top Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Brentwood 13" Pillow Top Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress


75 x 54 x 13

The 5 Top Aloe Vera Mattresses On the Market

 1.  AC Pacific 8 Inch Aloe Vera Extract Memory Foam Mattress

AC Pacific 8 Inch Aloe Vera Extract Memory Foam Mattress

When softness and comfort is your primary priority getting this from AC Pacific seems the best option.

There are many reasons to consider it your final choice, but the major one is its brand value. AC Pacific is famous for manufacturing high-grade mattresses.

In it, Aloe Vera is infused with the memory foam. So, you can easily figure out the level of comfort it provides to the users. Memory Foam is itself an epitome of warmth and coziness, and when it gets mingles with Aloe Vera, the worth enhances manifolds.

This bed provides the correct alignment to the spine which in turn helps you fight against the back and neck pain. And when all the pains get off a comfortable and sound sleep is attained. The layered construction ensures the desired support to the body.

The weight and the dimension of this mattress work perfectly for all beds. It comes in different sizes and fits king, queen and the standard size of beds perfectly. With its correct dimension and easy to maintain feature it has managed to make a remarkable place in the market.


  • 100% polyester
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Medium firmness
  • Naturally hygienic and healing properties


  • The chemical smell remains in some cases
  • Too soft and not for those who are looking for a supportive mattress.

 2.  LUCID 10 Inch Aloe Vera Infused Hybrid Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch Aloe Vera Infused Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to comfortable mattress manufacturing brand, the name of Lucid arrives for sure.

With time it has made significant progress in impressive its users. The bed comes from Lucid are highly comfortable and entirely hygienic for use.

Since Aloe Vera is good for the skin, the mattress made utilizing them comprises the same properties. Very cozy, providing utmost comfort as well as the sound sleep these mattresses are the best to splurge.

They are made utilizing memory foam, transition foam as well as coils which provide the desired support to the lumbar. The way these foams are pinned along with the infusion of Aloe Vera extracts make the mattress very comfortable to use.

Coming in different sizes and dimensions, it fits perfectly with queen and king size of beds. It brings luxury to your sleep and combat every issue related to pains in the back and neck.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Bamboo Charcoal infusions for reducing the odor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Steel coils wrapping for extra support


  • Quite heavy as compared to other competitors.
  • Although it comprises charcoal infusions yet the smell retains for an extended period.

 3.  Great Deal 11 Inch Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Icon Sleep 11 Inch Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This specialized cushion from Icon Sleep holds a significant place in the market.

This is one of those brands which are highly trusted by the users for their mattresses, and this one is no exception. They are comfortable cozy and fight against different aches.

Made utilizing white poly jacquard quilted fabric this Aloe Vera bed is one of its kind. The jacquard provides it the desired smoothness and suppleness which in turn help in getting a comfortable sound sleep. Jacquard also helps to make it look clean and fresh all the time.

The mattress is not only durable but also make the room look highly elegant. You would feel compelled to go to your room and rest in this cozy mattress to get instant relief and long rest. The three different layers of foam help to make the mattress utmost comfy and cozy.

The dimensions of the mattress are perfect to fit beds of all standard sizes. Other than this, whether you want the mattress for the king size bed or queen size, it will be available for all. Coming with a removable cover, the mattress didn’t require any installation process, therefore, is the best to splurge.


  • Certipur Us Certified
  • Enhanced air flow for extra comfort
  • 3-inch High-Density Memory Foam
  • Gel memory foam for more support


  • Smell retains for a longer period.
  • Less firm and too soft.

 4.  AC Pacific 8 Inch Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Icon Sleep 8 Inch Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This is another wonderful aloe Vera cool gel memory foam mattress from Icon Sleep which is loved by the users a lot. Coming with one pillow for free this mattress fulfills every requirement, and this made it the best to ponder.

The mattress is also covered with mattress cover. Therefore, there is no need for any assembly.

Every mattress from Icon Sleep is worthwhile, and this particular one is no exception. Made with the poly jacquard quilted fabric the mattress is not only comfortable but also looks clean and fresh all the time. It is soft in touch and highly convenient in use.

Another alluring feature of the mattress is it helps to fight against different aches and pains in the body. Working at the right pressure points, it eliminates the discomfort and contributes to adequate blood circulation.

It comes in different size and dimensions. So whether you want the Icon mattress for your king size bed or queen size bed, it will fit perfectly. The three different layers make sure that utmost comfort will be bestowed to the user.


  • Certipur Us Certified
  • Gel Memory Foam for extra support
  • More airflow to relive the strains and aches
  • Zippered closed Heavy Duty Non-slip fabric


  • Did not expand evenly and the one side
  • It smells for a longer period.

 5.  Brentwood 13 Inch Pillow Top Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Icon Sleep 13 Inch Pillow Top Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Coming from reliable and trustworthy brand Icon Sleep this bed is adored by the users. The presence of three different layers provides the desired strength and support to the users.

The softness of the mattress is unmatchable, and this is another reason why it is preferred a lot.

Aloe Vera infusion in-between gives a clean and anti-bacterial ambiance. This makes the mattress hypoallergenic. People who are prone to get allergies soon can opt for it and get rid of chances of getting different allergies.

Other than allergies, the mattress works at the right pressure points and makes the body free form all sorts of pains and aches. It provides the desired support to the spleen and also contributes to bestowing healthy blood circulation. It comes for the king as well as queen size of beds and is, therefore, can be purchased by anyone.


  • Certipur-US Certified
  • Breathable White Poly Jacquard Quilted Fabric
  • Airflow for extra comfort
  • Gel Memory Foam


  • It retains heat for a more extended period and makes the bed very hot.
  • The smell retains for a longer period.

Why Is Aloe Vera A Great Ingredient For A Mattress?

Even though, a lot of extracts and infused things make a mattress great but among these elements, Aloe Vera is just a unique one can help you find the best performance. It’s completely healthy and environment friendly. You’re entirely safe to consume this bed indeed.

Ensures Medium Firmness

The necessity of restful sleep is beyond imaginations. It keeps immense impact on your daily life. The mattress come with too stiffness and ultra-plushness are both harmful for you. Aloe Vera is something ensures to provide the dished backing to your body.

The ingredient confirms the proper weight distribution need for healthy sleep and enjoyable working day. And apart, you don’t have to face motion isolation along with the bed.

Proper Edge & Central Support

Only central support isn’t enough for cooling night’s sleep. You must need the equal side support for amours activity or something else. Aloe Vera is a great thing to confirm the proper side support.

Aside from that, the entire support throughout the cushion allows to last for an extended period. By default, it enhances the bed’s lifespan.

Environment Conscious & Breathable Elements

From all the fabrics to cover, every elements use here come with safe and breathable features. That’s for sure; if you’re seeking for hypoallergenic traits then such particular beds should be your first preference.

Aside from that, such greenish mattresses absolutely promote safer sleeping you need along with a mattress.

The Great Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Mattress

From all the aspects, Aloe Vera makes the life easy. While using its gel in creams and lotions benefits the skin, the extracts used in making the mattresses help to get a rejuvenating sleep. Therefore, its benefits are innumerable when using topically.

Anti-Allergenic Features

Aloe Vera comprises anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Therefore, using a mattress made with its extracts helps in getting the sleep in a healthy environment. The chances of getting allergies seize to zero.

Skin Friendly

A recent study operated by healthline urge that Aloe Vera has soothing effects on the skin. The extracts used in the manufacturing will never irritate the skin, unlike few other mattresses. Instead, as you wake up, you would feel more energetic, lively and rejuvenated.

Lead To Restful Sleep

The Aloe Vera extracts help in making the mattress very soft and comfortable. You would feel extra suppleness in these mattresses which in turn would help you get a sound and relaxed sleep.

Secure Pressure Points

People who are undergoing different pains like in the back, neck or lumbar can get a lot of relief using mattresses made with Aloe Vera. When you get the most comfortable sleep, the pains automatically get reduced, and the next day you feel more vibrant.

Align The Spine Correctly

The support provided by the Aloe Vera to the spine is incomparable. It works eliminating the pressure points which are ascertained by many mattresses. Once the pressure points get removed, the calmer sleep is attained.

Who Should Consider The Aloe Vera Mattress?

Aloe Vera is great ingredients uses in the mattress. It can differentiate the performance of beddings. Everyone can consume the bed infused with this special ingredient. Specifically there are few class must need to go for such mattresses.

People Suffers From Bone Disorders

A lot of people get attacked by chronic back pain and bone disorders due to the wrong selection of mattresses. The Aloe Vera can assist a lot to eliminate such disorders. It has great ability to promote blood circulation, bestow equal support to the body and so on.

Apart from that, it regulates the blood correctly to the backbone. If you’re in distress with vertebrae disorder, this natural element can allows you even back support and helps to get away from such problems.

back pain

Asthma & Allergy Sufferers

Dust-mites or any sorts of allergens have deadliest impacts over your body. It doesn’t really matter that you don’t have any issues with allergy, asthma or breathing related sleep disorders. Consistently laying over unprotected mattress can lead to such diseases.

Aloe Vera is a perfect ingredient that considers as the best for allegory or asthma sufferers. Almost every case those bedding features hypoallergenic cover that are safe and purely breathable.

People Seek Healthy & Cooling Sleep Surface

Comfort is never an acceptable issue for the mattress. You have to be careful about some partial facts too. The entire mattress available in the market can’t provide proper health support you need. Let’s have check what the special things it can ensure

  • Eliminate motion isolation caused by partner’s moving
  • Reduce toss and turns and allows right body posturing
  • Even blood circulation to remove bone disorders

Additionally, the aloe Vera dissipates the heats and makes the cooling sleep surface. Plus, the memory foam mattress comes with this elements doesn’t emit extra heat than the common beds.

In case of most beds, you’ll find the gel cooling particles with aloe Vera that creates comfortable and hygienic sleeping surface.

The Key Points To Consider While Buying Aloe Vera Infused Mattress

Many brands today manufacture these special beddings. But picking the one which is most suitable is utmost essential. Therefore, keeping the understated points in mind while buying an this mattress could help to make your purchase smart.

Check Out The Technology Used In Manufacturing

Some of these beds are made with Ecocell Technology. These mattresses are made to provide utmost support to the joints and muscles. Therefore, preferring those items helps to get the benefits of this category’s mattress to a great extent.

Are They Made With Memory Foam?

The Aloe Vera built cushions which are infused with the memory foam are considered to be highly comfortable. The calmness and coziness provided by the Aloe Vera made with memory foam are unmatched.

How Long Do They Smell?

Getting chemical like smell is evident on any new mattress. Same goes with such beds as well. This smell fades away with time. However, in few, it retains for a more extended period. Therefore, keep an eye on the reviews of the previous buyers to know about this feature.

Look Out for The Real Credentials

Some brands manufacture their mattresses in the name of eco-friendly one without providing the actual credentials. Therefore, make sure that the one you are choosing is made using Aloe Vera and not bamboo, castor oil or green tea infusions.

Do Not Compromise With The Comfort

Keep your priorities straight whether you want a soft mattress or a supportive and firm one. While some are so soft that you would feel sink inside it, some are firm providing enough support to the neck and back. So, chose as per your requirement.

Closing Thoughts

Aloe Vera mattresses are the perfect piece to splurge if you love owing eco-friendly products in your home. The anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-microbial properties present in these mattresses are matchless. People who are prone to allergies and often end up waking with back and neck pain can opt to this mattress to combat every issue.

So, pick the one which you find the most suitable as per your needs. Let the distress and uneasiness experienced while sleeping go away forever.

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